Need to block Trump from our work

No, I am not interested in showing Biden any alternate routes of pulling the finance. Trump is a major problem … he is already obstructing our work with the Saudis. If I show any other alternate route to Biden … then Trump will immediately intervene and try to screw the coordination in other routes as well.

One of the first things that we have to do is … get rid of Trump from the equation. He should have absolutely no access to our writings, to our planning and any strategies whatsoever. Trump is a self-obsessed psycho … he will tweak and twist everything to suit himself. He doesn’t give a shit about anybody or any country but himself. I will not be wasting any content as long as Trump has access to it.

That’s one of the reasons I don’t even care if Biden has pulled the funding … I only need him to contact me first. The moment I am in touch with Biden and Obamas … the first thing that we have to do is … root out Trump from any access to our work. And then, we can do proper planning with the Democrats.

One thing that Trump always did was … track every single thing that I would write. With our writings, he understood what is going on in America … what the Establishment is doing … what I am suggesting Democrats to do … what SM Groups are doing … where the problems are … who is winning and who is losing. He extracts information from our work to save his ass and also to use it in his political career. The information that we provide is extremely important … it shows the flow of the entire country … and we cannot have a guy who is self-obsessed … who pays to obstruct … who worships the Establishment … who doesn’t do shit for anybody but himself … we cannot have this guy access our writings and work.

If there is some role that Trump has to play … just in case, that is … then he will be directly informed by the Democrats. We cannot have Trump tracking everything and screwing everything.

Trump cannot be Biden’s replacement
Yes, I know that Biden is doing 10 times worse than Trump in many areas … but we cannot allow Trump to replace Biden. We have to take things forward … we cannot keep on moving backwards.

Trump’s major issue was that … he wouldn’t take action against the Establishment and he allowed America to be looted … he also joined the loot as well. Trump doesn’t know how to solve America’s problems and thus, he did not move forward with any reform.

Biden is doing 10 times worse than Trump … mainly because he is back into the Obama Era … where everyone is allowed to do their thing:

  • The Establishment is running their schemes (pandemic)
  • The Democrat Party is running its own schemes (climate change and Socialist policies)
  • Biden is looking for trillions at every turn
  • Trump is loving Biden’s failures instead of intervening and protecting America
  • Trump is trying to join Biden in looting America instead of correcting his policies and actions.

The opposition party is not playing the role of the opposition party under Trump. Trump was useless when he was in the lead … and he is useless when he is in the opposition as well. Trump was focused in looting when he was in the lead … and he is still focused in looting when he is in the opposition as well. Trump will be Trump wherever he is.

Yes, Biden’s Presidency is catastrophic for America … but Trump is also not the solution for America. Replacing Biden with Trump would mean going back to the same Trump Era where the guy won’t do shit for anybody … he would be busy looting, using the loot to save his ass and blow his horn doesn’t matter how shitty things are. Trump is not the solution for America … he was given the chance to lead … he was a total zero … now, he has a chance in the opposition party … he is still a total zero.

Steering America towards the next Democrat President
The best thing to do is … steer America towards the next Democrat President. There are two options of victory under Democrats.

  • Biden leads successfully. If Biden leads successfully in coordination and the breakup of Establishment monopoly … then lets give him 100% support and a possible second term. If Biden doesn’t want a second term owing to health issues … then we can easily preplan a transition to a capable Democrat leader within Biden’s first term itself.
  • Next Democrat President. If, for any reason, Biden fails to coordinate and fails to break Establishment monopoly … then our best option is to design the leadership of America under the next Democrat President.

Discussion for the next President has already begun

I am writing this page because … Biden has delayed working with us so much that many SM Groups are already looking for and discussing Biden’s replacement. One year is all that’s given for the President to prove himself by the SM Network … and its been already 8 months under Biden. Biden is running out of time … after which he will start losing SM support.

Yes, I understand that we need to encourage Biden to lead … to coordinate and create the right reforms for America … but the phase has begun to discuss Biden’s replacement. During this phase, while we encourage Biden to lead … it is also important to consider the pros and cons in the creation of the next US President. We cannot automatically go for Trump because Biden failed … because Trump himself is a failure. We cannot have America shuttling between two failures. Lol.

This is what the Establishment has been doing since so many decades in America … of making us choose between shit and shittier. If Biden is shittier than Trump … then why should we go back to the old shit that Trump is? Isn’t it logical for us to choose someone better than shit and shittier? Let’s not go with shit at all.

If Biden doesn’t lead … then let’s dump both, Biden and Trump … let’s try to go with someone better who does not carry the flaws of the previous candidates.

The Next Democrat President
I would strongly support a Democrat President that wouldn’t come with the old baggage. We should try to synchronize and align a candidate without the flaws of the previous Presidents. This would give us a fantastic clean slate to take things forward.

Since the discussion and the hunt for the next President has already begun … I would strongly recommend this route of creating the next Democrat President to replace Biden.