Here just for a phone call

Because of you!

Some Armenians in the residence are frustrated and angry that … “this happened because of you … that happened because of you … he was removed … he went there … this and that”.

Because of “Political Competition”
See … the bottom line is … nothing happens because of me … I don’t pull strings against anyone. I am just a simple guy doing my work. Whatever this “reorientation” that happens in the residence … it is because of political competition. There are 3 political entities involved … Democrats, Trump and Iran.

I never told you to lie … I never told you to create fake sex setups … I didn’t tell you to create a circle of lies. All of this was “instructed malice” that you followed. When you follow malice against me … obviously, Democrats and Russia come into the picture to remove the malicious elements and to create protective shells. This is very normal.

Stuff doesn’t happen because of me … but it happens via political intervention to stop the malice and to create protective shells. That’s what it is.

Here because of Ararat
Long story cut short … I asked for a sign and I was sent here because of “Ararat”. Ararat is where Noah’s Ark landed and a new era for the world began. My work similarly creates a new era for the world. That’s the reason, I have been sent here … to launch my work from Ararat.

Is Ararat a divine sign?
Well, if the place is a chosen place … if the place is a divine place … then the people living in that place should also be nice and friendly. Its simple logic.

I don’t see only the Armenians living with me in the residence … but I also observe them everywhere I go outside … at the shops, markets, offices, Government buildings, on the road and so on. And I observe that … yes, these are very friendly, lovely and positive people. This gives me an assurance that … yes, Ararat was the chosen place … and the people living here are still very positive, friendly and helpful.

You can actually observe this in many parts of the world … if the place is actually divine then the people living in that place are also nice and friendly. Of course, with the exception of Jerusalem that is being currently occupied by the Satanic Jews. The activities of the Israeli Government are not peaceful … they are hateful, vicious and aggressive. Why? Because they are not the original people from that place … they are forcefully occupying the place from its original residents.

That’s why you see … Jerusalem is the birth place of Jesus Christ … but the Israeli Government is horrible and vicious. This is mainly because Satanic Jews have come from all over the world and they have forcefully occupied a divine land. If they genuinely belonged to the divine land then they would be very positive, friendly and helpful.

Trump had got me worried
I had created tracks for moving forward with both … under Trump and as well as with Biden backed by Michelle Obama. But what Trump does in the last months of his Presidency is that … he pulls $1.5 Billion in donations for my work and then … he doesn’t work with me and he pays Biden and Obamas not to work with me as well. I am sitting here and waiting to see under whom a new era for the world will be created … Trump or Biden? And Trump is blocking both routes.

I am like … “shit … now what the hell is going to happen?” And guess what happens … all SM Groups join hands together and say “FU*K TRUMP” and remove him from the White House. Lol. Dems took the money and also won the election. Trump blocked the launch of a new era and he himself was removed from the White House. Trump put forward 60 lawsuits to challenge Biden’s victory and he was failed in every single lawsuit.

That’s good news for the world and also good news for Democrats that a new era will most probably be launched by Democrats backed by the lovely Michelle Obama.

Mutual frustrations
I know that there might be some mutual frustrations and anger … “ow, this happened to my friend … ow that happened to my friend”. What I try to do from my side is … try to keep the action that is taken on any person as subtle as possible. That’s why you see that I always recommend an “extraction strategy” of the people who are repeatedly malicious. Because I know that this is “instructed malice” that comes from Trump, Iran or even the Establishment.

Here only for a phone call
To be honest … I am here just for a phone call. Once I get the phone call … within days I will be gone. I am here just for the launch of the work. Once I am gone … things can get restored for you.

Obstruction is being disastrous for the world
What you should understand is that … when we are being self-centered … Team Trump is saying “no, no, no … it has to be me … don’t allow it to happen with the other team” … and Iran is saying “no, no, no … it has to be from us … don’t allow it to happen with the other team” … and all of this malice is being created … this is being extremely disastrous for the world.

  • 3rd Wave of the virus. We had to work with the Biden Presidency to stop the Establishment’s malicious spread of the virus. Over there, Trump is blocking the coordination with the Saudis … over here, some fake sex setups are going on … this is giving the green light to the Establishment to spread the virus around the world all over again. Look what is happening in Armenia … there is a huge spike in cases even here. Tens of thousands of people are dying … hundreds of thousands of people are getting infected every day … because we are not able to work with the Biden Presidency to stop this malicious spread.
  • Trillions in mass spending. Biden has made an extremely bad start for his Presidency … coming up with trillions in mass spending most of which is not required at all. We got 97% employment during Trump without any of this spending. This is a disastrous track for the American economy.

This circus that is going on in one residence in Armenia … billions of people are being affected and trillions in losses are happening.

You are frustrated because one of your friend had to check out from the residence … you are frustrated because of one of your friend had to change his room. Was there any bigger damage than this? Check-in … check-out … changing rooms … did anything else happen other than that?

Can you compare this with the damage that is being created in the world out there? Is it worth the trillions in losses and the lives of billions of people? You need to let go off the petty things. It’s the Devil’s work that keeps us busy fighting over petty things. Your own country is being infected by the thousands every day … are you okay with that?