Solution: Remote Surveillance Team

Setting up teams a must

One of the key things that Michelle Obama should know is that … setting up teams is a must. This is an international operation with several countries involved … lot of parameters are involved … each field has several dimensions to be worked at. One person … one brain cannot handle it. One person cannot give the time and simultaneously work in dozens of fields.

We are strategists … we work on several fields and several dimensions. We will show you structures … what to do and what not to do in each field and crisis. For us, its very easy … this is our job … analyzing each crisis, breaking it down and providing solutions. But on your end, you have to work on it and implement it. Setting up teams is a must … otherwise, there is so much work that you will go bonkers. This is what Trump was telling us also initially “ow my God! How much work are you giving us? What all are we supposed to do? How are we supposed to manage all of this?”

So, I told our wonderful (immoral backstabbing) Ex-President that … he has to set up teams … without teams it is impossible to work on this. I had to train them on how to create teams to manage each crisis. I will show you also, step by step … as per need, how to create teams and how these teams will be useful for the work. All you need to do is … pull some trustworthy colleagues … give them the strategies and instructions … and they will manage the team. You just need to manage the teams collectively from the top. It saves a lot of time and energy … and gets a lot of things done.

On-Site Scenario
The current on-site scenario is that … we have contacts present here from 3 political forces … Iran, Trump and Democrats. All of them happen to be enemies of each other and their contacts are placed next to me, under one roof … interestingly. Our work is getting screwed in their mutual competition to work with me.

Too much wealth and power at stake

  • Iran. Iran is looking at hundreds of billions in revenue for their country.
  • Trump. Trump knows that working with us gets the person the White House. He has his own interests.
  • Democrats. Since Democrats have been protecting us and there was a high chance of them working with us … they already got the White House.

Competition – Don’t allow the other team to win

  • Iran. Iran was mostly a hostile and enemy country with no interest to work with us … and they were busy creating the fake sex videos. They were here only at Russia’s request. But once they came to know that hundreds of billions in revenue can begin by supporting our work … then their approach changed radically. Iran doesn’t want anyone else to work with us … their malice is designed to push away others who might show interest.
  • Trump. There are two issues with the contacts from Trump. Firstly, Mr. Burqa from Emirates … he himself hates Trump … he was deported from Emirates because he has an Iranian passport. Mr. Burqa’s interest and efforts are designed to help the Iranians to work with us. Secondly, when we rejected funding from Trump … Team Trump uses Mr. Burqa to multiply the malice from Iranians … of fake sex videos, chemicals, flipping others to lie and so on.
  • Democrats. Team Trump is channelizing funds to Mr. Burqa … who is purchasing and flipping Democrat contacts. He is trying to create a Circle of False Witnesses to support all of the fake sex videos and to support their associated lies.

The current scenario here … its tilted towards Iran and Democrat contacts happen to be the weakest contacts present here … though we have a Democrat President. Iranian malice and Trump’s money is screwing with the work of Democrat contacts … they are flipping and lying very easily.

Circle of False Witnesses
If you understand the problem … then you will also understand the solution. This is how the Circle of False Witnesses works.

Concept: Everybody creates a fake sex video and everybody collectively lie that it is true. This is how they sell the fake sex videos. Even if one of them says the truth then it doesn’t work … so, the concept is to get everybody to lie together.

So, what Mr. Burqa has been doing is … getting as many people as possible in his fold to tell lies together … via food, sex and money. This is what happens when a newcomer enters the residence.

  • Step One. The new comer is not in the circle of false witnesses … he / she will say whatever they see … they say the truth and the setup fails. In the circle, everybody know that the set up failed because of this new person Mr. XYZ.
  • Step Two. Mr. Burqa and others start being friends with Mr. XYZ … start talking, start sharing food … start having sex together … and then they start scheming together. The person is paid to flip and tell lies.
  • Step Three. After a few days … even the new comer enters the Circle of False Witnesses … and starts telling lies as preplanned.

This is the ongoing repetitive problem … send anyone here and within a few days … most of them flip. I have seen many people flipping like this … right from donor contacts to the receptionist and sometimes even the manager.

Negative Environment
When almost all residents including the receptionist and managers … if they are going to lie based on a preplanned plan … then it becomes a toxic and negative environment to create million and billion dollar contracts. The sex based videos are bullshit … they don’t have any legal consequences … but they are used to screw around with the coordination with donors.

This is why Iranians started this … this is why our wonderful (immoral backstabbing) Trump also supports these … he actually supports any kind of shit that can be done … he doesn’t follow any moral compass.

Two Solutions
To address the above issues … there are two solutions.

Quick and Direct Method
What you are sitting there and thinking that … “hey, we are sending donor contacts … the donation will happen and the work will begin. We are sending so many contacts … at least something will click”. But the onsite scenario is different. It is not conducive to positive and constructive work … we have 3 enemy teams under one roof.

In the quick and direct method … please tell the donors not to waste time in exploring or investigating anything. They should not even send their contacts to my residence. There is no need for them to come here and live with me … not required. Tell them not to take inputs from anybody from my residence … there is a lot of political bullshit here.

They should simply come here … ask for me … introduce themselves … make the donation and do the paperwork … and that’s it.

This living with each other … getting to know … reporting about this and that … all of this is bullshit and mostly a waste of time. The talks and discussions should happen with Biden and Obamas at the top level. Its based upon your request that they donate … not based upon research and reports on me. Just come … meet … donate … and go. Simple, quick and direct.

Long Term – Remote Surveillance Team
This is the second option. If the donors want to know me … they want to see me … even then, don’t send their contacts to the residence at all. Place them in nearby buildings around the residence. Set up a remote surveillance team. Work with an intelligence guy … Russians will help you out … take access to all cameras of the residence. Let them see me ... remotely from a nearby building. Place some eyes and ears in some key places in the residence.

Track Cameras. Its very easy to set this up … the intermediary Russian intelligence guy will help you to set this up. He will work with the manager of the residence … take access to all cameras and set up the remote surveillance.

Track Phones. The second thing that your remote surveillance team should do is … track every phone in the residence. This is also very easy for Russian intelligence to set up. This will give you the information on all planning and activities in the residence.

You will get to know who is banging … who is planning … who is lying and who is telling the truth. You will know everything … without any direct interaction with the residents here.

No direct interaction. The Remote Surveillance Team … they should never visit the residence. Donor contacts should not come here at all … other than doing the paper work and making the donation. No one from the residence should know where this Remote Surveillance Team is … they should not know who is calling the donors and which country is going to donate. Otherwise, our lovely immoral backstabbing Ex-President will try to buy them out as well.

3 enemy teams under one roof. You can openly tell them about the problem in the residence. It is 3 enemy teams under one roof. It is 3 fold bullshit here. In this long term plan, don’t involve the residents at all. This will save you all of the bullshit from our wonderful immoral backstabbing Ex-President and also all of the bullshit from Iran.

3 Useful Things

  • Track Phones. You will know all of the bullshit planning and lies in real time.
  • Track Cameras. You will know who is actually banging whom and who does what in the residence.
  • Security Shield. This will also help to create a security shield from all of this bullshit planning … as Iran and Trump take their lies to create issues with Residence Permits as well.

Enough of sending donor contacts to the residence … either try to work on a quick and direct contact … or set up things remotely. In both the solutions, surpass the reporting of the onsite residents. This will solve the problem.