Sad … embarrassing and bla bla bla

Some people might be seeing the issues in my family and thinking that … it is sad or embarrassing or bla bla bla. These are just initial emotions … yes, sometimes issues give you a surprise and its saddening … but just remaining consumed by the emotions is not the solution.

When life throws a problem at you then you throw a solution at life
The best way to fight problems is with solutions. When life throws a problem at you … then you roll up your sleeves and kick some ass with solutions. When I see a problem … I pray for two things from God … guidance and security. If you have these two then the rest is pretty much easy to put into place.

Basic line – don’t involve my family in politics
Since I am staying with my family … you will also observe my family. Don’t read too much into it. To summarize the whole thing … I will never involve my current family in politics. They don’t have the caliber, they don’t know, they don’t understand and they can contribute nothing. Their world is totally different than mine.

Politics will be too much for them to handle and I don’t want any unnecessary risk for them.

Matrix based issues
Some issues that you see among a few family members … that they are into activities that are against God, family, values and principles … these are Matrix based issues. The root of the Matrix is a Satanic Communist ideology that hates God, religion and family.

They target victims by isolating them from their family, squeezing their finances and then making them desperate. If they can get the person in this situation … then they begin their shitshow … of pulling the person against God, religion and family.

Partly guilty
You guys might feel sad or embarrassed … but I feel partly guilty about it. Yes, they were adults and they should have made better decisions … but the Matrix entered my family mainly because of me. It was me that they were looking for.

Before the Matrix entered my family … we didn’t have these shitshows and activities against God and family. It was a very good family … now, one or two members have changed to a great extent in the negative direction.

Solution: Rescue them

The solution in this scenario is … rescue them. Identify the bad actors and their negative activities … stop their negative activities and pull them on a positive track. That’s all that’s planned for the current family members, as of now.

Things have already started changing for the better … I know how to fix this for good.

A few tiny grains in the sand
If you want to understand the problem then you need to look at the bigger picture. The scale of our work involves changing lives for billions of people and saving & generating trillions in revenue. Our projects involve stopping wars, vaporizing terrorism, changing Presidents and revolutionizing countries. Now, if you compare this issue with 2-3 people with a few of their activities … then it’s a teeny tiny issue … nothing bigger than a few tiny grains in the sand.

If I ignore family issues … then my projects will not have a problem. If I work on my family issues … even then my projects will not have a problem. This is how God configured my work … that’s why I have been independently working since the past 17 years on these issues.

But I am not that morally bankrupt to leave my family in a crisis or trouble. Its my duty and responsibility to help them out in their current issues.

It’s the same process
The interesting part in all of this is that … it’s the same process in fixing family issues … just like managing my company.

Teeny tiny problem

Yes, problems consume some time and take up some emotional energy. But if you look at the full picture … then it’s a teeny tiny problem that can be easily fixed once I begin the main project.

It’s a different world
Don’t try to make any inferences or political derivations from what happens in my current family. This is a totally different world and it will have nothing to do with our political activities. But since, its my family … I need to manage a few things along.