Rooting out Trump’s influence internationally

The good news is that Iran has ended its malice … 90% of the porn production has come to a stop. They understood that … it is silly to lose hundreds of billions in revenue with stupid fake sex videos. But there is still some 10% of porn production going on … it is not Iran but it is Trump.

The thing with Trump is that … he never stopped any malice against me … it might be chemical abuse, losing of clients, fake sex videos, attempts to cancel residence permits or even deportation. He sat there supporting and encouraging all negative activities against me. Doesn’t matter who was doing it … Trump was either ignoring it or supporting it or multiplying it. The guy is a dual-faced backstabbing asshole.

Just like we ended Iranian malice by looking at the backend support for the malice … similarly, we need to end the remaining 10% malice. Let me show how to work it out.

Sandy, the UAE contact
I changed the name to Sandy … I don’t want to publish real names online. Sandy is basically the UAE contact for sponsorship from Emirates. There are two issues with Sandy.

  • Personal. He is a nice guy … but he talks too much junk … goes non-stop on and on. He has no full stop. But this is something that can be managed.
  • Backend. The bigger issue that he has is … the backend support. He loves it when I write against Trump … but he himself doesn’t know that he is a “Trump contact”. We told Trump to contact Middle East countries to support our work … Trump contacted UAE and they sent him here. He is the contact point for UAE pulled in by Trump.

Sandy and Trump

The thing with Sandy is that … he is a poor guy that doesn’t know much. He had a Burqa shop in UAE … then he worked in the Police … and he got deported because he was half Iranian. But still, since he grew up in the Emirates and worked in the Police … they sent him as the contact.

This is how he functions.

  • Level One. Trump Planning. Trump is doing the planning out there of what has to be done.
  • Level Two. Supervisor. Sandy has a Supervisor who is giving him the instructions of what has to be done.
  • Level Three. Sandy. Sandy is sitting here implementing Trump’s planning. He himself doesn’t know that he is implementing Trump’s planning and that he is being a “hand of Trump” as of now.

Sandy’s Activities
And what is Sandy doing? Paying girls to lie … making friends with others so that they can lie along with him … paying and creating false testimonies and witnesses. He was supporting and coordinating all of the Iranian malice … once, they stopped … he is doing his own.

Tell me, who else “pays money” to get things done? Yes, Donald J Dung. He is sitting here and running Donald Dung’s tactics. This is something that Sandy himself does not know.

Frontend Management
To clarify what is the truth and what is fake … I have clearly put forward a “arrest and deport” challenge. Catch me in the act and deport me. This shows the lies and controls the malice to some extent from the frontend.

Backend Management – Root out Trump’s malice
The frontend management is not enough … we need to cut the backend support. What Biden and Obamas should keep in mind is that … the US Presidential powers surpass the Ex-President’s influence. Trump is a disgraced President who was a traitor to his country and he will mostly likely face criminal convictions.

There are two places where Trump’s influence must be rooted out:

  • Armenian Politics and Intelligence. You need to work with Pashinyan to reject and cancel all activities directed by Trump. All of Trump’s puppets from the residence must be removed. Don’t trust any one of them. Trump is a backstabbing asshole … don’t trust his words on anything. If you allow his puppets in the residence then the only thing that they will do is malice.
  • UAE Leadership. Root out Trump’s influence and directions from Middle East countries. They don’t need to follow a traitor and a criminal. You have to come into action to make that happen. You need to overtake UAE contacts. UAE is not Trump property nor is America … Trump is not President anymore … no one needs to listen to him or follow him.

GCC Sponsorship

Issues from Sandy can be fixed … if we eliminate Trump’s backing. Trump is the one that is feeding all of these negative activities. Root out Trump and Sandy becomes a clean candidate. If Sandy cannot be controlled … then just look for an alternate support point. In another document, I will write the names of all of Trump contacts in the residence. If the malice doesn’t stop … we have to do something about them.

Time to tell Trump about New York
Interestingly, Trump is still screwing around with my work … misleading, obstructing and stalling. I think its time to tell Trump about New York. Lol … so, what happened in New York, Donald Trump? Why was this city so aggressive towards you? Why did you move out of New York?

New York is the Founding City
I wanted to tell you this a long time ago … but you were already blaming me for a million things … I didn’t want to help you in your blame game. You should know that New York is where the project began … it’s the founding city of this entire project. I saw the dreams even before coming to America … its in New York that I saw all of the exploitation systems. I starting writing about the dreams and exploitation systems in New York … I connected with SM Groups in New York … I rose to popularity from the City Level … to the State Level … and then to the National Level from New York.

