The good news for all SM Groups in America and around the world is that … the first tiger is down. To understand what is going on … let me show you what is going on from the “dream perspective”. We can basically categorize the dreams into mainly 3 phases.

  • Phase One – SM Network – the Lioness dream. This was the first phase of our work … where mostly SM Groups are involved.
  • Phase Two – Political Coordination – Breaking down tigers dream. This dream signaled the start of the second phase of the work.
  • Phase Three – Public Mode – Revolutions. This dream showed that there might be a need of full public coordination for certain reforms to change systems. The revolutions come in phase three.

Phase One – SM Network – the Lioness Dream

The initial phase of our work mostly involved SM Groups from various fields across the country. The “Lioness” was shown in the dream … the Lioness was coordinating with what I was writing and working on each issue and concept. A human being was not shown but a lioness was shown to emphasize that … I would be working with a different powerful medium … it will not be a routine medium.

This dream came true to the fullest extent … the lioness was nothing but the SM Network … Michelle Obama is also a part of the same network … who is collectively securing and supporting the work in this phase. The real time action delivered at the ground level was the Arab Spring, Tea Party Movement, Occupy Movement, #metoo movement and also the tossing of millionaire and billionaire criminals in jail.

SM Groups are effectively controlling who wins in the House, Senate and the White House … apart from putting powerful criminals in jail and shutting down companies. Varied very powerful moves are being carried out via SM Groups. This was already shown via the dream … it has already come true.

Phase Two – Political Coordination – Breaking down of tigers dream
The key dream that shows the launch of the next phase of our work is the “breaking down of tigers dream”. This dream showed that … one tiger was broken down in its various parts lying on the ground … I was giving direct instructions to the people working on the tigers … I was walking on the ground along with them … and 2-3 more tigers were being picked up to break them down as well.

The dreams are basically the key to solutions that we need for these crises. The dreams will come true … the only thing we need to do is to work on it … and we will succeed. I see what is being shown in the dreams and then I also apply the same in real time via facts and logic to analyze what has to be done next.

There are 4 pointers shown in this dream:

  • The first tiger will be broken down
  • Direct political coordination will begin
  • I will visit America again and
  • We will move ahead to break down the next 2-3 tigers

The War on Terror was the first tiger
The tigers are not actually animals … they are systems of exploitation. Breaking down the tigers is breaking down and eliminating systems of exploitation. The War on Terror was nothing but a system of exploitation. The Establishment was killing millions of people while ripping off trillions of taxpayer money from Western countries.

To eliminate the War on Terror and to wipe out terrorism … we exposed and worked on several individual parts of this exploitation system. “Event design and creation, media misleading, political puppetry, weapon sales benefit, Netanyahu, Israel, recruitment, migration crisis, genocide, ripping off America by the trillions, deviation tactic, debt crisis” … all of these were nothing but individual parts of the tiger that needed to be understood and worked upon.

We ripped off the skin of the tiger … by exposing this scam … and broke it down into individual parts by exposing each of its unit … and thus successfully eliminated the entire system of exploitation.

The Problem – Trump won’t move ahead
We knew that the first tiger had been broken down in 2018 itself when we eliminated the War on Terror and vaporized terrorism. But the dream also showed that … after the first tiger has been broken down … direct political coordination would begin, I would visit America and the breakdown of the next systems would begin. But Trump was on another track … he was pulling strings to shut us down, refusing to take America forward, protecting the Establishment that he was supposed to dismantle and Trump himself was a security threat for us owing to which I was refusing to come to America. The entire dream was not falling into place.

The dreams always come true
What is shown in the dreams … it always comes true. The first tiger had already been broken down and to take things forward … Trump was being the obstacle. This meant that:

  • Either Trump will change and coordinate with us … or …
  • He would be removed from the White House and someone else will coordinate with us to take things forward … and the dream will come true through them

Evaluating and guiding Trump
In 2018, we were not yet eliminating Trump from the game … because he was doing quite well. There were no new wars, he was a part of the first dream as he pulled the funding which led to the elimination of terrorism … he was dodging wars, disasters and socialism very well … there was no genocide … it was a pretty clean presidency when compared to the previous ones. Trump was still a key candidate to take America forward. So, we kept the options open for Trump.

