Containing Malice from Trump Winning with Better Strategies

Better Strategies

We create strategies to help you win … the tools that we use in our strategies to win are politics, media, intelligence, legals, finance and teamwork. It’s a very dynamic and active world out there … gone are the days of Obama. Things are very very dynamic out there.

Understand and prepare for plus and minus
Every person and entity has a plus and minus. If you want to work with someone then you should understand and prepare for his plus and minus. If you prepare only for the plus points and ignore the minus points … then you should understand that … no person remains plus all the time … one day or the other he will show his minus points. And if you are not prepared to handle his minus points … then you will be caught unaware and unprepared … it can be shocking and sometimes, it can also be a disaster.

We are very practical in our strategies and policies … we always consider and prepare for both the plus and minus points … that’s why we win … that’s how we are able to maintain stability in the country.

Support the good, hold back the bad – winning strategy under Trump
In Trump’s first year … the majority of SM Groups hated him … they wanted impeachment and jail for him … because of his loot and support of the Establishment. So, what we told SM Groups was that … “don’t expect a Jesus to come and lead your country … every leader will have a plus and minus. The better strategy is to support what is good and hold back what is bad … that’s how we can get progress for the country. Doesn’t matter who leads from the top … only good things happen for the country and bad things get held back.”

This was actually the winning strategy under the Trump Presidency. Progress happened under Trump not just because of Trump … but it happened because of the collective action of SM groups, intelligence, media, politicians, celebrities, people and even foreign countries like Russia. It was collective action that created world peace and progress under Trump.

Trump is whining
I know … Trump must be whining … “stop him, stop him, stop him … tell him to stop writing against me … stuff happens when he writes … stop him, stop him.” He does this all the time … he wants only praises and blowing his horn … and doesn’t like to hear anything else other than that. But practical life doesn’t work that way … we have to show plus and minus so that the right decisions are made.

This is not about party … this is not about politics … this is about real time action … this is practical work.

Trump is an additional element to be managed
During Obama we had to manage only the Establishment … but now we have to manage Trump along with the Establishment. Firstly, you should know that … Trump is using you and playing you when he is trying to use you to stop us. He himself has multiple teams … one team works with you and several other teams work on rooting the hell out of you. We ourselves trained Trump to work in a multi-team mode.

Secondly, you are still in a single person mode. This is an extremely naïve and weak way of playing the game. Trump’s strategy has always been “take what you need and then throw the guy under the bus”. He does this with everybody … starting from his hotel contractors to his Administration staff … to America as a whole … even his Vice President … to even his family.

Mike Pence worked for him, campaigned for him, supported him for 4 long years day in and night out … and at one place he did not listen to Trump … Trump threw him under the bus and sent a violent mob to hang him. This is Donald J Trump … don’t think that he will treat you any different. Now, he will use you … and when its time … he will throw you out and take over Biden’s Presidency. In fact, he has already started working on it via several teams.

He is dividing us! He is dividing us!
Don’t get blinded by Ivanka’s claims that “he is dividing us! He is dividing us!” That’s bullshit … you have to understand who you are working with. It’s a must for you to protect yourself from his minus points. If you can manage his minus points … its then only that it makes sense to work with him. If he will root you out and take over your Presidency … then you are only feeding a snake in your sleeves.

Malice from Team Trump to be contained

I know … Trump is talking about “love, unity and peace” … that’s because he doesn’t want to go to jail. Let me give you a preview of some of the key points of malice from Team Trump that has to be contained. I had informed Trump several times during his Presidency to stop this malice … but he didn’t give a shit. He, in fact, supported and encouraged it.

Malice at the residence – Trump contacts
This is the list of some of malice that Trump contacts do at my residence. I am not mentioning these to demonize Trump … but I need security from all of this malice. We need to setup a security team to manage the security … and Trump is one of the elements that has to be managed.

