Dream Check Designing Success

The dreams come true … in fact, they work like formulas for success. All we need to do is … put in into place and we win. I use the dreams as keys for success … I check what is shown in the dreams and what is being proposed to me … if it falls into place as per the dreams then I go for it, otherwise, I don’t care who the hell the person is or how much they want to donate … I don’t go for stuff that will not fall into place.

I use facts and logic to understand what the dreams say and to understand what has to be done next. We can’t just follow some dreams … we always need to have facts and logic into place. So, let’s take a look at a few key proposals that I got through this entire journey … proposals from SM Groups, myself, Establishment elements, donors and even Presidential candidates. Let’s evaluate the proposals as per the dreams … and you will see how success was designed.

Proposal 01. Publish the book!
This proposal came from SM Groups in the very initial phase of the work. Everyone tries to propose as per their know-how and capabilities. They thought that I was writing a book and they offered to publish the book. They thought that I would probably go on a “book tour” to promote the problems that I wanted to solve. Lol.

I took their proposal and checked it with my dreams … I did not see any book tour in my dreams. So, I said … “nah, this is not what I am supposed to do. I have been shown a problem and I have to solve the problem. This work is not about me being an author”.

Success: The success that we got from rejecting this offer is that … the book tour would have been a disaster. I would end up in jail in no time. Because as per the dreams, I was not supposed to work from America let alone go on a book tour.

Proposal 02: Get out of my life!
This proposal was from me against the involvement of the Matrix in my life. I hated them in the initial phase … they would put me through chemical abuse, radiations and financial throttling … and again and again pressurize me to join the Matrix. I used to tell them … “screw you … get out of my life”.

I used to see dual behaviors from the same system. Some elements would be abusive and aggressive … and a huge segment would be sorry, supportive and very helpful. At that time, I did not understand that the Matrix had two types of elements inside it … Establishment elements and SM Groups. The malice used to come from Establishment elements and the support used to come from SM Groups.

I actually got a special dream for this purpose itself … telling me to stop kicking out the Matrix from my life. I got the Lioness dream … where I was shown that a Lioness will work with me on my projects … it will guard me, protect me and help me in getting success. It was literally a divine intervention telling me to work with SM Groups. The dream showed the Lioness as my pet that would love me and I would love it … and we would work together.

Success: Having seen that dream … I tried to absorb all of the pain, anger and frustration that I had with the Matrix … and thought of giving it a shot … to see if SM Groups would actually end up being the Lioness, the most powerful network in the Nation that will work with me on my projects.

So, I told them … “screw the book tour … I am not publishing any damn book. Go out there … start working on it … and let’s solve these damn problems.” And guess what, they follow what I write and overthrow Governments, create protests with millions of people across the Nation, kick out Presidential candidates and throw billionaire criminals into jail. And I am like … yes, the dream came true and it was a good thing that I absorbed my anger and frustration … and trusted God with what He had shown. All praise is for the All Mighty.

Proposal 03 – Come back to America!
I continued my work from outside America and this proposal came from several SM Groups. SM Groups were actually being misled by Establishment elements … and they were being used to pull me in America. This was actually a trap … I was clearly shown in the dreams that I was not supposed to work from America and I was not supposed to even visit America, until and unless the first tiger was taken down.

Success: Had I gone to America … the work would be over a long time ago. The Establishment had its monopoly and influence all across America … I wouldn’t survive there at all without proper political protection. The dreams helped me to avoid another disaster.

Proposal 04 – SM Groups – Work with us!
Seeing the information that I was providing … many SM Groups were keen on supporting me via the Matrix system. They wanted me to join the Matrix so that they could give me the best success that I could get. This is something that very routinely happens in the Matrix … they give you excellent training to bring out the best in you. This is how the Matrix system is designed and operated. The Establishment own tens of thousands of corporations … they pull people in … and they make the best workers out of them.

I got a specific dream “not to join the Matrix”. I was shown that I was made into Sylvestor Stallone … a powerful warrior whose each punch would throw people flying off the ship. But eventually, the ship would be attacked by thousands of ugly, skeletal and slimy cannibals that one person would not be able to manage it … and the ship would sink.

Success: So, I told SM Groups … “I have already been shown in the dream that … yes, you will succeed in making me powerful but that is not enough to solve these crises. It is not a one man’s job. If I join the Matrix and work with you … my ship will sink and I will fail. I have already been shown this in advance. So, if you really want to solve these crises … then work with me … don’t try to make me a part of your Matrix. This Matrix itself is designed by Satanic Establishment elements that I will be breaking down.”

The dream helped me understand that … this is not a one man’s show … it is not a one man’s task. We need collective action.

