Showing options for Bill de Blasio does not mean that we are dropping Biden from the game. No, its not like that. There are developments happening … where Bill de Blasio’s term for being the Mayor is coming to an end and he is also not made a part of the Biden Administration. It’s a must for us to train the next US President while we work with the current President. Bill de Blasio has immense potential, provided we pull him on the right track.

These are the modes of our guidance that you should understand.

  • Guidance and training for the top games. If we pull any candidate in the game and we start training him or her for the top games to lead America … then he or she will automatically be given a lot of support, protection and victories. This is done via SM Groups because it is through these candidates that we will lead America and design a new era for America.
  • Warnings on failing moves, actions and policies. Apart from showing the key candidates what to do … we also show them what not to do. How to surpass party and Establishment puppetry … how to dodge the misleading via the media … and how to lead the country correctly. If the candidate is stuck on a failing action or policy … then the support, protection and victories that come from SM Groups start falling for that candidate. This is not done by us … this again automatically happens via SM Groups. This is done mainly “to support what is right and to hold back what is wrong” under each Presidency. Doesn’t matter who the President is … via this formula only good things happen for the country.
  • No guidance … removed from the game. For certain candidates, we don’t bother to provide any guidance at all … because we don’t think that they are fit to lead the country … because of several reasons like … they are Establishment puppets and will not make the right moves for the country (Hillary and Mitt Romney), they are self-obsessed and only care for themselves (Trump) or if they are too theoretical and not practical at all (Warren). Such candidates are not brought into the top games or they are removed from office if they are given any such position.

Its like 3 levels of guidance and the corresponding movement from SM Groups.

  • Pulling in the top games. This level involves identifying the best candidates, pulling them in the top games, showing them how to lead the country by giving them enormous support, protection and victories.
  • Holding back what is wrong. This is also a very important level of the work. No one candidate is all right or all wrong … because the Presidency is not about one candidate … it is the collective action of the President, his advisers, his party, Establishment and media misleading, party politics … all of this combine to form what happens under each Presidency. Warning and showing what is wrong under a candidate does not mean that we are removing him from office … it is done only to stop disasters under his Presidency. But yes, if the candidate sticks to what is wrong and continues on the wrong track … then it is pretty obvious that he self-destructs. Like Trump … he had great potential but he held the country hostage by doing nothing for the people but kept on blowing his horn … Trump self-destruct … that’s how he lost SM support.
  • Removed from the game. You should keep this in mind that … we guide you because we like you … we guide you because we see potential in you … we guide you because we see that great things can be under in your leadership. But once we stop guiding you … that’s where the main problem comes … you get zero SM support and you are removed from the game. Doesn’t matter what you try … you don’t get victories.

That’s what happened with Hillary, Warren and Trump. We never guided Hillary on anything and we showed that she was a puppet of the Establishment … she was removed as Secretary of State and then she failed in her Presidential bid. We showed potential under Warren but she failed to use logic and coordinate with us in doing what is right. When you fail to use logic … when you fail to rise above party and Establishment puppetry … then you are removed from the game. Warren was failed in her Presidential bid and there is no further rise in her political status … because we are not considering her for the Presidency … because of her lack in practicality.

We actually informed Trump about this several times … that “he is the chosen one … he is chosen for a purpose … please play your role … your country needs you … help your people.” But he didn’t do shit … when support started falling for him … his approval ratings fell, he was trashed and stomped upon … and eventually removed from office. Any time anything negative would happen to Trump … he would call this “harassment and extortion”. Lol.

He was chosen to lead the country … he wouldn’t do shit and was busy looting by the trillions … and when support fell for him because he was not saving his people and country … he would call this “harassment and extortion”. Trump’s idea of being President was … sitting there ain’t doing shit, loot the country as much as possible but still everyone should blow his horn. The majority of SM Groups were fed up of his backstabbing on the purpose that he was chosen for and they booted him from office … how am I supposed to hold that against them?

These are the key things that Biden and Obamas should keep in mind in this phase.