  • Fake Sex Videos. The Trump contacts here create fake sex videos and then create a “Circle of false witnesses” to collectively lie together to sell the fake video to be true.
  • Chemical Abuse. Chemicals are put in my room, in the kitchen when I cook and even in the living room where I sit sometimes to work.
  • EMF Abuse. When I sleep at night … via gadgets EMF is increased to high levels to abuse me while I sleep.
  • False Reporting. Any other donor contact that comes here … he is bombarded with negative and false information to push away donors.
  • Residence Permits. These lies and negative activities have no limit … if there is any inquiry from the Police … they are lying to them also and creating issues for my residence.
  • Establishment Abuse. Establishment elements are tweaking my food products in the market … Trump does nothing to stop them but encourages them in their malice.

Whatever type of malice it might be against me … Trump has no morals … no values and no principles … he encourages any type of shit … it might be humane or not. The guy has no moral compass at all. And I defended this asshole when his children were being attacked … when he was getting impeached and when he was about to go to jail. I helped him keep America safe and this is what he does to me.


Malice at the International Level
These are all of the points where we have to nullify Trump’s malice and eliminate it from recurring again at the international level.

  • Russia. He was continuously pushing Putin to stop his support and shut down our work.
  • Malaysia. He told them to create a law against Fake News to target our work. He spoilt one of our key bases.
  • Turkey. He allowed Erdogan to make military intrusions in Iraq, Syria and Libya to take over whatever territory he wanted. This is how he made friends with Erdogan. We told him to do that … to pull Erdogan in the game but he did that for the opposite reason.
  • India. He tried to report me as a “terrorist” in several countries including India, Turkey and Armenia. Luckily I have protective shells from Russia and Democrats … these false reports did not have much impact. Reportedly, he is trying to raise police cases against me in India and trying to use the Modi government against me.
  • Armenia. Similarly, he pulled strings to stop my work in Armenia. He was telling the Police to look for excuses to arrest me and stop me.
  • Saudi Arabia. Now, he is blocking Biden’s coordination with Saudi Arabia so that my work doesn’t start with Saudi support.

Security issues from the Establishment AND Trump

Trump is talking about “love, peace and unity” … look at his actual actions. He has about a dozen points of malice against me … and you believe this guy? Heh … words are nice … but also look at the actions. Actions are more important … the security team doesn’t have to listen to the words and sit doing nothing. The security team needs to work on all past actions and all possible actions in the future … that’s how a proper security shell can be created.

Understand the person that you are dealing with … work on both routes of plus and minus … this will help you create much better security shells and you will be able to take much better tactical actions.

Working on the Coordination

Keep all options open … but play smart.

  • Normal Route. If in the normal route … everyone is playing the “Circle of False Witnesses” lying together and fooling around … then don’t waste your time. If things are possible with the current residents … then get it done … but if issues are there … then move on to the next level.
  • New Strategy – No Inputs. A new approach could be via no inputs from the residents … this helps us surpass the issues via the normal route. Openly tell the donors that we have 3 enemies under one roof here.
  • Technology – Remote Surveillance. Our opponents are using fake videos, chemicals, EMF, camera tweaks … what technology are we using? We are relying on simple human inputs. We are getting misled via simple technology usage by the other teams. We are playing extremely naïve and simple. We are being fooled by Trump and Iran.

That’s why I suggested Remote Surveillance … track cameras and phones in the residence. This helps us with a better technology advantage. This helps us to track the fake videos, the circle of lies and everything in the residence.

Exploring charges of treason against Trump
Trump is screwing around with Biden’s coordination at the international level in several countries including Saudi Arabia, Russia, North Korea and Turkey. Some SM Groups are being suggested by Establishment elements to explore charges of treason against Trump for such activities. This is creating “rebellion” against the US Government. If Saudi Arabia confirms that Trump is asking them not to cooperate with Biden … then Trump can be charged with treason. These are disruptive activities of rebellion against the US Government … which is treason.