Michelle Obama Playing from the Position of Power

Understanding the fake sex setups nuisance

On Saturday, Mr. BigBoobs and Mr. Burqa tried to create a fake sex setup using the blondie. I busted it while they were trying to create it. They say “sorry, sorry” and aborted the setup. And then again on Sunday, they created a sex setup using the receptionist. And today, they were trying to create a setup using an underage girl.

Once they were using the lawyer’s brother as the body double … once that was busted, they brought a boyfriend of one of the girls to use him as the body double … and then recently, they used a construction worker as the body double.

This is nonstop daily bullshit sponsored by Trump who is nothing but a backstabbing nuisance. This is what Mr. Burqa does here … sitting and trying to hatch one sex setup or the other everyday. So much for honesty and loyalty from Trump.

Michelle calls Ellen

To make a phone call … it is a 5 seconds job. Nowadays, you don’t even need to dial the entire number … you store the phone number and push a button to make the call. It’s a simple 5 seconds job.

To understand this ongoing nuisance … let me replace myself with Ellen. Michelle calls Ellen quite routinely … let’s put Ellen in my scenario and see how this is working out. Since Michelle is new in the game … she needs to know this.

  • Michelle wants to call Ellen. Michelle has Ellen’s number but she doesn’t push the button to make the call. The first thing that happens is … she sends a bunch of secret agents to Ellen’s residence … to check if Ellen is banging someone or not.
  • Hey Ellen, you were banging so and so girl. These Iranian agents report to Michelle that Ellen was banging someone. Now, Ellen has to say … “no, no, no … that was not me … it’s a fake sex video.”
  • Trump enters the competition. Trump comes to know that Democrats are trying to work with Ellen … if they work with Ellen then he will not get the White House. So, Trump sends his team of agents to Ellen’s residence. They sit there creating their own series of fake sex setups to derail the coordination with Democrats.
  • Ellen surrounded by a fake porn production series. Eventually, Ellen gets surrounded by a dozen guys busy creating a series of fake porn productions … in her residence … targeted against her.
  • Legal Problems. This competition becomes so vicious and Trump’s team tries to create sex setups with even underage girls trying to deport Ellen from the country. They try to cancel Ellen’s residence permit.
  • Manager, receptionist, lawyer and staff. Everyone working in the residence starting from the cleaning lady to the receptionist, the manager, the lawyer and all staff … are busy creating lies and fake sex setups against Ellen.
  • Body doubles are used. Body doubles of Ellen are used to create these fake sex videos. Sometimes this body double is the lawyer’s brother or a boyfriend of one of the girls or even construction workers that come in the residence.
  • Ellen is banging in the supermarkets and Church! Sex-based lies are sent even from supermarkets and the Church. And Ellen is saying … “no, no, that is not me … it is all lies.”
  • 4th Residence. Ellen changes residence … but this repeats even in the 4th residence also.
  • 3rd Year. This doesn’t happen for one week or one month … this is the 3rd year of this ongoing sex setups around Ellen.

One phone call actually takes 5 seconds to make. But look at the nuisance that is going on. Yes, it is not happening to Ellen … but this is exactly what is happening since the past 3 years non-stop.

How to break this down?
Let me break this down to make it simple.

  • Level 01. This is at my level … nothing is happening at my level.
  • Level 02. This is the intermediary level … the contacts placed by Democrats, Trump, Iran and other countries. All of this junk information is being created at the intermediary level by the people placed around me.
  • Level 03. This is the top political level … when Democrats entertain this information … when they believe what they are being told from Level 02 … then you are creating value for the lies that they are creating.

So, the key problem is at Level 02 and 03. Level 02 hatches up all of this junk information only because it is having an impact … they are able to control decision making at the top level using this junk content.

Trump benefits from sex setups
Trump mainly had two benefits from these fake sex setups:

  • He didn’t want Democrats to work with us
  • Secondly, he was interested in using the funds for himself and this was one of his excuses

I don’t think that Democrats are as shitty as Trump. So, how to move forward? You need to play from a “position of power”.

Example – Knocking out the Mueller Investigation
I will give one example of playing from a position of power. We showed Trump how to play from a position of power to knock out the Mueller investigation. It was a scam designed by the Establishment to target Trump and Russia. Trump had the best prosecutors in the country against him, all Democrats were against him, he had Intelligence Committees against him and tens of millions were being invested to destroy the Trump Presidency via this investigation. FBI raids were being carried out against Trump’s children … and Trump was buckling to Establishment pressure like a chicken. We had to help Trump.

We activated SM Support in favor of Trump and against Mueller. We showed Trump how the law is being used against him … but the law also protects the American President. He can very well use the law equally against Mueller to protect himself from this abuse and bamboozling. We told him to file counter lawsuits against Mueller to limit the scope of his investigation and put a time limit to the investigation. There was no way in hell Mueller could prove collusion … it was a bullshit term coined by the Establishment to target Trump and Russia.

Eventually, victory was given to Trump and Mueller failed. With SM Support Trump got a victory over the best prosecutors in the country, all Democrats and the Establishment. Yes, this is not about Trump being an unthankful asshole … that is not the important point here. The important point is … you win when you play from a position of power. The key thing that you should see here is … how we showed Trump to play from a position of power to dismantle and fail the Mueller Investigation.

Value of the project
In order to play from a position of power, you need to understand the value of the work and the roles that each entity has to play. This is exactly the value of our project:

  • We save trillions for America
  • We generate trillions for America
  • We benefit billions of people
  • We will be revolutionizing America
  • This helps the Biden Presidency … and the Democrats get to rule over America for a long time ahead.

This is the exact value and potential of our project.

The response of Iran, Europe or GCC contacts
If you see the past response till date … what these contacts are doing is … they are rejecting this project based on fake made up information. These countries that we are trying to team up with … they are rejecting supporting the work that has value of trillions for America … a project that can totally revolutionize America. And how are they doing this? By creating fake sex setups.

Should we respond in the same manner?
The question that you should ask is … should we respond in the same manner? If they don’t support what is important for America … they don’t care about trillions of value and billions of people being benefited … then should we also do the same for their interests? Should we also do a “sex investigation” in the lives of all of their diplomats that work with America? Should we also create fake sex setup information against their diplomats and reject important things that matter to their country? Should we follow a tit for tat response?

This is exactly what they are doing … should we do the same to them? If they don’t give a shit about what’s important for us … why should we give a damn about them?

Need to stop entertaining junk information
At the top level … we need to stop entertaining junk information. Doesn’t matter which country or which contact is giving this junk sexual information … we should not entertain it at all. The simple question that we should put forward is … “Should we do the same to you? Is this how you conduct diplomacy?”

Junk is created only because you give value to it
What you should keep in mind is that … this junk is created only because you give value to it … only because they can sway some decision making with this junk content. If we reject it … if we don’t entertain it … then this content has zero value. Sexual junk content should be off the table in international diplomacy … this is basic decency.

We have an upper hand
If you see all of these entities that we are asking you to work with … Europe, Iran and GCC countries … we have an upper hand over all of them. We have trade relations worth hundreds of billions … we protect these countries … it is because of us that sanctions can be removed from Iran. We have an upper hand … and they are the ones rejecting us based on lies and fake information? Why should we put up with that?

We have an upper hand and we are best equipped to play from a position of power. This deal between Europe and GCC countries and our work … is based upon international relations. It is about the benefit that each country gets from this deal. America gets revolutions and the other country gets a supportive and helping hand from America.

This deal is not based upon who is banging whom … it is not based upon sexual junk. We need to straighten up the minds of the people that we are working with. They need to focus on whats important and dump the junk.