Need to save India from Covid

For one country, I got conflicting dreams … that country is India. At first, I was shown that India was a part of the team in taking down the Establishment. I was shown that an Indian was also working in the breaking down of tigers … I assumed that I would need to set up a base in India as well.

And then, I got a dream to leave India. When I got this dream … I was kind of confused. One dream says … set up a base in India and another dream says leave India. I thought … “it will fall into place … let’s take it step by step.”

I left India as per the most recent dream that I had. And within a few years, I saw the developments that happened which justified me leaving India. We got Modi in India and Trump in America. Modi alone was not a problem … but when Trump flipped, he became a huge problem.

When I moved out of India … two good things happened.

  • Russian world leadership. I went to Moscow and pulled Russia in the world leadership game.
  • Russian protection. As Russia had entered the game, I also got Russian protection which surpassed Trump’s influence in many countries. I was kept safe throughout Trump’s Presidency.

I understood that the dreams were based on “specific developments” that would happen. By leaving India at the right time, not only I got Russian protection from Trump but I was also able to stop several wars.

Need to save India from Covid
I had left India to save myself from the oncoming problems and I came back to India … when India has the largest Covid crisis in the world. Saving India from the Covid crisis definitely falls within the scope of our work. Now, I understand why the base in India was required. We have to kick Corona out of India.

The base is required to probably to secure India from pandemics like Covid. We will be working with several countries in the West to protect them from this Establishment malice of pandemics … we need to do the same to protect India from the curse of this Establishment. We need to structure a few systems here as well.

India needs help and guidance
It is simply bonkers that … once I get a call, I simply leave India and start working to save America. When I am in a country that has the worst crisis in the pandemic … when it is my own country ... how can I just leave to save another country?

The only thing that makes sense is … to set up a base in India as well and to share the information locally here to save the country from the Establishment’s malice of pandemics.

India’s key importance
The formula that we gave to America … it works for the entire West. Almost all developed countries can use the same approach … knock out Establishment malice and work on vaccination tracks to save their countries. But countries like India are a little bit different … the government alone cannot solve these large scale crises. We have to activate the private sector as well. The measures that need to be taken on this side of the world are different.

When we design formulas and structures for India … it will help the entire third world … as the same approach can be used in several similar countries.

Functioning in Lockdown Mode
How to operate when the country is in a lockdown? Well, its not a problem because we come under the “essential services” section. Just like hospitals, pharmacies, delivery services, restaurants and others are allowed to operate … similarly we can also operate in the lockdown mode.

In fact, we will be setting up an entire team to combat pandemics like Covid. Our works will be critical for the entire country. I don’t see why we should have a problem in operating or in setting up a base during lockdown.

Good news so far
The good news so far is that … the moment I exposed Trump’s and the Establishment’s involvement in the escalation of the pandemic in India, the number of cases are already going down. Trump and his Establishment friends are a bunch of criminals … the best way to start solving the problems created, sponsored and directed by them is … exposing their involvement first.

The work has already begun in saving India … but a lot more has to be done to wipe out the pandemic from a country of more than a billion people.