Indirect signs don’t work

Yes … yes … still trying to help our Presidents do what everyday simple Pizza Boys do without any difficulty. Lol.

Another issue in making the contact is “indirect signs”. Some guys will show me a phone and signal as if the call is coming today … while I go out somewhere … while I go to some shops … again and again these indirect signals are shown.

The thing with these indirect signs is that … I don’t give a shit about them. Lol. I have been seeing these signs since the past 5 years now … all the way from Obama to Trump and now with Biden. I have seen these signs hundreds of times till date … they haven’t worked till date … that’s why I don’t give a shit about them.

Every day I have my own planned routine to do what I do … than to just sit and wait for the phone call to come. I always do what I have already planned for the day. None of my actions are a response to these indirect signs.

When I am busy with my own daily schedule … sometimes, the information that is derived is that … “ow, he is not interested … he is not waiting for the call … he is not bothered … he does not want to talk.” All of this is bullshit.

What you guys should realize is that … if you want to genuinely make a contact … then the simple way to do it is … send one guy to tell me … “hey, expect a phone call at so and so time”. And I will make myself available to attend the call at that time. It is as simple as that … one guy can make a contact with just one statement. Why do we need a dozen guys giving me “indirect signals” wherever I go? If you are genuinely and truly interested in contacting me … then just send one guy and he can arrange this in just one statement. Why do we need a circus with a dozen guys all around me?

What’s even more amusing is that … these guys who create the circus around me … they make their own derivations that apparently I am not showing interest in the call. The circus of “indirect signs” is not required. It is a waste of time … and I am not keen in responding to these signs.

If you are expecting me to “wait for your call” then you should ask yourselves these simple questions:

  • Did I send one guy directly to his location?
  • Have I booked a time for the phone call?

If you haven’t done that … then don’t expect me to wait around for a phone call. Please do not waste your time with any indirect signs whatsoever.

Trump created a debt of $10 trillion in 4 years … that is about $6.8 billion per day … that’s about $50 billion per week. Biden on his current track will create a minimum debt of $50 billion per week … but given his multiple times spending … this amount can be several times more.

Every day that you delay, ignore, postpone or fail to contact … America is losing $6.8 Billion. Your failure is costing America at least a minimum of $50 Billion per week. You can sit there and enjoy what I write every week … but what you should know is that … this incompetence of Presidents failing to do what millions of Pizza Boys successfully do every day … this incompetence is costing America $50 Billion every week.

When a Pizza Boy fails in his delivery … the cost might be a simple 10 or 50 bucks. But when the President fails to do what a simple Pizza Boy can do … it costs the Nation $50 Billion every single week. This is the cost of your delay and failure to make a simple contact.



Yeah, I know … they are trying to investigate an allegation or complaint … let them investigate. I already told them that these allegations are nothing but obstacles in making the contact. I have already shown them these obstacles hundreds of times. Now, if they are going to fall on the same obstacle again and again and again … then it is not my fault … it is their fault and it is their failure.

They keep on wasting time in investigating false allegations … they should rather investigate if they have some commonsense or not … this would be a more useful investigation and a better use of time. Lol. How can someone fall on the same obstacle hundreds of times? Do they have nothing better to do than fall on the same obstacle and investigate what the hell happened?

Yes, I know … Trump might be obstructing the flow of funds from the Saudis. But am I asking for Saudi funds right now? The only task that I have requested Biden to do is … contact me. I don’t care how much he has raised and if he has raised any funds or not. The simple thing that Biden needs to do right now is … contact me. Everything else I will show him how to put into place.

Now, tell me how can Trump obstruct Biden’s phone call? Trump can obstruct sponsorship from Saudis … but no way in hell can Trump obstruct Biden’s phone call. Why on Earth is Biden wasting so much time I don’t understand.

The trick that Trump might be playing with Saudis is that … “don’t worry about the loss of business from America … I will cover your losses.” It’s a simple gimmick. Trump has reserves of more than $3 Trillion … Saudi’s trade with the US is about $200 Billion per year. With just $1 Trillion, Trump can hold off Saudis from working with the Biden Administration for the next 5 years. Now, is Biden going to sit there and complain … “Trump is obstructing” for his entire first term? The guy will automatically get removed from office … which is exactly what Trump wants.

Trump already knows that if Biden works with us then revolutions begin in America … and Trump will not get re-elected if Biden starts revolutionizing America. He has already paid Obamas and Biden so that they don’t work with me during elections. He can do the same with Saudis.

You should understand that Trump is a self-obsessed maniac … he cares only for himself. Good or bad … he will do whatever it is for his own gain. He doesn’t care about any country or any crisis … its always all about him. He has done this before and he can continue to do this as long as he has excess funds.

But the leadership responsibility is not on Trump anymore … it is Biden that is responsible for this delay, stalling and stagnation when our country is sinking trillions in debt. When you don’t act … you can’t blame others for obstruction. If you had contacted me … then I would have shown you a dozen other ways to pull funding. When you have not contacted me … then the fault is yours … it is your failure. It is not Trump’s fault or failure … Trump will always remain Trump … don’t expect anything different from him. You can’t keep blaming Trump when you have been given the White House.

Screw the funding … leave it aside. I don’t care if you have not raised any funds at all. Just try to succeed in contacting me first … this is not rocket science.