Open resistance against Biden has begun

I have already invited Biden dozens of times to work with us and he has failed to coordinate. This is how SM Groups proceed with such candidates.

  • Drop in polls. Owing to their bad policies and delay or refusal to work with us … these candidates are dropped in polls. Their popularity starts sinking because SM Groups start moving away from them.
  • Resistance begins. Open resistance begins against their bad policies and actions. Not only they are dropped in polls and popularity … but open resistance is created to save the country from their bad policies and actions.
  • Removal from office. Even after resistance begins … if the candidate doesn’t work with us then several measures are initiated to remove the candidate from office.

This is exactly how it happened with Trump and Warren. Both of them were trusted with leadership roles solely based upon their coordination with us. If they coordinate with us then every SM Group knows that bad actions and policies will automatically come to a stop, great policies are launched and America enters a new era. But when they don’t coordinate with us then … they end up being the puppets of the party or get misled by the Establishment.

This is exactly what happened with Trump and Warren … they were given the rise in publicity and support … but when they didn’t coordinate they were dropped in polls and systematically removed from office. Trump was removed from the White House and Warren was failed in her Presidential bid.

These are threats! This is extortion!
When I say … “work with me and you will get the White House” … this statement seems so lovely and juicy. Leaders think … “Just working with one organization will get me the White House … this is wonderful.”

When such candidates are given the White House and they delay or refuse to work with me … the statement eventually becomes … “if you don’t work with me then you will be removed from the White House”. Lol … this statement sounds like a threat and sounds like extortion. To understand what is going on, you should understand two points.

Firstly, yes, it’s a threat if someone tells you this when he meets you for the first time. But when the very basis of giving you the White House is working with us then you are the backstabber and traitor to the cause that you were chosen for. Candidates like Trump, Warren and Biden were chosen soley based on the possibility of working with us. When you work with us, America changes … when you don’t work with us then you screw America or America continues to sink. Trump created a debt of $10 Trillion … Warren wanted to create a debt of $130 Trillion and Biden is about to create a debt of $50 Trillion.

The first thing that you should understand is that … when you don’t work with us … then you are the backstabber, you are the traitor and it is because of your refusal or delay in working with us that America is getting screwed. This is the first reason that pisses off all SM Groups … they support you and give you the Presidency … once you get the Presidency, then you don’t do shit and continue to destroy America.

Secondly, you should understand that … the problem is with you and not with us. You were unable to lead … you are not able to solve America’s problems … you flipped against the purpose that you were chosen for … you are refusing to solve America’s problems … you are allowing America to get ripped off … you are allowing a Satanic Establishment to continuously rip off America … you are allowing your country and people to be abused and ripped of by a criminal Establishment.

When you combine these two reasons … when a totally pissed off SM Network hears you guys say … “hey, the Active Democracy guy is threatening us … this is extortion … this is Presidential harassment”. Then guess how all SM Groups are supposed to feel?

Trump tried to to show that I am the one that is threatening him … when in reality, we are the solutions and Trump not working with us was the problem. The same thing happened with Warren … I told her … “if you don’t work with me and if you will not change your mass spending policies … then you will be dropped in polls and you will be failed in your Presidential bid.” Warren also might have thought that … “hey, I am losing because of this guy … Obama, please stop him”. She saw me as a threat to her Presidential career. When in reality, we were the solutions … and she was a $130 Trillion threat to America … she was the one who needed to follow us and change her policies.

Resistance against Biden has begun
I am writing this because … resistance against Biden has begun. Not only Biden is continuously dropping in polls but open resistance has begun against his actions and policies. Biden has already entered the second phase of a “failing Presidency”. If Biden continues on his current track of blowing up trillions of taxpayer money at every turn and if he continues to be a puppet of the party and Establishment elements … then SM Groups will automatically begin the third phase of removing Biden from the White House. Because continuing to support Biden only means supporting failures and disasters for America.

When Biden will enter the third phase … I will have to write … “Mr. Biden, if you won’t work with me then you will be removed from the White House”. Trump is already misleading Biden in several ways … he will obviously mislead Biden saying … “hey look, he is threatening to remove you from office if you don’t work with him … this is harassment!”

Solutions and Implementation
The key difference that you should understand between Active Democracy and SM Groups is that … yes, we work on the same goal of dismantling the Establishment and revolutionizing America. But the difference between us is that … we are solutions … we are the strategies … and SM Groups are the on-the-ground force … they are the ones who do the implementation … they are the ones who select and elect Presidents and Congressmen as per our strategy.

These 3 phases that you see where … you are dropped in polls … open resistance begins against your actions and policies … and then measures are initiated to remove you from office … all of these measures are implemented by SM Groups and not by us. It is SM Groups that elect you to office and it is they who drop you in polls and remove you from office.

I don’t remove you from office nor do I give you any office. I design only strategies of who should be elected and who should be removed. My job is to combine SM Groups, Political Leaders and the People to fight against the Establishment to bring about fabulous change in the country. This is my job.

When I say … “work with me and you will get the White House” … it means that … I will give you the strategies to take America into a new era and SM Groups will support you and give you the White House if they see that you can successfully accomplish the task. When I say … “if you don’t work with me, then you will be removed from the White House” … it means that SM Groups that gave you the Presidency … they will move away from you … they will drop their support and they will remove you from power.

I am not the one that will remove you from power … it is SM that got pissed off with Trump and they removed him from power … it is SM that saw that Warren was incapable to lead and she was failed in her Presidential bid. Now, it is the same SM Groups that are pissed off at Biden and the very same thing can happen to him as well. Biden has already entered a phase of open resistance … this phase will bring a lot of embarrassment and humiliation … and this phase of embarrassment and humiliation will lead to the end of your Presidency. Remember how Trump was humiliated and embarrassed? All of it was done because he was a backstabber who flipped against the cause that he was chosen for and they wanted to remove him from the White House.

Biden entering the trouble zone
I am actually surprised that I am even having to write this page. What everyone thought was that … Democrats when they are backed by Obamas … they will work with us at a push of a button. No one expected this kind of delay … this delay will keep pushing America on a track of a $50 trillion debt. Nobody wants this kind of ridiculous debt or inaction … and thus they start taking action against you … as it is because of you delay that America is going to face such a catastrophe.

We are solutions and when you don’t work with us … then you are adamant on keeping America occupied in problems. Trump tried to term things as per his own comfort as things suited him. He called us a threat … because that’s what suited his purpose of continuous loot and no action on the Establishment.

I am sure that Biden and Obamas are not like Trump … but there is a “limit of time” in leadership. You get 4 years in each term … 8 months are already up … things need to get done. Obviously, when things don’t get done … then it pisses off everybody. How am I supposed to manage them when you won’t play your role?

Biden needs to stop making empty tweets and he needs to come into action … there is a lot of work to do.