The Trump Presidency was a “hostage crisis” for America

No Mr. Biden … “I” am not moving away from you … it is the SM Groups that are moving away from you. You are the most preferred candidate that we want to work with … but now, there is an ongoing split among SM Groups. Many groups have started moving away from you.

Biden in the red zone
I don’t instruct who to support and who not to support on a daily basis. I don’t instruct what policy or action should be supported and what should be stopped on a daily basis. I have already given “formulas” to SM Groups to identify via facts and logic of who to support … of who to remove from power … of what actions and policies should be supported and what should be stopped.

When SM Groups evaluate your actions and policies based on facts and logic then what you show is … multi-trillion dollar spending at every turn … no action on the Establishment … and taking America into disease and death while pulling us into a $50 trillion debt crisis. Even George Bush was not this bad.

As per their evaluation, you are in the red zone … they already know that these are not the actions and policies that have to be supported. I have been telling you this even before you got elected … it’s a must for you to change your policies. The very basis of giving you the Presidency was that … you are backed by Obamas who will help you coordinate with us and you will change your policies to lead America in the right direction. That’s the very reason why SM gave you the Presidency.

Its been 8 months and you have not played your role. The only thing that you seem to care about is getting $3 Trillion for something … once you get your $3 Trillion … then you want more. The only thing that SM Groups hear is that … “you want more … you want more … and you want more”. No way in hell they are going to stick with such type of leadership.

Need to manage SM Group movements
You have put me in a situation where … not only I have to worry about the drastic effects of your mass spending policies … but now, I also have to worry about SM Group movements … this will change how SM Groups will support each candidate.

What basically happened during the Trump Presidency was that … even he was chosen to work with us to dismantle the Establishment. Trump was a backstabber and he flipped … thus SM Groups moved towards Democrats. The major problem that can happen right now is that … the Pro-Democrat SM Groups moving away from Biden … if they will go and support Trump then it will be a major problem. We cannot allow SM Groups moving away from Biden to become Pro-Trump. This will be a disaster for America.

The Trump Presidency was a hostage crisis for America
Yes, Trump made a few good moves … he followed us and wiped out terrorism and wars … he dodged war traps and Socialist policies. But he did not take America forward … he took zero action on the Establishment … there were zero reforms under Trump … and Trump was on a looting spree. SM Groups were so pissed off at Trump that they wanted to toss him in jail. We did not allow that to happen … for the good of the country.

Did Trump deserve jail? Yes, he did … but tossing Trump in jail could create bigger problems for America. We never knew what the next Republican President would do. There was a massive ongoing anti-Russia propaganda during Trump … the Establishment wanted a war against Russia. If the wrong person entered the White House then we could get wiped out in a Nuclear war.

Trump wouldn’t lead America nor could we remove Trump … this led to the creation of a hostage crisis for America. The guy literally maintained America in a hostage crisis … “if you remove me, then all of you die … I am going to continue looting as long as I am President … and there is nothing you can do about it”. This was Trump’s Presidency.

No going back to Trump
No way in hell should America go back to a Trump Presidency. It means putting America in a hostage crisis all over again. The major problem ahead for the country is that … the more disastrous Biden’s policies are … the more support Trump can get. Biden’s failures can be a blessing for Trump … at least, this is what Trump wants. But if it happens like this … then it will be a disaster for America. We will end up going back to doing nothing, blowing your horn, looting money and saving one person’s ass while the country continues to burn. No way in hell we should go back to Trump.

This is Biden’s fault
This scenario has been created because of Biden. He delayed … he did not coordinate … he has disastrous mass spending policies … he is the one losing SM support. This scenario should have never been created at all. This scenario exists … where I have to manage the movement of SM Groups is only because of Biden.

Opening both routes – Biden’s Leadership and Biden’s Replacement
In scenarios where the President has the potential but he has not yet coordinated with us and it has been a long time where SM Groups are splitting … I open both routes … the leadership designed under the President if he works with us and … the leadership designed under the President’s replacement.

This happened with Trump as well. He delayed too much and SM Groups started working on replacements … and eventually Trump was successfully replaced.

In this scenario, I am not moving away from Biden … but it is the SM Groups that have moved away from Biden … and I have to show the moves that have to be taken under both scenarios. While I keep the option of working with Biden open … I also need to show how and who Biden can be replaced by. This is important because we cannot allow Trump to become President again … this guy is a self-obsessed psycho who is a catastrophe for the country. We need to work on a Democrat President to replace Biden in the second option.

This is something new … but then again, almost everything that we are doing is new. Lol. Yes, I know … Pro-Dem groups are praying for Biden to lead the country in the right direction … but if he doesn’t lead then for the good of the country, we have to move on. We can’t sit and wait till we hit a debt crisis of $50 Trillion while one thousand Americans are dying per day.