Clean work clean people clean money

This is how we work … “clean work … clean people … clean money”. Funding will not be accepted from Trump. We have already told him this … I have no idea what’s making them think that I will take funding from him.

For four years he doesn’t do shit … keeps looting our funds again and again … now, after killing a million people by holding off vaccines … he wants to channelize funds for our work. No thanks Trumpy … just relax … work on your redemption track … that’s more than enough.

We don’t want funding from his loot nor do we want funding channelized by him. One section is stolen money and another section is money via a guy who killed a million people. This is not how we are planning to launch our work to create a new era for America and the world. No thank you.

Trump doesn’t want to go to jail
Trump has basically realized that … the Establishment can’t do shit for him. He lost the election … he lost all court cases related to the election … he lost every attempt to block Biden’s certification … he got double impeached … he has committed treason … next step for Trump is criminal convictions and jail. We told him several times that it is not the Establishment that is protecting you … it is the SM Groups … if they change course then you will lose everywhere. He didn’t give a shit and now he realizes it.

Trump was the Chosen Angel to fight against the Devil. But this is how he molded his profile:

  • He refused to work with us … instead, he looted all of our funds repeatedly and injected them into his own companies and accounts
  • He chose to protect and support the Devil instead of breaking Establishment monopoly
  • He goes on a looting spree and loots by the trillions
  • He becomes so self-obsessed that he blocks vaccines in America for 6 months and allows 300K American citizens to die and more than a million people around the world die because of this
  • He commits treason by creating an insurrection by sending rioters to the Capitol Hill literally to abuse and kill US lawmakers
  • He has got a second impeachment … next steps are criminal convictions and jail for him

Look what he has become … he was the Chosen Angel to do good and great things for America. His main purpose of financing our work at this stage … where we are just a handful days of the end of his Presidency is … to protect him from jail. That’s his purpose of financing our work now … to save his ass from jail.

We are going to launch a new era for America and the world … and bring phenomenal changes for the people of almost every country in the world. We are going to fight off the Devil and create revolutions in several aspects of life. Is this the type of person that you will choose to launch your work? Someone who didn’t give a shit for 4 years … kept on protecting the Devil … looting funds from the people by the trillions … killing people by the millions … committing treason … is on his way to jail … and then comes and says … “Let me launch your project”. No thank you.

Forget about launching our project … Trump can never be a part of our project. I know he is concerned about going to jail … we gave him the options for the same. We showed him a “redemption track” … where he gives up his trillions of loot which will be channelized to America and Africa … and we can soften things for him. This is the best offer that Trump can get.

Its something like … a bank robber steals by the billions from a bank … he is on the run and gets caught by the police. Now, he will face the most severe consequences. But alternatively, if the bank robber himself gives up the loot … he himself steps forward on a redemption track … then things can soften for him. He may not get a clean chit … but the way he will be treated and sentenced will be different.

We don’t want money for everything. Just because we are showing alternative tracks of redemption for Trump … it doesn’t mean that we want money or support from him. Sometimes you get things for free owing to the good will and good nature of the other person.

Clean People
Why do you think that we recommend leaders like Obamas, Biden, Warren and Bill de Blasio … because they are good and clean people … independent of the Establishment, no malicious or murderous nature and they have the possibilities of doing good and great things for the people.

Trump definitely had the potential … he himself was quite clean … but he went on a malicious and criminal spree for 4 years … now, with one foot inside the jail and the other foot outside … he wants to launch our project. No thank you.

If its about jail … then just focus on your redemption track. That will help.