Ending the circle of lies, hate and abuse

Rooting out Trump and Iranian Contacts

We have 3 enemies under one roof here … Democrats, Trump and Iran. Its time to end the bullshit. This page will show the lovely, Michelle Obama, why need to root out Trump and Iranian contacts from my vicinity.

Act of War
These guys are thinking that it is fun to create fake sex videos, tell lies, hate and abuse someone … put chemicals in the room, tweak drinking water with calcium depleting chemicals and abuse the person with electric fields. But in reality if you see … if some Iranian agents or any other government official from any country … abuses an American Government official via chemicals or electric fields … then it is an act of war. Iran sending its agents to abuse and torture American government officials is an act of war.

The response to this would be the bombing of Iranian bases or doubling of the sanctions on Iran. We are putting up with this bullshit … only because I am not an official American government employee. Otherwise, there would be severe consequences for these acts of abuse.

I invited Trump and Iran
The main reason why Trump and Iranian contacts are here is because I invited them. I kept all options open during the Trump Presidency so that we were open to working on all routes. But we changed the strategy about 6 months ago in November itself. When we came to know about Trump’s genocide of a million people … we told him to remove his contacts a long time ago.

This was not done and we are seeing a circus of hate, lies and abuse since several months in the residence. Its time to end this God damn circus and start focusing on what’s important.

If we use some commonsense, then we should understand that … no Democrat Party member will live with Republican contacts and Iranian contacts when they are openly abusing him and obstructing the work. This shitshow of 3 enemies living under one roof should end. Its time to move on.

Trump will never be a part of the work
This is not about being angry at Trump … but it doesn’t work logically. We will never design a role for him in leading the country … we don’t design lead roles for mass murderers.

That’s how the law works
This is not just my policy … but this is how the law works. Criminals are not allowed to run for public office. Why? Because there is every chance that the criminal may misuse the public funds and power in criminal ways. This is the very reason why criminals are banned from public office … it is to secure the people and the country from criminal activities that will get multiplied if the criminal takes a position of power.

The Presidency is nothing but a business venture for Trump
Another thing that Michelle Obama should understand is that … the Presidency is nothing but a business venture for Trump. He invested $200 million to run for President and he made $2 Trillion from the Presidency. That’s why Trump says that “he loves the ride and it was a brilliant journey”. He was the most abused, humiliated, trampled, trashed and pissed upon President … but he loves it. Why? He is in it just for the money. He loves blow his horn to loot and then use the loot to save his ass … that’s Trump and that’s what he thinks politics is. Blowing horn, looting and saving his ass … this is what’s politics is for Trump.

Now, he is investing again … expecting a victory again … expecting trillions in returns again. But this time, it will be a failed investment … he is going to lose all of the money that he is investing in politics now.

We draw the line at mass murder
Yes, we know … we have to carry some flaws … almost every politician has a flaw. It might be financial interest, some blunders, mistakes and even ending up killing some people. But when you kill a million people … that’s where we draw the line.

Trump was so obsessed in looting via the pandemic that he allowed thousands of people to die every single day … including his own American citizens. He did this not for one day or two days … he did this for almost 6 months. He held off vaccines and allowed a million people to die. Because these innocent people cannot sue him and he can save his ass while loot the country in the process. When someone falls to this level … we do not create any leadership role for them.

Repent track is open for Trump
The only track that is open for Trump is the repent track. We already showed him what to do … he needs to invest $500 billion from his loot in Africa and save a few million lives.

Trump is unclean … his money is unclean and he will never be a part of our work. Even if he offers us his entire loot of $2 trillion … we will tell him “thank you very much … please channelize it to Africa … this money belongs to the people … save some lives so that you are not burnt in hell too ferociously. You are trying to use the loot to save your ass here … your loot won’t work there … saving your ass is going to be pretty difficult up there.”

Democrat Perspective
If you look at this scenario from a Democrat perspective … then why would you want a role for Trump? The moment I create a role for someone then protective shields are creating for him / her … the person is given enormous power and success. This is done because all SM Groups know that my work creates phenomenal changes … whichever person I pick is given a lot of protection and power to enable the success of the country via that person.

This was already done for Trump … he did nothing but blowing his horn, looting and saving his ass. Why do you want a repetition of all of that all over again? Why do you want competition for yourself? So that Trump can rise and axe your Presidency?

