Trump and Iran Leverage via Malice

Politics first, honesty depends

Obamas must be thinking … “hey, we are sending all nice people to your residence … why is all of this malice happening?” That’s a good question … what Obamas should understand is that … all of these are nice people … but they are also “political contacts”. Some are controlled by Trump and some are controlled by Iran … both of them have their own political interests.

So, for them … politics comes first and then comes honesty. Honesty is conditional … it depends whether it is beneficial for them to be honest or not. To add to that … you should understand that … they use malice as “leverage” for their political interests.

Trump’s Strategy for Leverage
This is when Team Trump does its malice.

  • Stop the work. If Trump gets pissed off at anything that I write … then his team starts all sexual bullshit, lies and schemes in an attempt to demonize me and stop the work somehow.
  • Don’t allow Biden to create revolutions. During his Presidency itself Trump was worried that … if Biden works with us then he will win 2020. Now, he is worried that if Biden creates revolutions then he will not win 2024.

All of this sexual bombardment that Mr. Burqa comes up with … it is mainly because of this. This malice and lies are used to stop the coordination with Biden so that Trump can have a leverage to win 2024.

Iran’s Strategy for Leverage
Iran has clearly understood that … America is in a crisis … it is going down by the trillions and our work saves America … we need sponsors for the work to stop this American crisis. So, if negotiations with Iran don’t go well … then they start their sexual bombardment and circle of lies … so that no one else should sponsor the work. If no one sponsors the work then America continues to go down in debt and remains in a crisis. Then America has to come back to Iran for negotiations … and Iran will have an upper hand in making a deal.

Iran is already trying to use our project as a bargaining chip to get a better deal with America. Everything is not about being nice or honest … there is a lot of politics involved. Every political contact is functioning as per their political interests.

Plus and minus with Iran
Just like with Trump, you need to understand the plus and minus with Iran as well. Iran is basically an enemy and hostile country … their interest is only sanctions removal. There is nothing like love, support, friendship and teamwork … they don’t give a damn about all of this.

That’s why we suggested when you work with Iran … take only a small donation of not more than $5 million and we immediately refund it once the coordination with GCC countries begins. The only thing that they get for this donation is the “start of negotiations” … removal of sanctions will happen only after Iran makes policy reforms.

We want to refund the donation from Iran as quickly as possible because we are not interested in seeing their minus side. Because of their minus side, we need Russian backing to manage them.

Trump and Iran Combo
Trump has already lost the White House … now if I work with Biden … then Biden will create revolutions in America and most likely win 2024. Team Trump has the least interest in me working with Biden.

When we are not making a deal with Iran and working on other options … then it creates a “Trump and Iran Combo” here. Trump contacts and Iranian contacts get together to create all of this malice and lies. Mr. Burqa … who happens to be the Trump contact … he also happens to be an Iranian.

In this Trump and Iran combo teams … the Democrat contacts become the weakest and they are paid to flip … which leads to the creation of the circle of lies.

Common features between Trump and Iran

  • Step One. Both of them try to do everything to stop the coordination from the alternate source. This is why the sexual bombardment is created by this entire team. It is designed to push away alternate donors from the project.
  • Step Two. If we still move forward to make a deal with the alternate source … then both of them show keen interest in financing and working with us. Trump knows that working with us gets immense support, power and victories in America. And Iran will miss a great chance to negotiate with America in its favor if someone else finances the work. Iran will have to wait for several more years for negotiations to begin and for sanctions removal.

Change in strategy suggested

The change in strategy that we have suggested is mainly because of these repetitive behaviors from Trump and Iranian teams. You can keep all options open.

  • Option One – Normal Route. If you can get things done via the normal route … then well and good. But you should keep in mind the ongoing politics here and the circle of lies.
  • Option Two – No Inputs. Because they are sitting here and creating a circle of lies … I suggested a change in strategy of not taking any inputs from the residents. If you don’t take any inputs then you nullify the value of their inputs and thus nullify their malice.
  • Option Three – Remote Surveillance. Our opposition teams are using technologies in creating fake videos, chemicals, EMF, tweaking cameras … what technology are we using? Nothing … we are relying on plain human inputs. That’s why I suggested … track all cameras and phones in the residence so that you surpass their malice.

