Its my family and its also not my family

Don’t expect normal

So, I guess, I have to provide some info on my family. The first thing that I would suggest is don’t expect normal … great family bonds … great support and coordination … fantastic leadership … problem solving … and system analysis just because it is my family. Nah … all of that is just bla bla bla … those expectations are total bullshit and theoretical.

Our planning is within God’s planning
A few things that you will understand on this page is … why I stayed away from my family, why I don’t involve them in politics and how our planning is within God’s planning.

He is fighting with everybody!
I am writing this page so that some negative elements should not misuse my family against my work. One of the excuses that some negative elements use against me is … “he is fighting with everybody!” That’s actually a false interpretation of what is happening. I am into problem solving and crisis management. Sometimes problems get solved via simple sharing of information … sometimes a debate is required and sometimes additional measures are required. Its not fighting … its problem solving … eventually, it makes things better … that’s basically the goal.

Family Normal Mode – Before 2000
If you want to see my family in the normal mode then you should have seen us before 2000 … that’s when things were normal. We fight easily and we makeup easily … we argue easily and support each other easily … we like good food, cartoons, TV shows and make fun of each other.

All of this is from the pre-political era … this is the information that the current leaders don’t have. Below is basically what you need to know about my family.

1998 – Identified by the Matrix System
The Establishment has set up a widespread human network system (the Matrix) in several countries around the world. I was identified by the Matrix in Germany, France and UK in 1998. Before that, I was under the general surveillance of the Matrix system in India.

2002 – Wanted by the Matrix
Seeing my business ideas, how I work, think and apply stuff to large scale operations … I was wanted by the Matrix System in 2002. Generally, the Matrix puppets people via the corporate mode … via the companies and organizations that people work in. But since I was in business doing my own thing and because of the scale of my planning … I was wanted in the Matrix.

I looked into their system … it was complete puppetry … they had principles like “there is no right or wrong … everything is as it is”. I said … screw this … I can’t be a part of this. I told them … no thanks, bye bye.

2004 – Started pulling family members
Barking Dogs – Phase One

Since they couldn’t get me to work with them … they started pulling my family members under their control. They started making puppets out of my family … at that time, they were controlling one brother and one sister.

Matrix members would show off what they can do … of lies, verbal abuse, sexual deviance and tried to make a mess out of my life. I call this “barking dogs phase one”. Their control over their members is so strong that they could easily create barking dogs out of my own brother and sister. My brother and sister would say or do anything that the Matrix would tell them to do … irrespective of whether it was right or wrong … whether it was logical or not.

Hate and guilt
I hated losing my family members to the Matrix and I also felt guilty because … it was because of me that the Matrix had entered my home and started targeting my family members. If I was not found by them and not wanted by them … then this would not have happened to my family members.

The flipping is carried out mainly via two factors:

  • Survival. It was a form of corporate run puppetry … if you want the job then do as you are told.
  • Technology and Legals. The Matrix involves its members in sexual deviance … they use technology to monitor you and puppet you. Your sexual deviance functions like a pressure point to control you.

 They control your survival and life … if you want to live then do as they say. This is one of the ways how the Matrix functions.

Family - Basic Training Mode for the Matrix
Seeing my own brother and sister flip against me was pretty shocking … but I was like … “okay fine, if you choose to be like this … then your deeds are with you and my deeds are with me.” There is nothing much I could do at that time to change them. But the interesting thing that happened when the Matrix flipped a couple of my family members is that … I got a good understanding of how the Matrix functions.

2007 – USA – National Level Training Mode
Barking Dogs – Phase Two
Having seen this … I go to America in 2007 and guess what? The Matrix is running in the entire country out in the open and running almost every business and sphere of life. I was pissed at the Matrix trying to pull me in their system and here was an entire country being screwed by the same system.

The Matrix members in America were keen in pulling me in their system. I was like … “yeah, screw yourself … and no thanks”. The same shit show continued in America of lies, verbal abuse and even product tweaks began in America. I call this “barking dogs – phase two”.

2007-2008 – Politics and Exploitation Systems
However, in the last months of my stay … since the Matrix wouldn’t leave me alone … I started to make some good use of them. I started showing them the issues in their country … wars, exploitation systems, wealth drain and of how all of these were nothing but abusive systems.

I was very popular in the Matrix by then and I got a lot of support for my views. Here is where the separation of SM and Establishment elements in the Matrix became more prominent. SM started moving in my favor … very soon, my work reached in the political zone.

Drug and EMF Abuse
I came back to India later on and continued my work from India. I had an argument with my Dad and I was living separately. At this time, I was talking about Hillary … trying to stop her war on Iran. To stop my work, Establishment elements started abusing me with drugs and EMF fields.