Proposal 05 – Obama is leeching from your work!
My work had reached the White House during Obama’s first term itself. I was showing him how to end the wars by helping him understand the activities and ideology of the Establishment. So, some malicious Establishment elements started telling me … “Obama is leeching from your work! Obama is leeching from your work!” They wanted me to feel bad and thus, I should stop helping Obama.

Success: I checked with my dreams … and the dreams showed that I have to guide and help the US President. So, if Obama is taking information from my work or as they put it … “leeching from my work” … then it is actually a good thing. I openly approved it and welcomed Obama to leech from my work … take the info … understand what is going on to stop the wars.

If I had stopped guiding Obama then the wars would never stop. Checking with the dreams helped us to successfully stop the wars.

Proposal 06 – Work via the Obama Foundation
Some SM Groups proposed that I do my work via the Obama Foundation. Their proposal was probably to secure my work under the Obama banner and to give me some free publicity. But then again, as per the dreams … let alone work via the Obama Foundation, I was not supposed to work from America at all.

Success: The work had to be completely independent without any political pressure. How would I talk against the Democrat Party and against Democrat Presidents if I made the work a part of the Obama Foundation? And why would I put the Obama banner under scrutiny and legal pressure because of the revolutionary nature of the work?

The dreams helped me avoid interesting proposals that would backfire during the later stages of the work.

Proposal 07 – Here are some girls! Work with us!
This offer came from several donors that were sent to connect with me. They would offer me some girls and try to employ me with them. Yeah, almost everyone that knows my work tries to get me in their system. But then again this is against what is shown in the dreams. I have to work independently and guide Presidents based solely on facts and logic.

Success: Most of these donors were from governments. If I get employed with any government then I would have to run the government’s agenda not the people’s agenda. It would be very easy to control, dictate and throttle the work. There was a lot of money on the table but these proposals would screw up the work.

Proposal 08 – Work with me in the White House!
This proposal came from Trump. I was helping Trump dodge almost every disaster that came in his way … right from wars to investigations and sex scandals. He was like … “we need you in the White House … just come here and work with me”.

Success: This was again a wrong proposal. Coz I have to hire a hundred people for my work and run a think tank of my own to help the President. How could I hire a hundred people and be the President of my company inside the President’s White House? It wouldn’t work.

Proposal 09 – Leech and win!
Trump was misled into this configuration to “only leech and win”. Since he was dodging all disasters successfully by leeching information from my work, he was misled into only leech and win mode. Leeching worked for Obama but not Trump … because the dreams already showed that … only one tiger would be broken down in this mode. In order to move ahead to break down other exploitation systems, direct coordination was required.

Success: If you see in real time … that’s exactly what happened. Only the War on Terror was stopped … none of the other exploitation systems were touched by Trump … there were zero reforms under Trump. The dream that takes us into phase two shows us that:

  • The first tiger will be broken down
  • Direct coordination will begin
  • I will visit America and
  • The breakdown of the next 2-3 tigers will begin

Trump was successful only in the elimination of the War on Terror and terrorism. He didn’t start direct coordination and he got zero reforms with the highest debt ever created under any President.

Proposal 10 – Design Active Democracy
This proposal came from the dreams … I was asked to design “Active Democracy”. The modes of failure would be if I became a puppet of the Matrix or of any politician or of any donor … then the work would fail. I had to work independently as a separate entity and design an entire new form of democracy in order to win … that would be … Active Democracy.

The dreams showed 3 phases of the work.

  • SM Mode. This is the first phase of the work where I have activated the entire SM Network and have got tens of millions of SM Groups working with me on each crisis … this includes groups from intelligence, judiciary, corporations, celebrities, government and so on.
  • Political Mode. This is the second phase that has to begin with direct political coordination.
  • Public Mode. This is the third phase that will be launched next based on the reforms needed.

What you are seeing here is that … it is an entire country at work … intelligence, judiciary, corporations, celebrities, government, politicians and the public. It is the entire country working together to eliminate the Establishment’s exploitation systems and to create new systems that are people centric.

The tidal waves dream showed me that … “you should not be a hero in a ship who fights against the bad guys … but you need to activate the entire Ocean itself … and fight as a “medium”. Just like the tidal waves function as one medium … with each droplet of water working together on one task … similarly, you have to design the entire country to function as one medium.”

Success: This is why I designed Active Democracy. It is a form of democracy where each and every individual and entity gets to be a force that can work on each task. And look around … its extremely successful, powerful and effective … governments are being overthrown, Presidents are being changed and billionaire criminals are being tossed in jail.

The beautiful use of the dreams is that … I have already been shown what will work … what will happen … and in some cases, I have been shown what will not work. The dreams are extremely useful in designing success.