Lot of questions

Yes … there might be a lot of questions about my family about this and that … bla bla bla … its my family and I am not going to share much. But I will show one or two pointers that relate to Establishment malice and how this connects to our work. This will help you to remove some doubts that you get.

Crisis Management
Like I said before … one silly complaint that a few people will make is … “he is fighting with everybody!” That’s just bullshit. Its not “fighting” … its crisis management. I mainly get involved in two things:

In both of these activities I bring about change … sometimes some people resist change. Either they are adamant on doing something bad or adamant in not allowing good things to happen. Here is where a more detailed discussion happens, some brainstorming happens … and sometimes more additional efforts are required.

Terming this as “fighting” is actually a wrong interpretation of what is happening. This is nothing but making things better for everyone.

Connection between my family and me
The second doubt that I can clarify is that … some people try to draw a parallel between my family and me.

Partly family, partly Matrix
The Matrix entered my family like 17 years ago. What you see today in my family is … partly family and partly Matrix. All of this ideology and negative activities have been mostly induced among a few members of the family via the Matrix.

That’s why I say … its my family and its also not my family. When they are following the routine rules, principles and ideology of our family then I can see my family member … but when the person starts following the dictates of a totally different ideology then I can see the puppet in my family member.

Matrix Control Levels
This is what brings us to the Matrix control levels. They have broadly 3 levels of control on the people.

Matrix Avatars

This is the highest level of puppetry that exists in the Matrix. In this mode, every single word and sentence can be dictated to the Avatar … and he / she will simply repeat what they are being told to say … without questioning anything. In this is mode … you like whatever you are told to like and you hate whatever you are told to hate … it might be a thing or a person. Forget about having an opinion … even what you think or feel about other things or people is induced into you.

System Analyst
I have seen Avatars operate not only in a couple of my family members … but I have seen this being implemented at a National level in America. Their basic objective was to show off … show me how much power and influence that they have … show me how they can control anyone and everyone … and thus, make me give in to their system.

But I am kind of a System Analyst … I don’t see only the crime or the criminal … I see all associated factors simultaneously. “Why is the person thinking like this? What made him think like this? What made him commit this crime? Who is supporting him? Who told him to do this? What are the factors that led to this crime? How many times has this been repeating? What is the ideology behind this? Who else is involved?”

If any activity happens around me … I look at it from a dozen different angles … and it gives me the complete “system” that is responsible for the crime.

Perfect for Matrix based training
My family might not be a role model … I will accept that … but it was simply perfect for Matrix based training. It provided me the base training to understand the multiple crises that exist in America and Europe.

Satanic Communist Ideology
This Matrix system … it has been designed by none other than the same Jewish Establishment. It has been designed on the same principles of their Satanic Communist ideology. That’s why you will find these deviations in sex, morals, principles, illegal and immoral activities with an open confrontation with God and family values.

This other side of activities that you are seeing in a couple of my family members … it is because of the dictates of members from a system that has been set up based on a Satanic Communist ideology. Matrix members themselves did not know this … that their system was designed by the Jewish Establishment based on a Satanic Communist ideology … that was against God and family. I knew that it was the Matrix in the initial years … it was after I went to America and got more involved in the project that I understood the roots of this system.

It was because of this that we got a split in the Matrix … SM Groups refused to follow the dictates of a bunch of Satanic Communists.

Establishment’s Control and Puppetry
The Matrix is the base of understanding all Establishment malice. Its based upon the Matrix system that we identified Establishment puppetry in the media, politics, banking, corporations and other systems.

Rescuing each family member
I am not going to hate my family but I am going to rescue them, God willing. It will involve 3 steps.

This is not about hating them or punishing them … but it is about freeing them, getting rid of negative influence and pulling them on the right track.

Rescuing America
Interestingly, rescuing America also involves similar steps … because the bullshit is from the same source.

Need to follow a balancing act

We have to balance the measures that we take. Just because of some shitty mentality and activities induced by the Matrix, I cannot destroy my family members. Similarly, if you see the scheme of the War on Terror … the entire world was blaming America for the wars and demonizing America. But when I actually went to America, I found Americans to be one of the most wonderful people in the world who love to fight for what is right. The entire shit show was being run by a few malicious puppets placed by the Establishment in key places. We had to take the right measures in knocking out the puppets and terminating the politics of hate and fear to end the War on Terror. Working on the main culprits and malicious systems is a must in this crisis.

Estranged Family

Any yeah, I also know some people who think that it is my “estranged family” … whom I don’t contact or take help from. Some further make false derivations that I don’t like them and stay away from them. All of these are also wrong interpretations.

I myself chose to stay away from my family … as I had seen how the Matrix operates, I got the dream that I will be staying away from my family and I didn’t want more damage entering my family. I know … seems like a sad story … lol … at first, I chose not to live with my current family and then I chose not to even start a family of my own. But that’s the best way I could minimize the damage and risk to my family.

It was not an estranged family … but it was kind of risk management. Being on my own was the best option and it kind of worked. The good news is that … we are about to create security shells for many many people out there … we are very very close to some real good change out there.

Back to where all of it started
The interesting thing is that … after 20 years I am back to where all of it started. 20 years ago I had no influence, no power and I could be abused in any way that the Matrix members wanted. I could see their system and I had no power to stop them.

And now, after 20 years … I have the world’s two most powerful Presidents with me … along with the lovely and adorable Michelle Obama. I will not be working on one or two criminals in front of me … but I will be breaking down their entire system of crime itself that is affecting billions of people around the world … God willing.