The Tyranny of the Man-Baby

He is attacking me! Stop him!

Apparently, Trump is whining and complaining to Obamas and Biden that … it seems … “I am attacking him and that I should be stopped.”

He is just trying to use Obamas to shut us down … so that no revolutions are created under Biden. He is pushing Biden on a disastrous track of bogus and hollow mass spending schemes … promising him Republican support for the funding … using this cooperation … he is telling Obamas and Biden … “shut him down … shut him down!”

Well, firstly … we are the ones who protected Trump in all phases and kept him out of jail and protected him from complete impeachment. The problem with Trump is that … he doesn’t understand politics. He likes to hear only his praises and people should only blow his horn.

Trump’s Principles
Trump follows only 3 major principles … these principles guide almost every action that Trump takes:

  • Blowing his horn
  • Looting money
  • Saving his ass

If you are doing the above … then you are the best person that Trump needs. These are the only principles that Trump understands and welcomes nothing more.

Security from Trump’s malice

Trump says that I am the one who is attacking him … take a look at what he has been doing since the past 4 years.

  • Thinks he is a part of the Establishment. In order to show allegiance to the Establishment … he went around saying “I am the Elite! I am the Elite!” … his loot crossed more than a trillion and with his pestering of the Establishment … he started thinking that he was a “part of the Establishment”. When he came to know about the Establishment’s malice against me and my work … of product tweaks, legal issues and even pressure on my clients … he started replicating those actions … he encouraged and supported all of that.
  • Fake Sex Setups. When some Iranians started fake sex setups here against me … to reject the work and to create some demonization … he also started doing the same. Anything malicious that Trump saw against me … he only encouraged and supported it.
  • Chemicals and Infections. Recently, he came to know of some people putting chemicals and infections in my room … guess what he does? He tells his contacts also to do the same.

There is no moral compass here … what should a person do and what not to do … there is no limitation and no boundary at all for Trump.

Bush, Mitt Romney and Hillary

If you take a look at other politicians that we have routinely criticized like Bush, Mitt Romney and Hillary … did they also do the same? Did they send their contacts to create fake sex setups around me? Did they try to create legal issues for me? Or pressurize my clients not to support me? Or put chemicals and infections in my room? Did any US politician behave in this manner?

Trump literally sent his son Don Jr. across the Ocean … all the way to India … to push the Modi Government to create legal issues for me … to open some police cases against me … start an investigation against me in order to shut down my work.

Doesn’t understand the difference between professional and personal
The problem with Trump is that … there is absolutely no understanding between what activities come under the professional sphere … the work sphere … the political sphere … and what activities come under the personal sphere. Trump doesn’t have this psyche … this guy is all over the place.

He will say anything shitty and do anything shitty against his opponents … there is no limit at all. There is no moral compass, values or principles here … he goes to whatever length and extent possible. Look what he did to Julian Assange … just because Assange said that he would disclose his Income Tax Returns … he put charges on Assange that would put him in jail for 175 years.

Are we attacking Trump on a personal level?
If you look at our activities … are we attacking Trump on a personal level? Are we creating legal issues for Trump? Are we telling his clients not to support his businesses? Are we creating fake sex setups against him? Are we putting chemicals and infections in his residence?

In reality, we actually always spoke against Trump’s sex scandals … saying that “this is nothing but meaningless Establishment scams. It means nothing for the Nation … all of it was consensual … and this is waste of time for the country.” When his children were being attacked … FBI raids were being conducted … we called it out and protected his children. Attacking children is simply hideous … how is a person supposed to work when his children are being attacked? We defended him against jail and impeachment.

But Trump doesn’t have this understanding or the psyche. That’s the problem with him.

Basic Democratic Rights
It is our basic Democratic right to hold an opinion and voice our opinion. This is politics … half of the Congress will always be against the President and half of the country will vote against the President. If Trump cannot tolerate anything that doesn’t blow his horn … then politics is not for him. If he is taking up a political position … then it is all about people … and it is the people that pay for your White House, Secret Service security, Air Force One … and you spend the public’s money. If you cannot even listen to one person’s opinion … then you are not fit to be in politics.

Tyranny of the Man-Baby
If your approach is … “no, no, no, nobody should say anything against me! Otherwise, I will abuse you! I will threaten you! I will shut you down!” … then this is nothing but tyranny … this is despotism … this is dictatorship. Democracies do not function like this.

Bush, Mitt Romney and Hillary … they were not like this … they were adults. They knew how to behave like adults … they know how politics function. They know their duties and the people’s rights as well. None of them went crazy if someone said anything against them.

That too, if you look at Trump’s record … then he has killed more Americans in entire American history. He has looted trillions and killed more than a million people. Now, he has the audacity to demand respect and praise? Heh … otherwise, he will go around abusing and threatening people?

If we support this … then we are supporting nothing but the tyranny of a man-baby. This is not Democracy … this is full-fledged tyranny and despotism. The person can be as shit as possible … and we have to only praise and worship him? Excuse me, this is not North Korea … we are not living under a Communist rule.

Policies and redirecting the country
Our job is about showing the actions, policies and to redirect the country. Some actions and policies that Trump took were nice … we only told him to take these actions … but some of them were disastrous. We discuss both … so that, the current President can make the right decisions and take the country in the right direction.

If our man-baby President can’t handle this … then he should look for something other than politics.

3 Level Protection from Trump’s Malice
Trump has taken both plus and minus moves … he has lagged in several places … and as of now, he is also misleading Biden to a great extent. We will be showing how to protect 3 entities at 3 levels from Trump’s malice.

  • Me and my work. Trump has put about a dozen points of aggression against me and my work. We will show all of that so that proper security shells can be created from Trump’s malice for our work.
  • Biden Presidency. At the second level … no way in hell, we want Biden repeating Trump’s mistakes or get misled by Trump. We will be showing all of the ways that Trump will mislead Biden and how Biden should surpass Trump in every way possible.
  • America. At the third level … America has stagnated under Trump since 4 years. No way in hell, we can allow Trump to screw Biden’s Presidency and stagnate America under Biden as well. We have to protect America from Trump and take America forward under Biden.

Transition Phase – From Trump to Biden

We can’t change Trump … but the only comforting thing that we can tell Trump as of now is that … this is a transition phase. The entire country … the Presidency, the actions, the policies and the people are transitioning from Trump to Biden. Good or bad … Trump will be a part of the discussions … but eventually once we make the full transition … within a few years … talking about Trump will fade away.

Do we talk about Bush or Mitt Romney or Hillary now? No, because America has moved ahead of the problems that they could create. America is safe from these elements. They don’t matter anymore. Trump will probably soon enter this phase also … he won’t matter anymore … as America and Biden will be working on changes that will be beyond Trump. Trump won’t be needed … won’t be required … he won’t matter … and he won’t be talked about then.

When we reach that phase … Trump himself will sigh and wish that … “he did things differently … that he could have been better”. Until then … Trump is another element that we have to manage along with the Establishment as we go along.