  • Strategist – Think Tank. I am the strategist that helps in doing what is right for the people under God’s light. God willing, we will be setting up think tanks to do our work in a more detailed, productive and fruitful manner. But I am not the one who does anything at the ground level. It is all SM activity … or Establishment and political activity. At the ground level … you have mainly 3 entities in action … political parties, the Establishment and SM Groups … ordered in the power that they hold. The most powerful among the 3 are SM Groups.
  • We guide you because we love you. The second thing that you should keep in mind is that … we guide you because we love you … doesn’t matter if we are helping you in doing some good stuff or showing the wrong things happening under your Presidency to stop bad things from happening … all of it is based on the fact that we love you, we see potential in you and there are options of doing great things in your leadership.
  • No guidance, no White House. If we don’t guide you … it means no White House for you. This decision is not implemented by us … it is again decided by SM Groups at the ground level. They pick only those candidates who will closely coordinate with us in leading the country and give these candidates the White House. Trump turned out to be a backstabber … we are still waiting to see how the Biden Presidency will enfold.
  • Trump’s misleading. In this initial phase, Trump’s misleading is one of the elements that we have to manage. He is working on a strategy that “Biden’s failure will be my victory”. So he will try to mislead you from working with us … call it “harassment and extortion” like he sat there doing nothing and allowed the Establishment to screw the country. It’s a must for you to surpass Trump and his misleading. This guy is nobody’s friend … he is all about himself.
  • This is not an Obama Era. Lastly, you should also keep in mind that … this is not an Obama Era … where everyone had pinned their hopes on one person to lead the country. Active Democracy was already launched under the Trump Presidency itself. There were massive political movements during Obama’s second term of the Arab Spring, Tea Party and Occupy Movement … and all of these movements turned into an “active form of democracy” … where millions of elements from politics, legals, intelligence, corporations and celebrities get involved in each action and policy being implemented in the country.

Obama had it super easy and super nice … the SM Network was not activated at all. This is a very different, very active and a very involved world. I am giving you this information because some malicious elements may try to mislead you by saying that … “hey, this is happening because of the Active Democracy guy … this opposition is because of him … you are being taken down because of him”. All of this is nothing but misleading by malicious elements and possibly also by Trump.

SM Empowers the President
All of this activism actually helps the President to do what is right for the country and the people. One President and one person cannot manage the Establishment and its massive misleading. This activism helps you, supports you and also forms protective shields for you in this phase of multiple Establishment crises … and at the same time … it also helps the people by holding back your wrong moves. These wrong moves might not be owned by you … they might be bad advisors, Establishment or media misleading or bad party policies … the important thing is to help you to hold back what is wrong for the people and the country.

When you are a good person who is willing to fight for what is right for the people … then you will find SM Groups to be tens of millions of your hands at the ground level helping you fight for what is right. They will help you get victories and also form a fierce protective shield for you from negative and malicious elements. When you are a good person … SM will be your power to do good and great things for the people and the country.

Obamas know a little bit about the Establishment and their malice in wars … but SM is something new that was activated under Trump. Don’t let people, who don’t know, confuse you … SM is a force for good. To make things very easy for you … just do two things:

  • Play your role. Don’t be a self-obsessed backstabber like Trump … play your role. We are in a new era that is nothing like during Obama … you are in a new active world.
  • Use logic. Secondly, use logic … always use logic. See things through logic … doesn’t matter who is advising you … me, your party, your political advisers, the Establishment, media or your donors … if things are logically right for the people and the country then do it … otherwise, don’t.

This is the formula that SM uses … we have trained them on this. Trump saved his ass many times using logic. He didn’t play his role, that’s why he was booted … but he used logic to save his Presidency in many scenarios. If you are playing your role and using logic … then you are on the right track. If you are not playing your role and not using logic … and allowing your party leaders and the Establishment to run their malice … then I think you will agree that this kind of leadership won’t survive for long. You are chosen as President so that you can “lead” … you are not chosen as President to allow everyone to do their shit.

There are many forces at play at the ground level … many crises to manage … the situation is no where the same as under Obama or as under Trump … you have a lot to manage. Your Presidency is far more complicated. It high time that you start playing the game right.