Bullshit Generosity

Good news

Well, the good news is that 95-99% of the fake sex videos have stopped.

  • Iran – 80-90%. Iran had a share of 80-90% of the fake sex videos … but once they came to know that they are actually losing hundreds of billions in revenue because of this wonderful activity … they have mostly dropped these activities.
  • Trump – 10-20%. The remaining share belongs to malice from Team Trump. This also has reduced to a great extent after I put forward the Arrest and Deport challenge.

False Witness Circle - Food, Sex and Money
First, let’s understand how Team Trump was making and selling the fake sex videos. Most of the residents placed around me are either connected to Police or the Intelligence from different countries … Iran, India, Armenia, Russia and so on. Once they live in the same residence for a while … they connect with each other and start sharing information, ideas and activities.

We have a couple of Trump contacts here … what they used to do is … create a “false witness circle” … a group living around me would cooperate in creating a fake sex video and then collectively claim that it is true. Food, sex and money were being used to create this false witness circle. The information that was being created was false … but they would collectively lie that it was true.

Why were they doing this? Because even if one or two of them were honest and if they exposed that … this never happened and that these guys are lying … then the whole set up fails. So, the strategy that Team Trump was implementing was … keep on pulling every person in the residence in the circle using food, sex or money … so that, everybody lies together.

I have seen many people flipping like this … Mr. BigBoobs, the School Teacher and a few others. At first, they would report honestly … they would show that all of this is fake … but then … we have Mr. Burqa here … who pays people to flip and tell lies … as per Team Trump instructions, that is. People keep on flipping … lies are created and lies are told to be true by these “paid people”.

Arrest and Deport Challenge
I saw this flipping of people more and more … so I thought, why not take this to the next level? God knows how much he is paying … how will I keep on managing these people who flip and tell lies? So, I created the “arrest and deport challenge” … if these sex videos are true … then please catch me in the act … arrest me and deport me. I don’t mind … please barge into my bedroom or bathroom … wherever the sex is apparently going on … arrest me and deport me.

This is where even Trump’s malice fails.

Being kind and generous
There are still some 1-5% attempts to create fake sex videos … and it seems they are not arresting me and deporting me … because they are being “kind and generous” towards me. Lol.

It is the same circle of false witnesses … and this time the excuse is … “they are being kind and generous” … so touching. Lol. But if you see the arrest and deport challenge … I put one more condition there … “don’t create a fake arrest video” … it should be a full arrest and deport action.

Bullshit generosity
This being kind and generous is nothing but bullshit generosity … it is nothing but the same pack of lies. They cannot succeed mainly because of these two reasons:

  • Firstly, forget about having sex … they cannot get me in any bedroom or bathroom with any girl or boy.
  • Secondly, I myself maintain full video recordings of my time in the common areas. Even if they get a Policeman to lie … even then I have full video recordings myself. No one can arrest you for cooking in the kitchen or working on your laptop in the common area.

This is where Trump’s malice fails. Malice and lies have their limitations.

Understanding the roots – Trump’s Malice
To root out the remaining 1-5% of fake sex videos … we should understand the roots of this malice. The main problem is not with the residents … it is not Mr. Burqa or Mr. BigBoobs or anyone else. This is Team Trump telling their contact Mr. Burqa to create the malice. He is following instructions.

Why are Trump contacts in the residence?
The main question is … why are Trump’s contacts in the residence? Biden is a Democrat … I am working with a Democrat … Trump had no interest in working with us … why has an Ex-Republican President placed his contacts in my residence? What is their need here?

Would it be okay if Trump did this to Pelosi or Schumer or Obama? Would you be okay if Trump placed his contacts who would sit there and hatch up fake sex videos of all of you? Would it be okay if Pelosi’s fake sex videos showed up somewhere or of Chuck Schumer’s? Why are you allowing Trump to do this?

Team Trump Activities
These are Team Trump activities by placing his contacts around me.

  • Track writings. They sit there tracking everything that I write. They get to know the ongoing developments from the Establishment and SM Groups. It helps them to protect themselves and make the right moves.
  • Pick useful information. By tracking my writings … they pick good and useful information. For example, recently, they picked a tip that Trump can use a few millions from his loot of $2 Trillion to pull support from the GOP and to manage his investigations. They gladly sit there and extract everything that they can use from my content.
  • Backstabbing. And then our wonderful Ex-President sits there backstabbing the very same person that maintains his survival and keeps him out of jail. They use Mr. Burqa to pay others to create fake videos and to collectively lie about it. This is open evidence of Trump’s backstabbing nature … right in front of me … I have Trump contacts leeching info off me while trying to target me with false information. Trump has no morals, no values and no principles … he has loyalty to no one … he picks what he needs and stabs the same person in the back. This is Donald J Trump … an immoral backstabber … absolutely no values or morals.
  • Abuse via chemicals. Not just fake videos … he uses his contacts to put chemicals in my room to abuse me. This is our wonderful Ex-President … a complete backstabber.
  • Track New Donors. Trump knows that we have a widespread influence all across America and whoever works with us is given top positions including the White House. Trump contacts sit here tracking new donors … give them false information … showing them the fake sex videos that they have created … in order to push away other donors.
  • Dual Teams – Obamas & Biden. He has set up one team to carry out the abuse and false information … and then Ivanka goes to Obama and Biden complaining how rude I am … pushing them to stop their support for me and to stop my work. This is our lovely backstabbing Ex-President … a wonderful gentleman.

Love, peace and unity
Trump has survived in politics till now by following our guidance … otherwise, most Trumps would already be in jail by now. They sit there backstabbing me and my work … while talking about love, peace and unity. You know … “we should all be united … we are all Americans … we all are on one side” … this what is being told to Obamas and Biden by Trump.

Trump is a backstabber by nature … he is an immoral person with no values at all … he goes with any type of shit that exists … Trump’s backstabbing has to be managed at every level.