I wanted to go back home to live with my family but I couldn’t because:

  • If I went to my family then this drugs and EMF abuse would follow me into my family … and my family members would get abused. So, I would have to stop the work … but if I stopped the work then millions of people would die.
  • So, I chose to stay away from my family … put up with the abuse myself and also save millions of people at the same time.

Political Protection and Competition
In the later stages, I started getting political protection from Obamas and Putin … but then a competition began among Democrats, Trump and Iran. There was Establishment malice also involved in stalling the work. As an end result of this Establishment malice and political competition … several people were hospitalized, lost jobs and businesses were shut down.

Understood the dream
That’s when I understood the dream … where I leave my family and go towards the West to work on this project. Staying with my family would mean … pulling drugs and EMF abuse in the house … or creating adverse consequences for my family of being hospitalized or losing jobs.

Its like a small curse that I carry with me … there are a lot of forces of power, greed and protection that walk with me … wherever I go these forces follow. In order to own me or control me … the people around me are used … and then in order to protect me, the culprits are sub-dued at various degrees. I had to stay away from my family to keep my family safe from such forces.

Our planning is within God’s planning
If you see my journey from my family … being trained on the Matrix system … moving to America … working at the National level … pulling SM groups in my favor … getting political support and protection … then travelling through several countries while wiping out terrorism and wars from the world … who planned all of this?

I didn’t plan this … not did SM Groups … nor the Establishment … nor did Democrats or Russia. Everyone was making their own plans as per their own immediate requirements. But interestingly, all of our planning fell within God’s planning … of teaching me, showing me, protecting me, building support for me and creating a better world.

Not a role model family but don’t hate them either
No, not all of my family members are puppets. A couple of them flipped and became puppets … some of them are partly controlled and some of them were hardly touched.

We are not a role model family … but don’t hate them for what they did … because they were a part of God’s plan. My home training helped me and gave me an upper edge in understanding the problems in America. Understanding the Matrix is the base of solving all Establishment related problems. This is how I have an upper-edge in working on Establishment problems.

Understanding puppetry and control
Today, after 5 years of of lies, puppets, sex setups and misleading information from Trump, Iran and the Establishment … Obamas and Biden very clearly understand what is misinformation, lies and sex setups. If they had not seen all of this in Armenia … then, it would be difficult to understand this statement about my family … when I say “don’t involve them and don’t trust anything or anyone”.

Firstly, you have already seen this bullshit since several years and secondly, I don’t want these forces of greed and power using my family members. That’s why I say … don’t involve my family at all.

From Barking Dogs Phase to World Leadership
This journey began 10 years before the Obama Presidency … a lot of things happened before that. I was in a barking dogs phase initially … because I had no protection and support … I was a simple guy trying to make it through … and SM Groups didn’t know what work I would be doing next. The whole thing started off with me and from my family … and then it moved on to several levels … and now I am working with the US and Russian Presidents in world leadership.

It is my family and it is also not my family
You might be thinking that … “hey, let’s see how his family is …” and expecting to see something normal. Nah, when I rejected joining the Matrix … my family is the first thing that they came after. My family is already tweaked. I don’t want to mention who is tweaked and who is not … because I don’t want forces to go after them. That’s why I gave a simple formula … leave my family out of this.

The time for independence from the Establishment has come
The good news is that … we are very close to getting independence from Establishment monopoly. The barking dogs phases involved my family and America. We don’t have to hate my family and America … but we have to save and protect my family and America.

Interestingly, the solution is the same in saving both:

  • Financial Independence and
  • Legal Security

This is exactly what we get when we break Establishment monopoly. Today, in America people are scared of talking against Israel or the Jewish Establishment … mainly because they lose their jobs when they do so. The majority of the largest corporations are owned by the same Establishment … it might be media reporters, football players or celebrities … they face a backlash when they speak against Israel.

When we break Establishment monopoly, we remove this dependence on jobs and finance from Establishment owned entities. People will not fear losing their jobs and they will not face legal prosecution from Establishment entities when the monopoly is broken down.

Me … coming back to my family is a sign that we are very close to breaking Establishment monopoly. Till date, it was about staying away from family because I would not be able to protect my family. But now, we are already in a stage where we clearly understand how this puppetry works, what the Establishment is and how to break their monopoly.

I came back at a point when I showed Democrats how they should not trust anyone or anything around me … doesn’t matter who it is … and they should make a direct connection with me via an intelligence guy. This is exactly how it should be done with my family as well and this is how I can keep them safe.

Not only we are in the safe zone … but we are quite close to victory.