Does Biden care?

Yes Mr. Biden ... you are the top preferred candidate that we want to work with. Just because we criticize you or compare you with Trump, it does not mean that we want to work with Trump. Trump is not there in our list of candidates to be considered for 2024.

You still have some Pro-Dem SM Groups in your favor ... they say that Biden will change and mold his policies. But many groups have started evaluating options to replace you ... that's why I need to get involved to make sure that the right candidate is given the White House.

Your leadership is based on how well you coordinate with us and mold your policies. I have been telling this since before the elections ... and you have been lagging quite a lot in the coordination process.

If you have noted ... Trump hit a maximum of 9 million Active Cases during his Presidency ... but you have already hit about 10 million Active Cases in your leadership ... that's one million more cases than Trump. This means that one million more American citizens have Corona under the Biden Presidency than under Trump.

Even if you blame the high number of count over the widespread testing network ... even then, you have a huge number of daily deaths spanning from 1000-2000 deaths per day. Now, how can you blame SM Groups for moving away from you?

  • You have made zero coordination
  • You have one million more Active Cases than under Trump
  • You have a thousand deaths per day ... all of this despite taking $3 Trillion for Covid
  • You continue to spend trillions at every turn
  • You have taken zero measures to address the Establishment malice in any sphere
  • We are headed towards a $50 Trillion crisis under your leadership

How can you blame SM Groups for moving away from you when this is what you show in the first 8 months of your Presidency? "Real time performance" matters ... the facts on the ground matter ... and the facts on the ground don't support your Presidency. That's why we told you again and again that you need to change.

Let me show you something interesting. Take a look at the below chart.

Active Cases America

The moment Trump lost and you entered the White House ... the number of case fell drastically in America to 4.7 million active cases, despite Biden doing nothing new to make this happen. What basically happened was that ... the Establishment lost their friend in the White House and they thought that Biden would coordinate with Active Democracy and start kicking their ass. That's why the Establishment very quickly winded up their malice and the number of cases dropped sharply.

But when you did not care to work with us and you wasted a lot of time ... the Establishment felt safe to do its malice all over again ... and they created one million more cases than ever existed in America. Right now, America has the highest number of Active Cases under the Biden Presidency since the start of the pandemic … that is about 10 million active cases.

What facilitated this new wave? Why was the Establishment able to create 10 million Active Cases? Simply because Biden did not coordinate with us and he did not go after Establishment malice. Because you did not kick their ass ... they are running havoc all over the country.

The cost of not taking action on the Establishment is not only creation of a $50 Trillion debt crisis ... but it is also the deaths of a thousand Americans per day and getting millions of Americans infected at record levels.

If you don't care about a $50 Trillion in debt being created ... if you don't care about a thousand Americans dying per day ... if you don't care for millions of Americans getting infected ... then why do you think that this is the leadership that SM Groups will want? How can you blame them for moving away from you when you don't care at all?