Trump continuing to be the hand of the Devil

Seems like Trump is screwing with Biden’s team building activities with foreign leaders.

  • Saudis. Weapon supplies halted, Khashoggi’s murder investigation is going on, asking UK also to stop weapon supplies and even oil purchase is at a zero from Saudis … something that did not happen in 35 years. Getting reports that Trump is asking Saudis to defy and stand up to the Biden Administration.
  • North Korea. The guy is not even answering the Biden Administration’s phone calls … he is not even bothered for a conversation.
  • Russia. Not only Trump but even the Establishment media is trying to burn down relations with Russia. Biden is calling Putin … “killer Putin” … Putin is sending a junior diplomat at the UN conference to talk to Biden.
  • Turkey. Erdogan is saying that Biden’s comments are unacceptable. Since when does Turkey interfere in US and Russia relations? This is not Erdogan … this is Trump screwing around in foreign affairs and using other world leaders to defy and stand up to Biden.

Getting reports that the Establishment is marketing all of these actions by Trump among SM Groups to rally them … to get their support to put Trump in jail. Trump was the Chosen Angel to dismantle the Establishment … instead he looted trillions, killed more than a million, created highest debt and trade deficits, protected the Establishment instead of dismantling them … and now after his Presidency is over … it seems he is trying to stall and obstruct coordination with key world leaders so that the work cannot be done even under the Biden Presidency.

It seems Trump is blocking funding and cooperation with GCC countries. Saudis were never so defiant against the US Administration. They are wonderful people and they are extremely cooperative.

It seems that the Establishment elements are saying … the best way to stop and control Trump is via criminal convictions and jail. “Just put him in jail to stop him” … this is what the Establishment is going around marketing among all SM Groups. Pro-Trump Groups are asking me … what should we do? Are we creating a role for Trump in the opposition party or are we putting him in jail or are we holding off only with criminal convictions?

As of now, I am showing Obamas and Biden alternate routes to work on.

  • How to surpass Trump’s stalling via direct and private communication lines
  • How to pull funding from alternate sources like even from US billionaires
  • How to work with Iran while making sure to address the key issues that the world has and that their 80 million Iranian people have

We have to analyze and work with a multi-faceted approach … working linearly in one direction and on one route can end up wasting a lot of time.

I think Trump fears that … once Biden starts working with me … he will get all phenomenal policies … he will create a fantastic team and start creating revolutions in America. The mileage and support that Biden will get … it will be phenomenal. Trump never worked on all of this … Trump was mostly showboating … “look at the jobs, look at the jobs, look at the job” … while doing nothing and changing nothing for the people. If Biden comes into action with revolutions then Trump’s chances in 2024 will be toast … may be that’s why he is screwing around.

This is the main reason why Trump had “paid” Biden not to work with us during the last months before the election. If Biden tied up with us then his victory was guaranteed. May be it is because of this fear that he is still obstructing and intruding in foreign relations. But this can backfire on him severely … the Establishment has already started marketing “jail for Trump” using these destabilizing activities of obstruction. More the work gets delayed, more the trillions America will sink in debt … more the Satanic Establishment will thrive … this will infuriate all SM Groups against Trump.

I think Trump doesn’t realize that this is self-destruction. On what pretext we are supposed to protect Trump and why should SM Groups even bother to protect Trump now? He is continuing to be the hand of the Devil … I don’t think he realizes that.