Presidential Victory - Competitive Evaluation
SM Groups evaluate the candidates based on facts and leadership potential. As it is, Biden has made a very bad start with mass spending policies, a border crisis, 3rd wave of the virus, an anti-Biden propaganda launched by Trump … and you want to add Trump’s rise to all of this? The Presidential victory is given based upon competitive evaluation … if Biden cannot manage and they see that Trump is more suitable … then the victory can be given to Trump. Till date, Biden hasn’t even started anything yet, let alone be better than Trump. 

Learn how to surpass Trump
Forget about Trump’s rise … you need to leave out Trump and learn how to surpass Trump. You are still lagging severely behind. To add to that, you are getting played by him.

We want nothing to do with Trump
We do not want Trump’s money … we do not want his involvement … we want nothing to do with Trump at all. This brings us to the question … why are Trump’s contacts in the residence? Trump does mainly two things:

  • Leech from our work. Trump knows nothing … he has no idea of how to lead or what to do in any crisis. We only showed him how to manage various elements of the Establishment, SM Groups, the media and Democrats. We only told him to be friends with Obamas and Biden or he will get tossed in jail. This sucking up to Biden and Obamas that he is doing to save his ass … this also we only told him. Everything positive that Trump has done is from our work and writings. He sits there leeching from our writings.
  • Backstabbing asshole. His other side is of a man-baby who can’t tolerate anything written against him … which might even be written to stop him from blunders and to protect him. He immediately freaks out, gets abusive and even tries to shut down our work.

This is the type of asshole that I am putting up with since 5 years now. Why should this continue? Why should I or America have to put up with this man-baby? We have so many good Republicans … let’s work with the good ones. Let’s create a good country with good people. Why do we have to team up with mass murderers?

No more Trump contacts in my vicinity
To hell with Trump and I need protection from this man-baby. Establishment elements and Trump … both of them are self-serving assholes. I don’t need them now … and I don’t need them ever near me. We literally need to identify and root out any shitty Trump contacts in my vicinity. The only thing they bring is bullshit or worship for Trump, which is also bullshit.

I will probably even change my residence to end this shitshow of lies, fake sex setups, abuse and hate. I need you to make sure that no God damn Trump contact is in my residence in the future. Don’t buy his words of “we want to help … we want to donate … bla bla bla”. Please tell him to shove his money up his ass and keep walking. We want nothing to do with him.

Why do we need Iranian contacts around me?
The second problematic elements are the Iranian contacts. You should understand that at the foundation level … Iran is a hostile and enemy country. Their key interest is only sanctions removal. All of the shit that the Trump contact does here … namely Mr. Burqa … Iranians mostly support all of his crap. I work for the US Government and they enjoy and support bullshit against me.

And the second issue from them is … the coordination should not happen via anyone else but Iran. So, they support all of the bullshit to get rid of all other donors. This is how the Iranian contacts contribute to the ongoing circus.

Easy Formula – Work via Russia
That’s why I gave an excellent and easy formula of dealing with Iran without having to deal with Iran. They don’t need to know me … they don’t need to contact me … they simply give the donation to Russia and Russia will channelize the donation to us.

As far as we are concerned, Russia is the donor for the work … not Iran. We work and deal with the Russian donor. Whatever coordination Iranians have to do … they will do with Russia.

So, in this case … it is the Russian contacts that should come here to do the paper work … not Iranians. We don’t have any need of Iranian presence in my residence or in my vicinity. This is the beautiful thing that we get by pulling Russia in the game. All of the nonsense from Iran and Iranian contacts simply vaporizes.

How to move forward?

Priority One – Try to work it out through the circus
I will be in this residence for a few more weeks, I guess. And if you have to make the contact in this residence then you have to work through the circus. Time is important … every single day 10,000 people are dying … we have to come into action. Trump doesn’t give a shit about anybody but himself. During his Presidency a million people died … he didn’t give a shit. Because of this circus that he is creating and obstructing our work, again there is a 3rd wave of the virus and 10k people are dying per day … he doesn’t give a shit. We have to work through some immoral self-serving assholes.

Priority Two – New Residence
I am already looking for a new residence … please make sure that there are no Trump or Iranian contacts there. Even if they come, systematically extract them. Enough of this bullshit … we have important things to do.

Only Democrat based contacts
You should allow only Democrat based contacts … like from Russia, GCC and European countries. This 3 enemies living under one roof is a freaking circus. We need to do a little bit of cleanup. This approach will help us in all future works as well.