I have the strongest support base in “New York” … they love me, fiercely protect me and fight for me.

New York chose you to be President
Yes, New York chose you to be President … they chose you as the Chosen Angel … to work with me … to dismantle the Establishment and take America into a new era. And what did you do? You did everything the opposite of what you were supposed to do? You were busy looting, blowing your horn and saving your ass. You turned out to be a complete backstabber.

New York infuriated

Well, all of America was infuriated at your inaction and hostility towards us. Instead of working with us … you were using the powers given to you to stop our work. The maximum fury was in New York. That’s where we have the strongest support base for our work. That’s where I lived and campaigned for this work.

Everything gets reversed on you
I told you one thing during your Presidency, remember? “Whatever aggressive action you try to take against me … it will be reversed on you.” I am a force for good … and I try to do good things for everybody. I don’t even take revenge … I don’t have time for revenge. I just say … “the Big Guy is watching everything … let Him handle it” … and I move on … I have too much work at hand to bother myself with revenge. But since a long time I am seeing that … whatever aggressive action the other guy tries to take against me … with time, it eventually gets reversed on him. That’s why … with good intentions … I had warned you about this. But apparently, you didn’t bother much and look what happened.

  • You tried to initiate lawsuits against me … several lawsuits got initiated against you.
  • You tried to deport me … you got deported from New York.
  • You tried to shut down my work … your Presidency got shut down.

Trust me, I am not the one who does this. It just automatically happens most of the time … to anyone and everyone who tries to abuse me … doesn’t matter who he is.

You are not even President anymore
All of this happened … it got reversed on you while you were the President of United States … the most powerful man on the Planet. Now, you are not even the President … to add to that … there are already several raging fires coming at you. There is 4 years of rage built up among several SM Groups and they are coming for you. Only God knows what they are going to do to you.

In this scenario, if you keep on messing with me … when you have no powers … when you have raging groups coming at you … that is just adding fuel to all of the fires coming to engulf you. Keep this in mind … we kept you safe because we didn’t know what Mike Pence would do. Saving Trump was saving America … this equation doesn’t apply anymore. America is already in safe hands.

Anything can happen now.

Why SM supports, protects and follows me?
These are the major reasons for this:

  • Work benefits billions of people. The work that we do together … it benefits billions of people around the world. For example … the end of terrorism and wars has brought peace for billions of people and it saves trillions of taxpayer money. Almost every major reform that we will make ahead … it will benefit hundreds of millions to billions of people.
  • Targeting a malicious Establishment. The target of our work are the systems setup by a malicious and criminal Establishment. This makes security a major priority in the work. If the malice of this Establishment stops our work in any way then we cannot benefit billions of people around the world and these billions of people remain locked under the exploitation systems of this Establishment.
  • We work together. I don’t do this on my own … I work with SM groups and politicians to make things happen. We are a collective force.

Don’t blame me

Yes, things might have been reversed for Trump … but it is not because of me. All SM Groups work with facts and logic. New York chose Trump as the Chosen Angel to revolutionize America … Trump should look at his own activities that he has been doing. What has been done to Trump … it is based on his own activities.

Instead of breaking the Establishment … you started protecting and supporting the Establishment. You turned against us … and tried to shut us down. You started looting and consumed the entire Presidency only saving your ass and blowing your horn. You made zero reforms throughout your Presidency.

Everybody wants a new era in America. The configuration that was most suitable … to work with us, to stand against the Establishment and take America forward was chosen to be “Biden backed Obamas”. This is what they chose for the good and for the success of the country.

I don’t know how Trump’s end is going to be. But I would strongly advise that you learn from what happened. Because when you turn against us … or try to pull any string against us or our work … then you become another element that has to be hammered out like Establishment elements. Being against us and our work … simply because of ego … is kind of silly … because it will attract the attention of millions of SM Groups to hold you down in order to protect our work.

Every string that you try to pull against us … creates a threat to the good work that we will be doing for billions of people. The last thing that SM Groups would want to see is … a guy who didn’t do shit … looted trillions … created zero reforms … pulling strings to obstruct our work.

Difficult to defend
The biggest excuse that I used to use to protect you is … saving Trump is saving America. I was able to pull protection and support for you. Now, if you are on the aggressive side … given your record and the fury of SM groups already built up against you … it becomes very very difficult to defend you.

In order to help you a little bit … so that, you guys don’t end up in jail … I told you to channelize a few hundred billion to Africa and save a few million lives. Doing this would help to a great extent. All decisions are people based … step forward and help Africa.

It was SM that gave you all of the victories … without SM support you are losing everywhere. If you want to stop your fall … help Africa. You killed a million people … now, save a million people.