SM started working on alternates
SM had given Trump just one year to start the coordination and then they said … “okay, time out … we are working on the next President for America”. Several SM Groups got pissed off at Trump and started working on Democrat candidates for the Presidency.

Warren was one of the candidates that we were considering … but she failed fabulously with her $130 trillion in new spending. She ended up consolidating Trump’s candidacy for 2020.

Encouraging Trump to lead
While SM Groups were actively looking for alternate leaders … we had kept options open for Trump. We were strongly encouraging Trump to lead using various points … “hey, we have victories on a platter for you … there is a strong on the ground support for you … all you need to do is work on it and you will get success … you will become the Founder of Modern America … you will get Nobel Prizes and bla bla bla”. We used dozens of angles to encourage Trump to do what is right.

Losing Trump meant that 4 years of my work goes down the drain and we have to train the next guy from scratch. Trump was using facts and logic in his decisions … he was running a clean Presidency … he was an ideal candidate.

But, the more Trump refused to lead … the more we knew that he would be removed from the White House. As per the dream, Trump had become the obstacle. And as per facts and logic … he was allowing multi-trillion dollar exploitation systems to continue and ended up creating the highest debt among all US Presidents till date. The dreams fall in line with facts and logic.

Michelle Obama’s Leadership
Trump refused to lead … Warren flunked big time … and everyone was searching for the next leader that will take America forward … and we suggested a combo of Biden and Obamas. The biggest concern with Trump was losing 4 years of work … but Obamas would already have 12 years of experience with the Establishment and its wars. To add to that … the lovely Michelle Obama is our guardian angel since the very beginning. We already loved her and the thought that … she would eventually get involved in the work … by working with us in breaking down systems … guiding American Presidents … and becoming a pillar that would support the creation of a Modern America … this thought itself made us love her even more.

Today, Biden and Michelle Obama are giving signals that … “hey, we are going to work with you … you are going to visit America”. They have no idea what it actually means. I saw this dream during the Obama Presidency that … I am going to expose several exploitation systems, I will break down one system completely, political coordination will begin, I will visit America and work on breaking down the next systems. Talk about dreams coming true. Lol.

Trump was a security nightmare and the fact that the Trump Presidency is no more and the fact that I have the lovely Michelle Obama with me is simply so relaxing and peaceful. When Trump used to invite me to America … I would be like … “No thanks. I need Russian Diplomatic immunity to secure myself from you.” And now when the lovely Michelle is signally my visit to America … I am like … “yes Ma’am … this is a part of the dream”. I trust her … I can trust her with my security.

Its sad how Trump flunked and got stuck on a shitty track that was full of humiliation and ridicule. Everyone’s 4 years were wasted … but now, its nice to have the lovely Michelle Obama in the game. The lovely and talented Black lady will be involved in exposing and breaking down pretty powerful tigers of our time.

Its easy if you do it right
Don’t worry, its easy … if you do it right. Look how we eliminated the first exploitation system of the War on Terror … this was the first tiger. It was not difficult to do. But as the dream shows … to break down the next tigers, political coordination is a must. That’s the second phase we have to move into … which will lead us to the third phase of revolutions.

You don’t need a revolutionary movement for every reform … it is mostly on a need basis. What’s important is … understanding all parameters involved and working on the right strategies.

Visiting America
SM Groups were very eager to pull me back in America in the initial stages of the work. They were upset that I had left America and that I was working from another country … in fact, they were being misused by Establishment elements to pull me in America. I told them that … “hey, it’s a trap. The Establishment is currently most influential in America. Pulling me in America is only a trap to shut down my work. But yes, as per the dreams … I will visit America again and it will be after we break down the first tiger and then when we get a leader in the White House who will work with us.” This is something that I had told them during the Obama Presidency.

The good news is … the first tiger is down. And a visit to America is probably quite close, God willing.