Need to get America into revolution mode

This page is mainly for SM Groups. We need to start working on getting America into revolution mode now … its time. In order to do this … let’s learn from the past … the progress we made … the mistakes that we made … and how to take things forward in a better way. In order to do this … obviously, we will use “facts and logic” … we will use what we have seen in real time.

This will help us create the right teams … help us design the strategy to take America forward … and in general we will know who to support and who to pull down … who should rise to top places and who should be taken down.

An excellent job so far
Firstly, I must congratulate all SM Groups for the fantastic job they have been doing on a daily basis since several years. I know, we have not yet moved into revolution mode … its mainly due to the lack of direct coordination from the political sphere … this is also one of the reasons why we need to focus in the design of the political spectrum. Other than that … yes, we have brought some changes … we got world peace … wiped out terrorism and ISIS from the world … kicked out the Devil’s friend from the Whitehouse and the Devil himself from the Knesset. Lol.

All of these things were unimaginable during the Bush era … but thanks to the All Mighty … change is coming in the world.

Not creating an opposition role for Trump. Why?
Many groups are wondering why I am not creating an opposition role for Trump. Well, this page will help you understand one of the main reasons.

Profile Mismatch
The most important message on this page is … “no more Pornstar Bangers in the White House please”. I think it was a huge blunder in creating a profile match by SM Groups. The few SM Groups that picked Trump and supported him all the way to the White House while taking down his opposition … they were focused a little bit too much on creating a profile match with me. They thought that I am providing great leadership and the person that will implement my ideas and policies should be a close profile match with me.

Since I used to spend some time on Playboy type of websites … they picked Mr. Pornstar Banger for President. This was a huge blunder. This blunder cost us $10 Trillion in additional debt, a million lives lost in the pandemic and we are in this phase of no revolution yet.

Not everyone is Batman … lol
See … I appreciate the fanfare … the love and support … and the detail to which you guys are working. But its high time that we see what is giving us good results and what is creating baggage for us.

Okay fine … it was sweet that some SM Groups observed that “I was on some Playboy websites and thus they should Trump would be a good match for close coordination in the work … apparently, because he was banging Pornstars”. But my dear friends, I have absolutely no interest whatsoever in banging any Playmates or Pornstars … nor, do I think that I will ever do so.

Yes, I was designing revolutions in the world while also being on a Playboy website and these few SM Groups think that I am “Batman”. Well, did Trump turn out to be Batman? Who did he fight for? Did he take down the bad guys? What change … what reform did he bring in America or in the world? None … zero change. Trump was no Batman.

We need to seriously drop this aspect of “pulling Pornstar bangers in the White House”. I appreciate the fanfare … but this has been the biggest drawback of the Trump Presidency. Let’s take a look and you will understand.

Issues of immorality or Pornstar banging

  • Zero Courage. Trump had zero courage in challenging the Establishment in any field whatsoever. Trump was not only banging Pornstars but he was also busy inviting and banging other people’s wives. What happens with such a person is that … he is always afraid … of being caught … he fears aggression from the husband … because he knows that he is doing something wrong. He knows that he is breaking a moral code of conduct. Such people are extremely timid and get scared very quickly … this is exactly what Trump showed on the world stage in dealing with the Establishment.
  • Always Compromising. When you are caught banging someone’s wife … you fear the moral and legal aspects of your acts … and you immediately compromise. That’s what Trump did on the world stage … always compromising with the Establishment … giving them handouts … doing them favors … just to save his own ass. We need a President who will fight for the people … not someone who will sell off the country to save his own ass.
  • Dirty Tactics. When dirty immoral conduct is the norm in your life then you will use dirty tactics via politics as well. And that’s what Trump did … he stooped to the lowest levels possible … of spreading the pandemic and creating genocide in the world just so that he could remain President. He is loyal to no one … he backstabs everyone just to get what he wants.
  • Flipped Sides – Zero Consistency. There is zero consistency with Trump and he flipped sides in his very first year itself. You guys chose him to be the Chosen Angel who would save his people from a Satanic Establishment … and your Chosen Angel flipped sides and chose to be the friend of the Devil. All of these are real time facts.
  • Profile Matching? What you guys thought was that “this is a good profile match”. But hello … did he coordinate with us in anything? We were supposed to be “Pornstar buddies”, is it? Let alone any coordination or understanding … he himself was busy creating fake sex setups to derail coordination with anyone. He was busy using the tiniest excuse possible to loot our funds for himself and also paid Democrats not to work with us. How was this guy a profile match?

