Protect me from Trump

Trump on track to jail

Well, this is not new information … Trump has been on track to jail since a long time. But the problem with Trump going to jail is that … he has one team that starts blaming me, targeting me and starts to create legal problems for me. He does this mostly when he is in trouble and about to go to jail.

Getting furious at me and trying to create problems for me … this used to help Trump before … SM Groups wanted to protect me and they used to solve Trump’s problems so that he doesn’t create problems for us. They did that when Trump was President … but now, when Trump is using the same approach … it is backfiring on him. Trump is not President anymore … good security shells can be created by Biden and Democrats … and Trump has turned into a genocidal maniac.

When Trump is trying to go for us … it is infuriating SM Groups even more. Firstly, he doesn’t do shit … he loots trillions, kills millions and then when he is put on a track of justice, he is trying to screw with our work. This is actually turning into more fury against him. Right now, the majority of SM Groups support criminal convictions and even jail for Trump.

Defending Trump doesn’t work anymore
Before we used to get alerts to help Trump … now, we don’t even get such alerts. Before we used to defend Trump and pull SM Groups to protect him … because he was clean … he didn’t start any new war … no financial catastrophe … was doing better than previous leaders … there wasn’t a single policy where Trump was hurting the American people and the malice against him was from a Satanic Establishment. So, despite Trump not taking any action against the Establishment and looting trillions … we used to protect him. But the big issue that Trump made right now is that … he has nullified his clean record … he is repeatedly killing thousands and millions of innocent people.

Defending Trump doesn’t work anymore. Even if I try to defend him … on what basis should I defend him? Everyone looks at the facts … when they are seeing Trump kill millions of people again and again … how are we supposed to create a security shell for him?

When Trump didn’t take action against the Establishment … SM Groups used to drag their feet in protecting Trump … now, they don’t give a shit.

Second wave and third wave problems
These are Trump’s second and third wave problems. Only the first wave of the pandemic was pure Establishment malice. Working with the Establishment, Trump created a second wave to postpone the elections and to profiteer from the pandemic. He lost the elections … he was failed in all lawsuits and removed from the White House. At this time itself, we gave the suggestion to Trump to work on a “track of repentance” … donate $500 billion to Africa and save a few million lives … and maybe you can be saved from criminal convictions and jail.

Instead of helping Africa what Trump does is … he works with the Establishment again to create a third wave of the pandemic. This time it was done to create failures under Biden. Two times Trump spread a deadly pandemic all across the world killing millions of people and infecting tens of millions.

Anything can happen
When Trump’s criminal investigation track is concerned, anything can happen. Any number of criminal convictions can be made and any number of years in jail is possible. The problem with this is … why the hell should I get sandwiched inbetween justice and a genocidal maniac?

Two things to understand in this scenario

  • Blackmailing Tactic. What SM Groups say is that … “if everytime Trump is in trouble and he starts threatening Active Democracy … so that, he can be set free … then this is nothing but blackmail … this is a blackmailing tactic. Should we leave every genocidal maniac because he knows the Active Democracy guy and he is threatening to take action against him? Are we going to exempt all Establishment criminals based on this blackmailing tactic? This is one of the reasons, this tactic is backfiring on Trump, right now.
  • Direct security not set up yet. The main reason why negative elements such as the Establishment, Iran and Trump are able to threaten and try to create security issues is because … there is no direct security set up yet. In our work, there is too much power and money at stake. Presidents are changed and trillions are moved around … any negative element can go screwing around and creating problems … and we have to run around protecting ourselves from such negative elements.

 Trump going to jail is a season when we need security. This is a necessary precaution that Biden and Obamas should take. Secondly, a direct security set up takes care of these issues on its own. This is the major problem with the security shell that we have now … there is no direct coordination so that such issues can be taken care of.