Why malice fails

So, still trying to work on sex set ups I guess.

Complaint before or after sex?
The wonderful use of the “arrest and deport” challenge is that … it separates the truth from the lies. To check if it is true or not … the simple thing that you have to see is … is the complaint made before or after sex?

If the complaint is being made after sex saying that … “hey, I had sex … or he had sex … last night … or one hour ago … or whatever” … all of this is lies. The only way they will support this is with fake videos, fake camera footage or false witnesses.

As per the arrest and deport challenge … you have to catch me in the act … therefore, the complaint must be made “before the sex begins”. The complaint should be “hey, we are going to have sex tonight … or after one hour or after two hours” … and then you should catch me in the act in any bedroom or even bathroom.

Since the past two years … hundreds of complaints were made … dozens and dozens of men, women, and probably, also cats and dogs have claimed to have sex with me. If they were true … then why can’t they catch me even in one single act?

If you are so eager to create a legal problem after the sex happens … then why can’t you show the same eagerness to call the Police “before the sex begins”? Why can’t you show the same interest before the action begins?

No, they can’t because all of it is nothing but lies. The easy way to check the truth is … is the complaint being made before or after sex? Out of the dozens and dozens of people that I am having sex with … at least, one of them should be able to make a complaint before the sex begins. If it is true … then what is the problem in getting this done? What is the problem in calling the Police before the sex begins? Yes … they can’t get it done … simply because it is all lies.

Why malice doesn’t work?
Let me make things easy here for the residents so that … they stop wasting their time in stuff that will not work. Here is what you should know … so that you understand why all of this won’t work.

  • Its all lies. Firstly, it is all lies and there is no truth to it. You are trying to pull off lies via all false gimmicks that you know. This is your biggest disadvantage.
  • Obamas know me. You guys know me only since a few months … but Obamas know me since more than 10 years. They know exactly what I do and what I don’t. They already know everything about me. The US Intelligence has been tracking me since more than 10 years.
  • Lies backfire. When you make up lies about this and that … the only thing that you show is the kind of bullshit that you can come up with. The US President and the US Intelligence already know me … with your lies the only thing that you show is … the type of person that you are.
  • US and Russian Intelligence. You think that I am just a web designer … but I have the US Presidents … Obama and Biden … and the Russian & US Intelligence protecting me and my work. This is why … the people who get too negative and malicious … they are simply removed from the residence.

Before such malicious elements also used to get hammered real nice … but I don’t like people getting hurt because of me. So, I told everyone … please don’t hurt them … because they have no idea what is going on … just simply extract them from the residence … this solves the problem easily and peacefully without anyone getting hurt.

So, don’t get angry at me … if your friends or colleagues are being controlled or being removed from the residence. I did not tell you to lie or make up things against me. All of this started because of Trump and Iranian influence … it is their doing.

What you should see is … am I making any problems for you? Am I calling the Police against you? Am I trying to deport you … or put chemicals in your room … or do anything against any one of you? I am not hurting or abusing or lying against anyone.

When you come up with lies and negative activities unnecessarily because someone is telling you to do that … then it is you yourself who invites action against yourself. This action doesn’t come from me … it comes from the higher ups … from US and Russian Presidents.

If you continue to be the tools of Trump, a guy who got impeached two times and will probably face criminal convictions … or of Iran, who doesn’t have enough power when compared to Russia and America … and if you continue with the lies, malice and negative activities … it is you who is hurting yourselves and not me.

So, don’t blame me … don’t be angry at me … don’t keep on trying more and more malice against me … because all of that will backfire. This is the best advice that I can give you to help you.