There are a lot of White Nationalist rallies in Washington and these guys support Trump. It becomes an issue when such minorities are involved. Whose side do you take? Do you support the general public or these minority groups?

If you support these minority groups that are generally not liked by the general public … then the general public turns against you. But if you disown and push away these minority groups then you end up losing supporters … and at this time we need as much supporters as we can. 

So a simple way of handling such scenarios is to:

  • Make “generalized” statements
  • Keep everyone inclusive
  • Support everyone’s rights in general
  • Support everyone’s legal activities
  • Support everyone’s free speech
  • But all statements must be general with no specific mention of any group
  • Such statements must be maintained in public and private
  • Even in private meetings, maintain the same flavor of the statements … statements should be strictly general


  • We are making a great America for every single American irrespective of color, religion or race
  • Every single American citizen will be protected and supported by the Trump Administration
  • Every single American is free to exercise his freedom of speech and basic rights
  • We support everyone’s rights to all legal activities

If you maintain this general support then the media or any opposition element cannot condemn you as a racist. This is what the gimmick is about right now … to try to show Trump as a racist by using any of his statements or his support for any such group. The media might try to corner you and push you to make a statement to “condemn and disown” such groups. If that happens … then still stick to general statements that are justified for all … like “I condemn all illegal activities and I support everyone’s rights for all legal activities”. Don’t get pushed or cornered by the media.

The Police or Blacks

Now, here is the tricky selection. There is police violence against blacks in America. Who do you support? The Police or the Black Community? 

  • The Police is an incredibly important part of everyone’s lives. 
  • They risk their lives every single day to make sure that you are safe
  • Their entire lives are based upon keeping the lives of other’s safe
  • To the extent that many Policemen sacrifice their lives in order to save others
  • They are the ones who keep the cities safe
  • Without the Police Department, there would be chaos in every city

But then on the other hand, we have the Black Community

  • This is the most vulnerable community in America
  • It has faced a lot of struggle through hundreds of years
  • It has its own fight every single day in every sphere of life
  • It has its own drawbacks of education, jobs, finance and welfare
  • It required utmost attention and support

When there is Police violence against Black people … it becomes a tricky situation as to what to do. Who do you support? The people who are risking their lives to keep you safe every day? Or the weakest and the most vulnerable community? Out here also … don’t take sides. You should only make general statements. Support every citizen’s rights and support all legal activities. If anything illegal has happened then it should be appropriately processed in the right manner. We should do everything and take very measure to keep our communities and cities safe. We have to support both the communities here … we have to support the Police as well as the Blacks. 

Via generalized statements you can show the American people that:

  • You are following the law
  • You are keeping everyone safe and secure
  • You are following American principles and values

So instead of any division and racism cropping up … and instead of Trump being blamed and targeted as a racist … you will be seen as the guy who fixed the situation and brought peace. You brought everyone on the common ground and pushed everyone to follow American principles instead of allowing division to break the society apart. You will be seen as the leader who saved the situation from developing into a crisis … instead of getting cornered and bamboozled by the media as a racist.

If there is any conflict between the two groups of White Nationalists and their opponents … the media will immediately pull you in the picture. That’s when you have to maintain uniformity and show leadership. If a crisis unfolds … prepare for it well in advance. If violence breaks out, condemn the violence. Promote peace, love, respect and everyone must be encouraged to support each other and follow American principles.