The Crew is my Evil Step Mommy
Created: 25 December 2012
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The Crew is my Evil Step Mommy

They wind up the talk and the Crew team leaves. Jen joins her friends.

Jen: I cant believe you guys are interacting with the Crew at this level ... and also expecting that they will do something about these issues. Where did you guys start from ... and what are you doing now?

Tony: Yeah ... seems like a journey.

Jen: But ... after these guys have been so negative with you guys for such a long time ... I don’t understand ... why do you expect anything positive from them?

Sam: One thing that I have learned about the Crew is that ... you tell them anything useful for them or their people ... they will jump at it. They are so eager to know all the good that can happen for them.

Tony: Yeah ... you tell them anything nice that they need to do for their company ... they will buy it. You tell them anything nice for their people ... they will immediately buy it. Because ... doing good for themselves or their people ... does not involve doing good to us.

Sam: The last thing you should ask the Crew is to do something nice for you. We left any hope that they would do something nice for us a few years ago ... and ahh Good Lord ... I felt so free after that. Don’t ask them, don’t depend upon them, don’t hope anything from them at all ... its then you are going to feel independent.

Jen: But then how do you justify their behavior.

Jack: Well ... their behavior resembles that of an Evil Step Mother. She wants a lot of kids ... she wants every kid to listen to her and make her money. If any kid does not listen to her then she starts being mean to him.

Sam: Lol ... ahahahahahaha ... yeah. And if you ask her ... why she is being mean to that kid ... should we take away that kid from her? She says ... he is my babyyyy, I love my babyyyy, I want my babyyyy ... give me my babyyy back to me.

Tony: Lol ahahahahahaha ... I have big plans for my babyyy ... I am gonna make him this and that ... my babyyy.

Jack: That’s right ... the Crew is my Evil Step Mommy. Lol ahahahahahaha.

Jen: All the good stuff that they say ... remains only in their words ... their actual work is all bullshit.

Sam: That was until recently ... they are making a few moves in the right direction now. Now, that you have mentioned it ... if you look at that as a strategy ... you said, nice stuff remains in their words but what they deliver is bullshit ... “Promising Big, Delivering Bullshit” ... this is actually a strategy that is being implemented at many levels in Mica.

They listen to Sam.

Sam: If you look at their foreign policy ... Lilly Sintonne says, she is working for the aspirations of the Tyrian people ... more than 44,000 people are dead in Tyria ... because of her work. If the people are not even alive ... then what aspirations are you talking about? If you look at their internal policies ... they are ready to tax the people ... one party says tax the middle class, another party says tax the upper class. I say ... why are they taxing any class at all? Arent both the classes paying enough taxes already? The rich should start paying more just because they worked hard and made some more money? Is this debt caused because of something that they did wrong? Is it their fault? If it is not the people’s fault ... rich, poor or middle class ... why should they pay for it?

Jack: He is right. The Fiscal Cliff is about pushing the Mican people down the cliff. One party says ... lets kick them on the butt and push them down ... let’s raise taxes on everybody. The other party says ... no, no ... let’s be a gentleman now ... let’s push them gently ... let’s push the rich guys first. And then what are they going to do after a few years? A debt will increase again ... the rich guys are already paying their due ... its time to push the middle class down the cliff.

Tony: Lol ahahahaha ... none of your parties are giving you any solution ... your politics is only a frontend drama put in front of the people ... just to make you buy what they are selling. Both the guys are doing the same thing ... at the end of the day ... they are making you buy what they want to sell. This not even Promising Big ... this is only Delivering Bullshit.

Sam: How about going after the policies that are creating this debt? How about solving the issue right from the core? Why are you making the people pay for something that is not their fault?

Jack: The interesting thing to note here is this striking correlation ... of doing what is best for Companies while delivering bullshit for the People ... the working of the Crew at the personal level of an individual, the working of internal policies, to the extent of foreign policies that originate from Mica. What’s going on in Mica, man ... what’s going on in Mica?

Sam: I think we need to take a look at this correlation a little bit more closely ... to figure out how these systems are setup.

(Merry Christmas Ladies!)