This change in strategy will help you surpass both … Trump and Iran.

Trump blocking coordination with several countries
You should see Trump’s hypocrisy here … he talks about love, peace and unity … if that’s the case, then why is he blocking the coordination with Saudis? If Trump wants peace and unity … then why is he in the way? Why is he blocking revolutions under Biden? Why is he blocking Biden’s coordination with us? Is this a part of this peace and unity program?

Major problems because of Trump’s interference
I have been mostly chilling since the start of the Biden Presidency waiting for you guys to make it through. But now … not only Trump is blocking Biden’s work … but multi-trillion dollar disasters have begun under Biden. Trump is creating major problems worldwide.

  • 3rd Wave of the virus has begun. This pandemic is complete Establishment malice right from the creation, spread, infections and deaths. Trump was an Establishment supporter and the pandemic reached a peak under the Trump Presidency. But the moment Biden won, the pandemic crashed by 70% in most countries … because the Establishment feared that Obamas and Biden will come after Establishment malice. But since our wonderful Ex-President is blocking the work with Biden … there is a 3rd wave of the virus rising in several countries across the world … because there is no system put in place to combat Establishment malice. Thousands of people are dying and hundreds of thousands are getting infected everyday … because Trump is blocking the work.
  • Peace in Yemen is blocked. The strategy to create peace in Yemen has already been given to Biden. But the relations with the Saudis are at an extreme low because Trump is blocking coordination with Saudis … he is telling Saudis to defy Biden. Friction is beginning with Putin … when we cannot work with Putin and Saudis … peace cannot be created in Yemen. And these poor people, they are facing war, starvation and the pandemic all combined together by the millions. It’s a complete genocide in Yemen … its not being stopped because our lovely Donald J Trump has his own political interests. Yes, its one guy screwing millions of lives … he probably doesn’t realize or doesn’t care.
  • Multi-trillion dollar disasters have begun under Biden. We told Biden to use the legal hammer on Trump and extract his $2 Trillion loot. Instead what Trump told Biden is that … “Don’t put me in jail … don’t put me in jail … I will help you loot by the trillions … I will help you loot by the trillions … I will get Republican support for you for any level of spending.” It seems it is Trump who is designing these plans of $2 Trillion for Covid relief … $3 Trillion for Infrastructure repairs … and promising Biden Republican support to loot America by the trillions.
  • Creating death and genocide while looting trillions. Trump was busy looting trillions during his Presidency not changing anything for the American people … now, it seems he is encouraging Biden to do the same and promising him Republican support for the loot.
  • Helps Trump – All disasters under Biden. All of this helps Trump … he gets his trillions in share … but all disasters happen under the Biden Presidency … Trump makes trillions under Biden and also consolidates his chances for 2024. He is literally pushing Biden off the cliff to take away the Presidency from him in 2024.

Love, peace and unity?

The guy is literally pushing you off the cliff to take away your Presidency and you believe his words of love, peace and unity. He is allowing a 3rd wave of the pandemic across the world … allowing tens of thousands of people to die every day and while this happens, he creates schemes to loot by the trillions … and you believe him?

Treason and Jail
These are the pointers that the Establishment is using to raise SM Groups against Trump … to investigate charges of treason for his disruptive and destructive interference in relations with foreign countries by undermining Biden. They are investigating jail for him … because he seems to be on a non-stop track of loot while killing innocent people.

Please get Michelle Obama involved
Not only we are getting reports of jail and treason for Trump … but several requests to pull the lovely Michelle Obama to help in this crisis. Trump is creating multi-trillion dollar disasters under Biden … the only thing that the guy thinks about is looting as much as possible … and then use the loot to save his ass and blow his horn. That’s what he thinks politics is all about … looting, saving your ass and blowing your horn.

The disasters have begun … its time to come into action now.

  • Residence. I already showed you the way to stop Trump’s nonsense at my residence.
  • Protect Biden. Biden is seeing the trillions … but he is not seeing that they are all disasters. We have to stop Trump’s misleading of the Biden Presidency. This guy is not a friend … he is the hand of the Devil. Biden needs to snap out of Trump’s misleading schemes. These schemes are destructive for everybody.

Time for the lovely Michelle Obama to save America and the world.