Arrest and Deport Challenge

Wonderful … seems like the group is agreeing to the “arrest and deport” challenge. Okay fine … let me put forward the rules of this challenge.

Catch me in the act
I give all of you the full permission to arrest me and deport me … but only if you catch me in the act. The true evidence of me having sex with anyone ... boy or girl should be:

  • I should be naked or at least my pants should be down.
  • No videos … no cameras … only real-time in-person verification is accepted
  • You can storm into my bedroom any time you like to catch me in the act
  • If you catch me with a girl or boy with my pants down … then you win … you get to deport me

But this should work both ways … you can’t just sit there and target me … the challenge should work both ways. If I am lying about not having sex … and if I am caught in the act … then you can deport me. But if you cannot catch me in the act in the next few days or weeks … it means that all of you were lying. So, there should be penalties for you as well.

The penalties will be 3 fold … I am a nice guy … I don’t want to arrest you and deport you … but you should be banned from my residence. You should be removed from this residence and not allowed to enter again here. Who should be removed?

  • The girls who were taking part in these fake sex videos … check all of the fake sex videos … and every girl who claimed to have sex with me … girl or even boys … they should be removed from this residence. I don’t care if they are working here or living here … if they are taking part in these false and lying activities … then they should be removed from this residence.
  • The imposters who were playing my body double in the fake sex videos … even they should be removed and banned from this residence. The girls should themselves say who this imposter was in their sex scene. All of these imposters should be removed and banned from this residence.
  • The creators who paid and encouraged this boy and girl to create the fake sex scene … even they should be removed and banned from this residence.

Challenges don’t work one way … it’s a two-way track. If you catch me during sex … then you get to deport me … but if you cannot, then all of you will remove yourselves from this residence and don’t ever come back here again. This is an open challenge … let’s see who is honest and who is telling the truth.

False moves

  • False testimonies. Don’t pay for false testimonies. I know … some guys are trying to pay an underage girl to lie and say that she had sex with me. Almost every girl in the residence has been used in one way or the other in some sexual lies. “Testimonies” don’t count … catch me in the actual act with whoever it is … catch me in the act and I will leave Armenia.
  • No cameras and no videos. We don’t want any false videos or cameras or people who lie about what happened. Directly come and arrest me … I am myself giving you the permission for this.
  • No only arrest video. You can sit there and create a fake arrest video also. I don’t want only arrest … I want complete deportation … remove me from Armenia … because I will not be the one to be removed … it will be the imposter that will get removed.
  • Girl stripping. Only the girl stripping is not acceptable … the girl dropping her pants or opening her blouse is not acceptable. This again can be a paid activity. I should be the one with my pants down at least or even naked is better.
  • Full videos. Don’t send a liar to arrest me … who will say that my pants were down even if they were not. Even I maintain full videos … let’s see who is lying and who is telling the truth.
  • The common area is off-limits. If I am having sex … then it should be a bedroom. All of your fake sex videos were created in bedrooms … probably, you have used even my bedroom when I go out for shopping. The common area is off-limits … no fool has sex in the kitchen or dining area. Don’t try to create commotion in the common area because all of it will be lies and malice.
  • Bedroom and common area combination. Don’t tell me “hey, we saw you on the camera having sex in your bedroom or another bedroom … that’s why we are arresting you in the common area.” No, this also doesn’t work. If you see me having sex in any bedroom … then please barge into that bedroom and arrest me in the act immediately. You don’t get to arrest me in the common area or outside the bedroom. Because the person in the bedroom is not me … he is an imposter. You cannot arrest me for the acts of an imposter. You need the catch the person in the act … that’s the challenge.

Liars getting caught in their circle of lies

This is nothing but liars getting caught in their circle of lies. Let alone catching me naked or me dropping my pants … I don’t go in anyone’s bedroom nor do I allow anyone in my bedroom. Forget about catching me having sex … they can’t even get me in someone’s bedroom. They fail in step one itself.

The only thing that they can do is:

  • Pay someone for a false testimony … girls or witnesses or whatever
  • Create some more fake videos
  • Or try to create lies and commotion in the common area … because the common area is the only place where I go to

This is why God says … don’t tell lies. You lie again and again and again … and you yourself get caught in your lies.

So, if all of you are honest … let’s see how quickly you deport me. If you cannot catch me in the act … then all of these liars should leave the residence and never come back here again.

Let’s play.

Why did I create the “arrest and deport” challenge?
Because these fake sex videos are created using imposters. They use a guy with a similar physique like mine and superimpose my face on him via video editing. Even if we use witnesses … they get paid to lie. This imposter goes in other bedrooms and has sex. When I go out for shopping or for a walk … then they send this imposter in my bedroom to create a sex scene in my bedroom. I am not the one in any of those videos at all. The real me … I don’t go into anyone’s bedroom nor do I allow anyone in my bedroom.

That’s why I am saying … “please catch me in the act … arrest me and deport me”. Because I am not the guy in the videos … it’s the imposter. If they have to arrest ... then they will have to arrest the imposter. If they want to catch the real me having sex … it will not happen.