Help Bill de Blasio

I know, I know … everything is getting delayed. What to do … the coordination is delayed like hell. Its been 6 months and no contact yet. No progress can be made without coordination … we have already seen this under Trump. Trying to make things different via Michelle Obama … let’s see how it goes. Surpassing Trump is as easy as surpassing a crawling baby. Trump doesn’t know shit what has to be done ahead … he is stuck since his second year … this is the main reason why Biden backed by Obamas were pulled in the game. Have no idea what’s taking so long.

In the meantime, support, protect and promote Bill de Blasio … he is a great candidate to hold future Presidencies. We can train and work with Bill de Blasio in several ways. We can get him a key position in the Biden Presidency and train him on all of the crises and changes needed. Alternatively, we can also make him the Governor of New York … he can implement everything at the State Level and work on every concept … and then pull him in the White House.

The good thing of Bill de Blasio working at the National level with Biden is that … he will get exposure, training and know-how at the National level. But he is a very strong candidate with very good leadership potential … he may outshine Biden. This is something that Biden would need to adjust to.

Alternatively, if we make him the Governor of New York … he wouldn’t need to be under Biden … he can rule his State totally on his own … hog the limelight at the State level and carry out all of the works at the State level. This wouldn’t impact Biden and Bill de Blasio can get all of the training needed.

I would strongly suggest training at the National Level … I don’t think Biden should have much of an issue as it is his team that will be getting the accomplishments. Team building is a must under Biden … Biden can’t do everything on his own … actually, no President can do this on his own … everybody needs teams to work on this.

While the lovely Michelle Obama works on the coordination … we need to work on strengthening our work via multiple support points. We need several people-centric leaders in the Biden Presidency and also at the State Level. More the people-centric leaders … easier will be the victories.

Always keep this in mind … while we work with the current President … we always have to select and train candidates for the next Presidencies. If we don’t do this … we will always be stuck with guys who don’t know shit and it will take years for us to get them on the right track. We cannot afford to wait for years for our chosen candidate to do what is right … we need trained candidates in the White House hereon. We are losing by the trillions in this “waiting time” for our candidates to do what is right. We have to up our game.

Help Bill de Blasio.