Good people are bad at bad things

Failed in the arrest and deport challenge

Some people are feeling bad that they lost in the arrest and deport challenge … well, don’t feel bad. Its good that you lost … sometimes losing is winning. If you had won in this challenge then it would have actually shown how malicious and vicious you guys are … making up lies, creating a circle of lies and then also arresting and deporting a person under a false pretext … this would make you seem as total shitholes. Its good that you lost.

Political Malice
Good people are bad at bad things. It actually shows that you are good people when you lose in bad things … that all of this was nothing but instructions and tips that you were following. It was not a personally designed agenda … it was simple political malice and you were just following instructions.

I know it because I can see it right through you. I have been to a few places … the people are so good that they suck at being bad. Their bad is just so naïve and simple … I am like … awww, they are so sweet. And I have also been to places … where even their nice is vicious … they say that they want to help you but they have the worst things in their mind against you.

Its good news that the Armenian people failed in being bad.

Ararat has something to do with it?
Maybe Ararat has something to do with it. Lol. This is a place … right next to Mount Ararat … which was chosen for the start of a new world … and only the good and chosen people from the ship came into this place. Maybe this place and the genetics still has an effect … thus giving you a good, simple and positive nature.

4th Residence with the Circle of Lies
This is not the first place where the circle of lies was created … this is actually the 4th residence where it is being repeated.

  • It starts with hello … how are you? The intros and formalities.
  • Within a few days the proposals begin … groups start presenting their own ideas
  • Then the competition begins
  • And then the sex setups begin

It’s a very routine drill. You guys are not the first ones to create a circle of lies … this has been done in all of the other 3 places where I have lived. Lol.

So, don’t feel bad when I expose the circle of lies … its nothing new. These “instructions” have been given to several people in the previous residences as well. I know that you are not bad people … this is “instructed malice”.

Never existed during Obama
This issue about sex setups never existed during Obama. Because there was no donation requirement … Trump was not involved … Iran was not involved … and there was no competition. All of this began once Trump and Iran came in the picture … and teams were competing either to donate themselves or cancel the other team’s donation.

Root it out from the source itself
I put out the arrest and deport challenge … just for fun … because I know how the next steps fall into place. Don’t take it seriously … relax. Now, we will work on rooting it out from the source itself.

How sex setups work

  • Obamas inform their contact that they are going to contact me at so and so date … they inquire about sex updates
  • Their contact tells everyone else in the residence that … at so and so date the contact is going to happen
  • Other teams from Iran and Trump … they hatch up some sex setups … many a time on the very day itself when the contact is going to happen
  • Obamas are shown some fake video where I am apparently banging someone during when the call is supposed to be made … and the coordination is failed

Follow “I don’t care approach”
One of the main reasons what is giving the people here the incentives to create fake sex setups is that … “the President is inquiring about sexual activity”. When the President is taking inputs and inquiring about sex … it is giving them the initiative and the reason to hatch up fake sex setups.

That’s why I am telling Michelle Obama not to give a shit about sex information … its irrelevant … its nonsense … it’s a shitty topic with shitty content. Why even bother to inquire about it or talk about it or entertain inputs about it? Just rubbish it aside.

  • Firstly, don’t inquire and don’t talk about it
  • Secondly, if anyone here … Trump or Iran teams or your own contacts try to talk about sex … just rubbish it aside

This is bullshit information that has nothing to do with the work and its become a tool that others are misusing.

Gave this tip to Trump as well
By the way, I gave this tip to Trump as well during his Presidency. I told him … “there is too much bullshit here. If you send your donors they will be misled in one way or the other. What you need to do is … setup a dummy bank account. Tell the donors to put their donations in the account first … and then come to visit me only to do the paper work. This way we already get the required donation and they are not misled as well.”

Guess what the wonderful Trump does? He says … “great idea!” Creates a dummy bank account … pulls in as much as $1.5 Billion within a few weeks and then? He uses the funds for himself for his campaign rallies … and splits a huge section of it with Obamas and Biden … so that they don’t work with me.

Yes, these are the funds that you got from Trump for “not working with me” during his Presidency. I only showed him … how to surpass these fake sex setups … pull donations in an intermediary account … and he uses those funds for himself and to make sure that no one works with me. Lol.

Backstabber … he is a backstabber of the worst kind. He pulls $1.5 Billion in donations and looks at me and says … “well, what can you do? I got the money and I will use it for myself. You can go to hell.” And he tells his team here to cancel my residence permit and deport me to India … where he has told the Indian Government to arrest me and put me in jail. This is our wonderful Donald J Trump.

Fake Sex Setup Uses for Trump and Iran

  • Mislead Democrats. Team Trump basically uses fake sex setups for two reasons … firstly, to mislead and cancel coordination with Democrats.
  • Use money for himself. Fake sex setups are an excuse for Trump to use the money for himself. He has done this not once but several times. Take what you need and then throw the person under the bus … this is how Trump works.
  • Iran – Stop alternate donors. Iran’s usage of fake sex setups is to stop any alternate donors from working with us. They know that if they work with us then the US President will be more flexible and favorable towards them. They don’t want anyone else donating to the work.

Michelle Obama – Nullify its value

The Trump and Iranian teams are still in the same residence. There is no guarantee that they will stop this nonsense … it’s a political activity. But it has value only when we give value to it. If we rubbish it aside … don’t give it any value … don’t even talk about it or entertain this content … then these fake sex setups have no significance at all.

I know the root source is not from the Obamas side … this in intermediary political malice. The people that I live with … they are mostly nice … they themselves are getting squished in these politics. The best way to handle it is right from the top itself … you have to nullify it and not entertain it.