Trump is a Hypocritic Asshole

There is a lot of information that Obamas and Biden will get about Trumps. Its too much information to provide in one shot … so, you will get the info chunk by chunk as and when needed, based on the scenario. The current scenario requires you to understand that Trump is a hypocritic asshole. Look at his both sides … he is like this with everybody … not just me … he has a frontend side and a backstabbing side with everyone … this includes Democrats, the Establishment and even his own wives and children. Trump is a hypocritic asshole. I will show you one such example.

He is harassing me!
Apparently now, he is very eager to work with us. He wants to sponsor the work … to the extent that he will even put $100 - $200 Billion in our work. Do you know why? Because he has understood that without our support there will be no victory for him to get the White House. Whichever President we have been endorsing right from Obama to Trump and even Biden … we show the ways in which the country can be taken forward and SM Groups provide the victories.

Trump became President because we endorsed him against Hillary. He got several victories in lawsuits, investigation and even in impeachment … because we showed that Trump is successfully stopping all wars and disasters and he needs to be protected. We pushed SM Groups to create protective shields for Trump even though he was not creating any reforms and he was busy minting money via the Presidency.

SM Groups chose Biden and we refused to support Trump against Biden … thus Trump was failed in all of his lawsuits against Biden. With this, Trump has got a very good understanding … how Presidential victories and failures happen. At the moment, he is a double impeached failed President wanting our endorsement all over again … so that he can see the light of victories all over again.

This fantastic gentleman … when we gave him the Presidency … we invited him to work with us like a hundred times. Do you know what he used to say? “This is harassment! You are harassing me! This is Presidential harassment!!” We used to show him that he was chosen to save America from a Satanic Establishment that is draining wealth by the trillions every year … instead of doing anything against the Establishment … he used to protect them and say that “I was harassing him” by asking him to protect his people from abuse and exploitation.

Its for no reason that SM Groups wrote “FU*K TRUMP” on the US Electoral Map of 2020. Trump himself earned this anger from SM Groups. If we had not intervened … if we had not shown Trump how to dodge wars and disasters … then many Trumps would be in jail by now.

Since 5 years … he didn’t do shit … was busy looting trillions of taxpayer money … we were the ones who were “harassing him” by telling him the right thing to do … now, when he has lost power … he is ready to pay to get the White House again. You should understand that … this is not about Trump wanting to do something good for America … this is Trump being about Trump … this is Trump wanting the White House for Trump again. Its always all about him.

Fake Sex Setups
Now, we want nothing to do with him … he is a mass murderer who is continuing his mass murder. If “we were the ones who were harassing him” … then tell him to get lost. Why the hell does he want to contact us? Why does he want to donate to us? Why does he want to be a part of the work? If we were the ones who were harassing you … then get lost now … we want nothing to do with you. Why are you still tailing us? If you thought that our work is harassment then buzz off.

This wonderful hypocritic gentleman functions via two teams all the time. One team will be cute, sweet and cuddly led by Ivanka … she will pester you with sweet words and a truckload of cash … trying to get everything that Daddy wants. Then there will be an asshole team generally led by Don Jr. This team will stab the hell out of you and try to root you out … to facilitate Daddy’s victory. Both teams function simultaneously for Daddy’s victory.

They have stationed Mr. Burqa at my residence who is always busy creating some fake sex setups or the other. If Trump wants to work with me and support my work … then what is this nuisance? This nuisance is designed because when I reject working with Trump … then victories should not happen via Biden as well. That’s the purpose of these fake sex setups … to stall the coordination so that Trump should win either ways. Trump is a hypocritic asshole.

Will try to turn you also
In my work, I have to take the country to beautiful new heights … do great things for the people … in order to do this … I have to show what is right and what is wrong. The moment that I will show Biden’s mistakes … his current mistakes or the mistakes he is about to make … Trumps will say … “Look! Look! He is harassing you! He is writing against you! He is harassing you!!” Lol.

This is how he is … trust me. Lol. He is a total man-baby who could not put up with simple logic that I would present in front of him … so that he could make better decisions. Most of the time he would freak out calling it “harassment”. Everytime, I had to cool him down … show him the benefits of doing what is right … show him how he can blow his horn … and also get Noble Prizes … so that he could do what was right.

The good thing was … he did follow what was right in most places where a disaster or war would be created. The sad thing was … he did it to save his ass from jail or to blow his horn.

Fixing Biden’s Track
Biden has made a bad start … mostly because of this asshole only.

  • Trump is running stupid fake sex setups to block coordination
  • He is blocking coordination with Saudis
  • He is guiding Biden to go for a multi-trillion dollar loot in every scheme

It’s a must to fix Biden’s track. When we write about Biden’s policies … this asshole will sit in Biden’s ears and cry “Harassment! Harassment! Harassment!” to further derail Biden’s moves. This is the nuisance that is coming along with Trump.

We know the type of backstabbing nuisance that he is. That’s why we want nothing to do with him … the sooner we flush him out, the sooner his nuisance will come to an end.