Refuge for Big Boobs

So, I am the one who is fighting, is it? Okay fine … let me give a few more details on Andy and Sandy. So that, we all understand what we are dealing with.

Andy, the guy from Arthsakh
I am changing the names to hide the real identity. Let’s call the guy from Arthsakh … Andy. Recently, there was a war at the Armenian border in Arthsakh.

So, guess what Andy does when his country is at war. He fights for his nation … protects his people and wins the war? Actually no … he chose to stay in Armenia away from the war. If the military or police from Arthsakh would come looking for young men who are not participating in the war in protecting their country … then he would simply hide somewhere and make sure that he is not caught.

Andy … alternatively, chose to provide a different service for his nation at war … he chose to provide refuge to the women and children fleeing the war. Hundreds of people were dying … hundreds of thousands of people were fleeing from the region … and Andy came to the rescue … he chose to provide refuge and accommodation to the women fleeing the war.

Refuge for big boobs

The only thing was … he used a small filter to select the women who would get the free accommodation … they should be “pretty with big boobs”. If you are fleeing war and death … and you have big boobs … then Andy is your hero … he will save your day. Lol.

But if you don’t have big boobs and you don’t look good … and you are fleeing war and death … Andy will give you the room to stay … but he will occasionally start yelling and screaming at you … and make sure that you know that you are not welcome here.

Several women … who unfortunately did not have big boobs … left the residence and moved to another place. But owing to the fantastic screening of Andy … more than half a dozen women with wonderful big boobs … got very nice treatment … excellent hospitality … were made to feel very welcome and stayed in the residence for a long time.

The Andy and Sandy Connection
I already introduced Sandy … he is the UAE contact in the residence. Sandy was paying for the big boobs … Andy was screening and pulling in the big boobs … and both of them were banging the big boobs since the past several months. This is the lovely, professional and intellectual connection between the two fine gentlemen.

Sandy sends his girlfriend to her mother’s house … because he had too many big boobs to bang … no time for the girlfriend, you see. (By the way, Sandy’s girlfriend is the sweetest person in the residence.)

His country is at war … all of his brother’s are fighting to save the country and people … and the brave and courageous service that Andy is providing to his Nation at this time in need is … banging big boobs. Such a wonderful gentleman … such a rare specimen … what a unique contribution to the Society in a time of dire need.

Well, most of the women have already left … they went back to Arthsakh after the war stopped. But we still have two women from Arthsakh staying here. Guess what’s common between the two women? Yes, they are pretty with big boobs.

The relatives of these women were also staying here … check their photos and you will know what I am talking about. Lol. Holy Jesus.

Making up lies
And these two wonderful fine gentlemen … who were busy banging women for several months … they sit there making up lies that I am also having sex. They think what they do.

This is Mr. Andy … he supplies big boobs to Mr. Sandy.

A two fold problem with Sandy
At a personal level … Sandy is not a problematic person. He is a nice guy … poor fellow had a Burqa shop in UAE … probably, didn’t make much money … joined the Police … got deported because he was half Iranian … and he is here as the UAE contact for the work. But “politically” there is a two fold problem from Sandy.

  • Trump Contact. He doesn’t like Trump but he doesn’t know that he is a Trump contact. Trump placed him here to channelize the funding from GCC countries. He runs whatever malice that Team Trump advise him to do. All of these lies and sex setups that come from Sandy … they are actually the activities of Team Trump.
  • Hates Arabs, supports Iran. The second problem with him is that … he grew up in Emirates … UAE had an issue with Iran and they deported all Iranians … during which even Sandy got deported. Because he got deported from Emirates … he hates Arabs. Since he has an Iranian passport … Iran is the only country that is left for him in his identity … that’s why he supports Iran. He is trying to be filthy, aggressive and negative … so that I push him away … reject funding from GCC countries and accept the funding from Iran. This is how he is trying to help Iran.

Restricting Sandy to limited talk

I don’t talk much with Sandy … I mentioned his “junk talk” … do you know what his junk talk is? He starts talking with me using some small talk … and then he starts topics like … “your mother is fat … your Prophet is bad … your religion is shit”. This is the shitty level that he is falling to so that I push him away.

But if you look at the overall picture … just because Mr. Burqa who likes to bang big boobs … had a bad experience in Emirates … why should I remove GCC countries from our project? Mr. Burqa doesn’t get to make this call.

That’s why … the solution that I proposed in dealing with Sandy is … less talk. If there is a connection to be made via Sandy … then well and good … but if there is no connection to be made then I don’t need to put up with his bullshit.

There is no way in hell that we will remove GCC countries from the project because Mr. Burqa, who likes to bang big boobs and hates Arabs, is being an asshole.

Exposing the malice
I am not fighting with anyone. I am just exposing the ongoing malice. Most of the porn production has come to a stop. Only about 10% of it remains … it is mainly because of Mr. Burqa and Mr. BigBoobs. On one hand, we have Trump malice … and on the other hand, Mr. Burqa doesn’t want me to get funding from other countries than Iran.

Check the flow of malice
If anyone claims that I am being aggressive and that I am fighting … then just check the flow of malice … who is abusing whom?

  • Sex allegations. These guys are creating false sex allegations against me. I know that they were banging dozens of women since several months … did I create a problem for them? Am I creating their sex videos? Am I creating fake videos and false evidence? Who is targeting whom?
  • Chemical abuse. Mr. BigBoobs uses the staff to put chemicals in my room. Do I go around putting chemicals in anyone’s rooms? Am I putting chemicals in the kitchen? Am I abusing anyone using chemicals?
  • EMF abuse. When I am sleeping … sometimes, they are using gadgets to increase the EMF to abuse my body. Am I doing this to anyone? Am I going around planting equipment to abuse anyone?
  • Legal problems. These guys are trying to use a minor girl to create legal problems for me. Am I doing that to anyone? Am I creating legal problems for anybody?

See the flow of abuse … who is abusing whom. How am I the bad guy?

See who you are taking inputs from
Look what they are doing … see their activities and realize what type of people you have put around me. See from whom you are taking inputs … our work is about revolutionizing the world … and you are sitting there taking inputs from Mr. BigBoobs … a guy who was busy banging big boobs while his country was at war ... while his own brothers were fighting and dying.

Luckily, things are better than before … but this is the current scenario.