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Corporate Rule in America

Corporate Rule in America

$1 Trillion Debt Per Year
20 Million People Unemployed
Half a Dozen Cities Bankrupt

When Bush left office the debt was $10 Trillion but the expenditure on wars was only $1 Trillion. Where did the remaining $9 Trillion debt come from? We were going in debt by $1 Trillion per year during Bush itself. Why didnt we talk about debt during Bush? Because we were at war with Iraq. The Iraq War was only a "deviation" from the bad economic policies in the country that favor corporate interest.


Why Right Now?
Why Right Now?

Why Right Now?

With this worse situation at hand ... the only thing they have done is ... work on health care, immigration, gay marraige and abortion. None of them have anything to do with jobs and economy. Tell me, what on earth has "abortion" got to do with jobs and economy?

They have not touched the economic policies because they affect the cash flow of the corporate segment. Instead of fixing these issues, they are going after Syria and Iran. A war with Iran is holding Americans hostage in their crisis for another 8 years.

Who is the Victim?
Who is the Victim?

Who is the Victim?

In Libya & Syria we had protestors whom we could fund and arm to get regime change. But in Iran there are no protestors. Thus the introduction of Al Qaeda and Radical Islam again in the media.

These are the same Politics for Fear and War of George W Bush. Last time the target was Iraq. This time the target will be Iran. With already $16 Trillion debt, 20 Million people unemployed and half a dozen cities bankrupt ... only God knows the worse situation that we will be in after 8 years of war with Iran.

What Should We Do?
What should we do?

What should we do?

Thank God Obama is not a war monger. Every candidate on the Republican Party was bent on taking military action to stop Iran's Nuclear Program and so is Hillary Clinton. She went for Iran Nuclear Program, war with Libya and Syria. She is a war monger. If she wins the Democratic Party's ticket then it is going to be a nightmare. She will go after Iran with an Executive Order.

However, we still have 2 years of time before this monstrosity begins. Read more ...


How You Can Help
How you can help

How you can help

Ah! Its simple. All we need you to do is share. Share the content on this site with your friends on Social Networks and help us unifying the people in our cause. This will help everybody to be on the same page.

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Okay, this is what you need to do. If an activity is supported by Mican politicians … especially if commercial interests are on the table … then we know who is behind it. They will use all possible tools to accomplish their task. We have seen them involve politicians from all allied countries, Aram countries, media, human rights groups … they will use all types of tools to drive results in their direction.

One important tool that these guys use is “drugged behavior”. Controlling the human body via drugs is a part and parcel of their strategy. They make their subjects behave the way they want them to via drugs. And these tools are so handy for them … that drugging an entire city costs them just peanuts. We have seen evidence of their drugging activities with some events before … the Rukan leader … his daughter went to meet him … she said, my father has been drugged and brainwashed … he is not himself. Another event was … when a soldier went cookoo and killed a dozen of this group … that’s not normal behavior. He is shooting a dozen soldiers around him … all of whom are armed … he surprisingly remains alive? No, he was left alive so that they could drain out the drugs from his body. There are several events as such … and if you see the nature of the country you are dealing with … Mica … one of the most developed country in the world … definitely they would have access to drugs for induced behaviors.

The behaviors we are seeing in the protestors is:

  • Hyperactivity
  • Driven in a negative direction
  • And aggressive

These are the behaviors we are seeing in the protestors who are getting violent day by day and killing other people. You need to check the water supply system in that city where protests are maximum.  What you guys are doing is … taking your soldiers and tanks and trying to use pressure to control them … which is making them even more violent and aggressive … which is exactly what these politicians want. So, you are actually driving them in the direction they want.

Okay, I know it might be a little bit abnormal to think a city being drugged through the water supply … but is it normal for a bunch of guys to take guns in their hands and start killing soldiers. Where have you seen such events happening? Only where Mican companies have commercial interests?

To handle the activity from this angle … you need to not only monitor the water supply system in the city for normal water … but also try to use sedatives to calm them down. Put your best chemists at work … come up with tasteless sedatives that you can safely use in the water supply system for the city. It will help them calm down, remove the hyperactivity in them, put their aggression aside and help them think and analyze … and initiate dialogue … instead of  going rogue and violent.

If a guy on the street has a gun in his hand and he is killing people … isn’t it a reasonable step to give him a glass of sedatives so that he calms downs … becomes reasonable and starts talking and initiates dialogue?
They should sedate them enough so that they calm down and stop the killings. Once they start talking … we can actually initiate a democratic process. Isn’t that what all of us want?

But if you keep using only brute force … assuming they are normal people and will be afraid and go back home … you are only pushing them in the wrong direction. So buckle up and use other tools … you will end up saving thousands of lives and the security of your entire country.

(Remember … it might not only be the water supply … it can be anything they consume on a daily basis.)


Usia - check the drugs. Keep a track on medicated behavior. Calm them down.


more than 4000 videos on YouTube on Tyria since the last 24 hours. And interestingly if you observe ... 99% of these videos are anti-Tyria.

I gave tools of democracy for benefiting people. I showed them social networking and media tools so that "people" can use them to make better systems. But now see ... who is actually using it. Go through those videos ... you will see the comments are also posted by just a few guys repeatedly on all the videos. All comments are anti-Tyria.

Who is posting those videos? Who are they talking to? Since when did social media become the trend in Tyria? Social Media is still only majorly used and viewed by people from the western countries ... namely Mica and Isdon. Other countries like Tyria dont even have widespread internet connections.

4000 videos within 24 hours? All of them with the same speech, same agenda, same rhetoric? It clearly shows who is funding this work over there.

Just view those videos and you will know everything that the Mican politicians want to get done over there.


The facts about Tyria is that … let alone the people even most of the “newspapers” out there don’t have their own websites. Some of them still have their “phone numbers” mentioned on their contact page … not even email addresses. If the country is so backward in the use of internet technologies … how come social media becomes a trend all of a sudden?

And that too … if these videos were genuinely from the people of Tyria … shouldn’t the voice reflect everyone’s opinion. The protests are going on out there in just two or three cities … what about the other dozen cities … what about the tens of thousands of regime supporters who we see on the streets? Where is their voice on “social media”?

If these videos truly represented the voice of the Tyrian people … shouldn’t there have been opinions in the right proportions? If 20-30 percent of the people are not happy with the current regime … where are the videos from the rest of the 70 percent of the people?

This only shows that all of these videos and “social media” activists are funded and supported by we all know who. This also shows the use of media as a tool of psychology and creating a mindset among the people to justify what these guys are doing. Their think tank must have sat down and thought … alright, we have most of the media channels under control … the newspapers, TV channels and the radio … but social media is going to be the next big thing … we should put some people to keep our point of view out there in public … so that they know what we are doing is right.

Well I guess they rushed themselves in the wrong direction. Because there were protests and movements in Mica itself … the most developed country in the world and where the social media is widely used … with a highly literate population of 300 million … but at that peak time of protests also … there were no 4000 videos published on YouTube from Micans within 24 hours.

Look at their desperation … look at their misleading … look at their techniques to fool us.


Hey Usia ... controlling protests in your country with the right medication should be very simple handiwork for you guys. Just see that you maintain their moods as happy, cheerful and positive. I know it might not be right to drug the masses but under the current circumstances ... when foreign countries are interfering and creating chaos ... getting thousands of people killed. Its the right thing to do to keep your country safe and positive.

But pls also help your friends in Tyria ... they have been down this road too far away ... and there is a lot of trouble there. Help them with some techniques. They still probably have no idea of how to do it successfully.