Look at his actual actions

He didn’t do shit while he was President … he is removed from power … Republicans have become the opposition party. Now, Trump’s political strategy is … “Biden is a disaster and I am the one who is going to save America”. He had 4 years to save America … doesn’t do shit … and now, he is busy creating disasters under Biden … so that, the American people see him as the savior again.

He is dumping tens of thousands of innocent children at the border … putting their lives at risk only to create a border crisis under Biden. He pushed the Establishment to create another wave of the pandemic to create a pandemic disaster under Biden. He is pushing Biden to go for multi-trillion loot schemes … thus creating an economic catastrophe under Biden. He is busy creating genocides in the world as he thinks that he is untouchable. What the hell is this? What is this nuisance? This is called leadership?

Not creating an opposition role for Trump. Why?
Now, you understand why. He is an immoral person that is completely self-obsessed … cares for no one but himself … protects the Devil and has zero courage to take up any challenge against the Establishment. Trump is not a positive player in the game … he is baggage … the best time to drop him is now. There are dozens of good Republicans that come without these multi-trillion dollar disasters, self-obsession, Devil worship and a massive genocidal baggage.

I know … some SM Groups see that … “if Trump gets on board then we can take down the Establishment together with Democrats in the lead”. Not required … not needed. We just need a handful of Republicans on our side … and secondly because we are going to decimate the Republican Party itself to a great extent.

Better than Hillary? Yes.
I still agree that Trump was better than Hillary. Any donkey would be better than Hillary. Hillary would have wiped out the planet by now. Trump was Establishment independent unlike Hillary. Thus … when we showed that these wars are nothing but “jail traps” by the Establishment to take down protective shields and put you in jail … then Trump dodged more than a dozen jail traps. That’s why there was no new war initiated under Trump.

The good aspect of this was … we got peace under Trump and no new wars. The sad part is … it did not happen because of Trump’s leadership … it happened because Trump followed our instructions mainly to save his ass from jail. Trump was better than Hillary … but only to save himself from jail.

This isn’t a great attribute of a leader … “hey, I will do what is right only if you save my ass from jail”. This is not leadership … this is baggage.

Revolutionary Profiles Needed
The first and most important message of this page is … “please stop looking for Pornstar bangers”. They are bringing only baggage in the game. Its great that we are able to identify and promote Establishment independent candidates in American politics. To keep on decimating the Establishment and move America into a Revolution Mode, these are the profiles that you need to look for.

  • Establishment Independent. This still remains the top most priority in the current crisis. If this is not there then the rest of the attributes don’t matter as everything can be tweaked.
  • God and people first. Our leaders should be able to keep God and people first. The decisions and actions they take should be irrespective of party politics, personal choice or Establishment pressure … they should always be able to decide in favor of God and people.
  • Fight against the Devil. A moral compass is extremely important … it’s a fight against the Devil in its various forms. We can’t go with someone immoral with no loyalty to anyone.
  • Courage. If the person has the right morals then he will also show courage. Immorality and cowardice go hand in hand … whereas, morals and courage go hand in hand. Pick someone with good morals and principles … and you will automatically get courage.
  • Practical and logical. Another important aspect is … the person should be practical and logical with real time experience that shows the same … not someone like Warren who is plain theory.
  • Pressure and consistency. Difficult decisions have to be made … the person should be able to handle pressure and show consistency in doing what is right for the people while withstanding the pressure of the Establishment and party politics.

You guys picked Trump because he seemed better than the junk that existed at that time. But now, we have to move on with better leaders who can actually show results. Trump being Establishment independent has helped in creating peace … but now we have to move into revolution mode with more capable and talented candidates.

Who are the Revolutionary Heroes?
If Trump sucks then who are the revolutionary heroes that can take America forward? Good question. We have a wonderful, talented and courageous lady who loves to fight for what is right … her name is Michelle Obama. She is extremely rich in talent and potential … if she plays her role well then we can design a complete era for her that can span through several Presidents. She shows all of the characteristics that we need in the game.

And the second candidate that relates is Bill de Blasio … he is also extremely talented with immense courage and potential. We can design the next Presidency under him after Biden. We have to pull Bill de Blasio in the Biden Presidency somehow.

To sum it all … please stop with the Pornstar bangers … and let’s work with moral and principled leaders who have the courage to fight the right fight. We need to update our screening process.