Brother and Sister Screwing Around

Interesting Interconnectivity at the Residence

I am looking for another residence … but many people are saying … “no, no, don’t go to another place … this place is protected by Democrats”. Let me show you some interesting interconnectivity in this residence … you will see 4 levels of connections.

Level 01 – The Lawyer and the Military Doctor
There was a Military Doctor that used to live here … he is coming here quite often nowadays. He is actually my body-double … they use him in the sex videos and superimpose my face to create the fake sex videos. If I sit and work in the common area at night between 8-10pm … he comes with his girls at that time … when I change my time to 6-7pm … he comes between 6 & 7pm.

The Lawyer that works for the residence … she is going around complaining that I am having sex with everybody. And I always see the Lawyer and Doctor together all the time … “I asked someone what’s the connection between the two?” And they tell me … “they are brother and sister”. Lol.

So what’s actually happening is … the Lawyer is calling her brother and creating fake sex videos using her brother … and then she is going around telling everyone that I am the one in the videos … when in reality its her own brother in the videos. Lol. So lovely.

And the “bunch of girls” that the Doctor brings along with him … they are none other than all of the previous staff that worked in this residence. Mr. BigBoobs is pulling all of the girls that worked in this residence before … creating fake sex videos using the Lawyer’s brother and saying that I am the one in the videos. So sweet … lovely teamwork. By the way … this is just Level 01.

Level 02 – Mr. Burqa
Who is telling all of them to do this? Mr. Burqa … it seems he is paying all of them to do this. He is paying some witnesses also to lie and also prepping underage girls for this porn production series.

Level 03 – Donald J ShitHole Trump
And who is telling Mr. Burqa to do all of this? It is none other than our lovely Donald J ShitHole Trump. He is a Trump contact being told to create and getting paid for this porn production series.

Isn’t Trump such a wonderful gentleman with such high morals, ethics and principles? Trump deserves a Nobel Prize from the World Fetish Porn Organization for being the most Wonderful Immoral ShitHole President ever. Lol.

Level 04 – Iranian Contacts
It seems because I don’t like the Iranian Government … the Iranian contacts will support all of the bullshit that Mr. Burqa comes up with. They are sitting here and saying … “yes, yes, all of this happened … they are not fake sex videos”. Such a wonderful government with also such high morals and ethics. So lovely, isn’t it? Lol.

Firstly, don’t blame me for not liking your Government. Who the hell likes your Government? The people who live inside your country don’t like your government … and the people who live outside your country don’t like your government. The only people who like your government are the people who work for your government … mostly because they want to get paid at the end of the day. You have a shitty communist government that nobody likes … its not my fault. Its actually the main reason why you have sanctions on your country.

Understanding how to deal with Trump and Iran
You are seeing the activities of Mr. Burqa … this is one of the reasons why I don’t want any Trump contact in my residence or in my vicinity. Trump has no morals of any sort … he flips any time … he stabs you in the back in every way possible … he cares for none but himself. He is a nuisance that I want to get rid off and I don’t want to deal with him ever. No other President does this kind of shit that Trump does. He falls to any shitty level and there is no limit or boundaries to it.

Dealing with Iran
You have to deal tactically with Iran … Iran is more manageable than Trump. At the basic level, they are a hostile and enemy country that runs a communist government. Their interest is sanctions removal and the world’s interest is change in foreign and domestic policies in Iran.

We already gave them the first meeting for negotiations and look what the Iranian contacts are doing here. Supporting a bunch of lies and fake sex setups. This shows that we should not rely only on words or dialogue … we have to work with “verified facts” at every step. We gave them the first meeting … that was the deal … the “start of negotiations” to support the work. Now, they should donate $5 million to Russia and Russia should channelize that to us. Until then there should be no further step taken in talks or negotiaions with Iran.

We should not get played by them. At every step, we will verify if they are changing their actions and policies or not. When we see Iran is successfully changing its behaviors, actions and policies at the foreign and domestic levels … then we will incrementally remove sanctions step by step. There will be no sudden removal of all sanctions … it will be done incrementally step by step over a duration of time … while Observation Teams will report on the progress of Iran.

Understanding the teams in this residence
If you don’t want me to move from this residence … or until I move to another residence … you should understand the teams in this residence.

  • Team Trump. This is Mr. Burqa, Mr. BigBoobs, staff, receptionist, manager, previous staff and the blondie from Arthsakh. The majority of the residence is Team Trump because Mr. Burqa pays to puppet them.
  • Iranian Team. We have some Iranian contacts here … but most of them follow and support the bullshit from Team Trump.
  • Democrat Team. We have only two Democrat contacts here … the School Teacher and her sister.

If you say that this is a Democrat residence … then how come you have just two contacts here? How come are the majority of the residents in a Democrat residence controlled by Trump? How can you allow your opponent to control your residence? Why is Trump allowed to puppet people here and why are his funds being channelized here?

You say that this is a Democrat residence but Trump is puppeting the majority of the residents and running some kinky fetish porn production here. Why does this immoral person have the majority of the influence here?

Whenever you are trying to make a contact here … everyone goes on a full porn production spree. Because you have just two people in the entire residence that are connected to you. If this is a Democrat residence then you need to take control my dear.

Trump has no business being here. Please stop following his promises of “we want to help … we want to support … we want to donate” … he is a shithole who flips any time and starts stabbing you in the back. You need to totally cut off Trump from this residence. I don’t want him anywhere near me.

When Trump is cut off then Iranians will be more manageable. Just use negotiations as the stick and they will be in line. If negotiations are halted then they will lose hundreds of billions in revenue every year.