Restructuring Approach No Research and No Inputs Required

With the ongoing nonsense … I think it will be useful if we restructure our approach a little bit.

3 Enemies under one roof
One thing that we should understand is that … we have the contacts of 3 enemies under one roof. Trump, Iran and Democrats.

  • Iran hates America and Trump
  • Trump has put the highest sanctions on Iran and he competes against Democrats
  • Democrats are on the receiving side of Iran and Trump as of now

Basic Chemistry to Understand
This is the basic chemistry to understand about Iran … they become negative and start malice in mainly 3 scenarios:

  • No Interest. Initially, they had no interest in the work. They were here only on Russia’s request. The majority of the fake sex videos were being created by them only to reject the work and not to be a part of it. Iran is an enemy and hostile country. But once they came to know that they can get hundreds of billions in revenue, if they support our project … their approach changed.
  • Don’t allow anyone else to succeed. Since they were aiming for hundreds of billions in revenue … they don’t want anyone else to sponsor our work. This is another scenario where Iran starts its malice and fake sex videos … to push away anyone and everyone else to might show interest in the work.
  • Negotiations not going well. Democrats are probably trying to negotiate with them … even when these negotiations don’t move forward … their hostile and negative activities begin here.

This is one of the problems of putting the contacts of an enemy country in the same residence. The Iranian presence here is “political” with their own interests … it doesn’t have much to do with honesty. The reporting from Iranian contacts varies as per their interests and ongoing negotiations with them.

Team Trump and Mr. Burqa
I don’t know why Trump has his contacts still here at the residence. Mr. Burqa coordinates with all of the above malice from Iran … and works on pulling as many people in the residence for his lies.

The majority of the contacts in the residence are either from Iran or Trump ... and they are taking Democrat contacts in their influence via food, sex and money.

Restructure our approach
We need to restructure our approach a little bit in working with donors. Generally the approach that Democrats are taking is … they tell the donors that …

  • He is a nice guy … he is doing good work
  • He lives here … please go meet him and support his work

You think that contacts come here to know me and to support the work … but what actually happens is that … a dozen guys living here bombard the new person with a truckload of lies and bullshit information. Thus nothing moves forward … this is exactly what Iran and Trump have been doing.

Research not required
We need to revise this approach a little bit. Sending the guys to live here with me … to research and to report … we need to cancel all of this. Its mostly a waste of time. Its supposed to be a normal and routine activity … but when we have 3 enemies under one roof, each with their own interests … then things get complicated.

We have to cancel this researching and reporting altogether.

Discussion and finalization at the top level
All discussions, negotiations and finalization should happen at the top level itself with Biden and Obamas. No one needs to know here who you are talking to and who is going to support our work. Trump doesn’t need to know … Iran doesn’t need to know … no one here at the residence need to know.

Once things are finalized then the person comes here … only to contact me, make the donation and to do the paperwork. It is just a few minutes job. It’s a simple, quick and direct method.

No Donor Involvement
As it is … if you see … the initial amount is a tiny $5 million … its not like someone is going to put a few billion right away. And secondly, there is going to be no donor involvement in the work at all. They don’t get to manage the work or direct the work or own the work or to be a part of the work in any way. Then what’s the point of doing months of researching and reporting? Especially when all of the main interaction is going to be with Biden and Obamas. Why should they waste their time here?

Increases chances of success
If you see these research based donors who have come here till date … what was the success rate? Zero. People who are actually interested in donating … they donate and go. This researching and reporting has only led to a long line of excuses and demands from such donors. And donors who were cheap and cheesy … they made shitty excuses and walked away.

But instead of sending any donor contacts to do their research … if you do all of the discussions beforehand … and send the person only to make the donation … then the chances of success increase to a great extent. The guy talks to no one … just meets me … does the work and walks away. If they have anything else to talk about … they talk to you. It simplifies everything … it makes everything easy.

Why are we putting up with unnecessary obstacles, unnecessary bullshit and unnecessary garbage for such a long time?

Remote Surveillance Team
If I am having to stay here for a longer time … then this is still required. It helps in security … it helps to monitor and manage all activities at the residence … and some donors who want to see me for a while … it helps them as well.

It am not totally rejecting funding from Iran … but you should know what is going on. If we work with them … then there are 10 different parameters that we have to manage and these are their current behaviors.

We have to start operating without the need of any input from the current residents. We should not need the opinion of anyone around me. Setting up the cameras will help you monitor everything in real time, without taking anyone’s inputs. Especially, when we work with non-Iranian donors … there is no need to put them through this mental garbage.

Eliminate the need of inputs
Nullifying the need of their inputs, nullifies their malice. All of this malice, fake sex videos and lies are created because their inputs are being used. When we are using their inputs, we are creating value for them. And Trump and Iranian contacts are bent on giving the most vicious and negative inputs possible.

We need to reconfigure things in such a way where their inputs are not required at all.

Who said … what they said … is it true … did it happen … was it a lie … where is the evidence … the videos, the photos, the witnesses … why did they do that … what was their intention … who is behind them … all of this is junk information that is a total waste of time. This is mostly Iran and our lovely immoral backstabbing Ex-President … who claims to work on peace, love and unity.

Let’s try to reconfigure things where inputs are not required at all.