Obama being a parasite?

Nah, I don’t think so. Are you saying this because they have not yet contacted me and the work has not begun? Are you upset because I left the chosen land of Ararat from where I was supposed to launch the work? Relax … it is not like that.

Firstly, I don’t think that Obamas are being a parasite. The contact has not happened partly because I was myself changing strategies, rejecting sponsors and moving to different locations. So, you can’t put the blame on them totally.

I invited Iran and then I rejected them … I invited them again but with Russian coordination as a condition … and then I changed the strategy to … forget about taking direct funding from Iran, I said channelize the funding via Russia instead. After I changed the strategy, I moved to India. They had placed Iranian contacts around me … by moving out, we lost the contacts. Since we were not going to take direct funding from them … I didn’t mind losing those contacts.

To add to these changes, we have Trump trying to block funding … so you can’t say that Obamas are being a parasite. Michelle Obama is a wonderful Lady … she is trying to follow all of the changes that I am showing … there are a few other factors that are causing the delay.

Launching the work from Ararat
Firstly, I chose to leave Ararat because of a family emergency. Secondly, from where I see it … the work has partly already begun. We failed Trump and brought Biden and Obamas in power … the Biden Presidency is the frontend of our work … it’s the hands through which the work will be done. So, technically, one key thing has already been launched and setup from Ararat.

Thirdly, it is not rocket science to make a contact while I am in India or to set up the base in India. Obamas had to send a Russian security team to Armenia … now, instead of Armenia, they will send the Russian team to India … direct security shells can be created in India as well.

Fourth … being in India … I get to save the second most populous country in the world with a population of 1.36 billion people from Covid. Saving a billion people from Covid pretty much falls within the scope of the work. Seeing the key associated factors, it seemed the right decision to move to India.

Good News about Covid
The ongoing good news about Covid is that … America has entered the winning zone very recently. For the first time after several months we got cases less than 20K per day. We were able to get this done mainly because of two things:

  • Biden’s fantastic vaccination track. The key difference between Biden and Trump is that … Trump withheld the vaccines and allowed hundreds of thousands of American citizens to die … and Biden fasttracked the vaccines … rapidly vaccinating the entire country thus limiting Establishment malice to a great extent.
  • Exposing Trump’s malice in the pandemic. Only the first wave of the pandemic was pure Establishment malice … the second and third waves of the pandemic are Trump’s malice. Trump encouraged the Establishment to go around spreading the virus for his own political agendas creating a second and a third wave in the world. Exposing Trump’s malice … exposing the key elements behind the malice is helping to rapidly decrease the crisis not only in America but all across the world. Even in India, the cases are rapidly going down. In these organized crimes, exposing the criminals and their objectives is the first step to end their malice … and its working.

Hopefully now, we will be maintaining the number of cases below 20k in the US … in this range, almost all businesses should be fully operational. America will be headed to full normalization soon if this track is maintained.

Don’t trust anything or anyone around me
Yeah … I am with my family … but its complicated … it is family and at the same time, it is not family. Details later … but don’t trust anything that happens around me and don’t trust anyone around me … doesn’t matter who it is. Just like I gave the formula in Armenia … “don’t trust anyone around me … just send a Russian Intelligence guy to contact me and we will take it forward from there” … use the same formula in India. Trust nothing and no one … just follow a direct coordination process with an intelligence guy.

More deadly pandemics ahead than Covid
The WHO chief is already warning of more deadly pandemics ahead:


This shows the need of breaking Establishment monopoly and setting up systems to manage and eliminate pandemics as rapidly as possible. We had actually given this warning to Obama during his Presidency itself that “we are ending wars and the Establishment is resorting to biological warfare with diseases like Ebola”. We didn’t break Establishment monopoly during Obama and Trump protected the Establishment during his Presidency … thus, after Ebola we got Covid. Both of them were Establishment malice.

We work several years ahead of time … we gave the warnings … our leaders didn’t setup any systems and we were caught unprepared during Covid. When I gave the warnings under Obama, we were not taken that seriously … and Trump was simply scared to take any measures against the Establishment. The entire world suffered because of this. I know, it was Establishment malice … but isn’t it our leaders’ job to keep us safe? I can design systems but I need the coordination of our leaders to set up the systems … without the creation of new systems, nothing changes.

There is a dire need in the world … to keep the world safe … for the security of all mankind, to break Establishment monopoly. Breaking Establishment monopoly is the most effective way of rendering them powerless … lesser the power with the Establishment, safer will be the people.