5% Trust on “Contact Tweets”

I do not trust Democrat tweets that they will contact me? No, no, no … of course, I trust them … I have complete trust in their tweets … of up to 5%. Based on their tweets … I totally trust that they will contact me … of up to 1 to 5%. Lol.

But 95-99% of me knows that it won’t happen yet … because I have already seen these tweets hundreds of times. If they were genuinely interested in contacting me … then they wouldn’t tweet about it. They would actually send a guy in person and allocate a time for the phone call. If they did that … then it would show some honesty and truth in their tweets. Empty tweets are mostly a waste of time.

I don’t want SM Groups to get their hopes very high. There is a very easy practical check to these “contact tweets”. Make a simple check with these two points:

  • Did they send their contact person to meet me? No.
  • Did they allocate a time for the phone call? No.

If they haven’t sent anyone … if they haven’t allocated a time for the phone call … then there is a chance of 95-99% that these tweets are simply empty … they don’t mean it at all. I have seen this hundreds of times … so, don’t get your hopes up too high.

Such contact tweets are actually amusing. If they have not made any practical move to contact me … it means that there is no actual intention of contacting me. Then you should figure out “the other reason” for these contact tweets. Why are they making such false tweets? What do they aim to get from such tweets that they don’t mean?

I will give you an example … of these misleading contact tweets. Trump used to tweet very often … “we love you … we will support you … we are with you all the way” and bla bla bla … but in real time, he never made a single move to contact me … then what was the purpose of these tweets?

When I started observing these tweets from Trump … then I noted that … he used to tweet “we love you … we support you” everytime he would enter some trouble. Lol. Everytime the guy had some difficulty or crisis or legal issue … he would start making favorable tweets for us. SM Groups would see his commitments to our work and rescue him from his troubles … the moment Trump got relief from his troubles … he used to flip against us again. This would piss off SM Groups even more and he used to get more trouble after a while. Trump went through cycles of troubles because of his lies and empty commitments.

The guy didn’t care much for helping anyone or saving anyone but himself. He would do anything and say anything just to save his ass … and that included making empty tweets of support for our work.

When I see Biden making “contact tweets” without any real time action that would verify his tweets … then it reminds me of Trump. Lol. Has Trump become Biden’s Guru? Or is Biden following Trump’s guidelines? Lol.

The “other reasons” for Contact Tweets

Here are some learning points from the Trump Presidency … these are some of the reasons why Trump used to make “contact tweets”.

  • Trouble or Crisis. Whenever Trump was in trouble or crisis that he could not handle, he would start making tweets of support for our work. His intention was only to pull some SM support so that they help him by knocking out any Establishment elements that would be creating the problem for him. His contact tweets were not about working with us … but only seeking help to save his own ass.
  • Favorable Writings. When I show Trump’s wrong moves then SM Groups make their own moves to contain Trump’s mistakes and blunders. When I praised and supported Trump on any right move that he was making then SM Groups supported Trump and gave him victories. Trump understood that when I write in his favor then good things happen for him. Trump used to make tweets of support for our work so that I write in favor of him. It was not because he wanted to contact us … but he just wanted support for himself via my writings.
  • Malice. If Trump continued to work on his blunders … we would continue to show the adverse consequences of each blunder … then Trump would say “look! I am tweeting in his support … I want to work with him … but still he is writing against me.” We write in favor of the country and the people … if it’s a blunder then we will expose it … if its good then we will support it. But Trump used to make his own malicious derivations from our writings sometimes.
  • Fun. Sometimes … Trump used to make contact tweets … just for fun. He would tweet in support of our work one day and then after 3 days, he would flip against us … just for fun. Seeing this, SM Groups used to ridicule him and kick his ass … just for fun.

These are some of the repeated reasons that I have seen under the Trump Presidency. He would tweet that “yes, we are going to contact you … we love you … we support you … and bla bla bla” … but the actual reason for the tweets was totally different. It was mostly because Trump wanted to save his ass … needed support to blow his horn … or when he wanted to use it maliciously against us. Not once did a single contact person come to me from Trump … all of the tweets were simply empty or they had some other interest.

SM Groups. The point for SM Groups is that … yes, even I see the contact tweets … but don’t get excited when you see these tweets. The tweets are either meaningless or they have another purpose. When was the last time that you “tweeted” someone when you wanted to contact him? If you want to contact a person … then either you send an email or call him or send a representative to meet him. Why would you tweet if you want to contact someone?

If someone tweets once, twice or thrice … and he does not contact you … then would you still believe his tweets? We have seen these tweets not once or twice or thrice … we have seen them hundreds of times … has there been any contact? No. Then why should we give value to these tweets when they are either empty or have some other intention?

That’s why I said … follow up on actual interaction and not only on the tweets. A positive tweet is a positive sign … but the key question is that … do they follow up on that? Is there any real time contact? If no … then ignore these tweets … they are meaningless.

Mr. Biden. A small note on “contact tweeting” for you is that … we don’t trust them if they are not accompanied by actual action. Don’t think that any of our work is a response to your tweets … if your tweets don’t have corresponding real time action … then we don’t give it any value. We continue to do what is right for the country and the people … it might be showing your wrong actions or policies to the world or supporting you in doing what is right.

It would be advisable not to make Trump your Guru … he is a failed President … he was about to be tossed in jail several times … we saved him for the sake of the Nation. If you follow him then you may also end up being a failed President. Trump might pay you to save his ass … but these payments should not stop you from doing what is right for America … these payments should not stop you from doing your job and leading America. Saving Trump’s ass is one thing and leading the country is another thing … try to separate the two.

Just because Trump pays you to save his ass … he should not automatically become your Guru. You have been chosen as the President of the country … it is your job to lead not Trump’s. You need to call the shots … not Trump.