Parting ways peacefully with Iran

Time to part ways

I think we will need help from Obamas and Biden in this. Its time to part ways peacefully with Iran. We invited them in a time of crisis … they did not choose to help … the crisis is over. Now, their involvement should also be over.

Removing sanctions on Iran
One of the key interests that Iran was targeting was the removal of sanctions … but right now, honestly speaking … it is not possible via our project. There is no feasible track of making it happen via our project.

These are the 3 tracks that were possible.

  • Long Term Relationship. What the Democrats basically wanted was … they would remove sanctions on Iran … Iran would get hundreds of billions in revenue from Europe and Iran would invest billions in our project. But we ourselves rejected this option because … we would have to sandwich our project under the hostile and volatile relationship between America and Iran. Nobody knows what happens between America and Iran tomorrow … and we did not want our project to get screwed in this rocky and hostile relationship.
  • Temporary Relationship. We agreed to a “temporary relationship” with Iran for a small donation of $5 Million so that we could help the Democrat candidate win the elections. This was a very unique opportunity for Iran to help America and help Biden become President. But they didn’t do anything … the drowning man is already saved and the crisis is over … Biden has already become President. This option of a temporary relationship is also over.
  • Minimal Possibility. As far as our project is concerned … we have two possibilities ahead. Either we sit and wait for Biden to take office and pull the strings from GCC countries … or Democrats can pull a minimal funding of $100K to help us get started immediately. The thing is … for a tiny amount of $100K nobody will disturb international relations and one President will not call another President to donate just a $100K. This $100K can be channelized from a hundred different sources including friends of Democrats or American celebrities.

For a small $100K amount, that will be refunded, the US President will not approach Iran … and it is not possible to imagine that sanctions will be removed on Iran for a mere $100K. It doesn’t make sense. For even this minimal possibility … Iran cannot get the sanctions removed via our project.

Need to work directly with the US Government
Regarding removal of sanctions, you have to work directly with the US Government. We cannot interfere in that now. The whole thing is too complicated for us to get involved. This is the truth … we don’t want anyone to have any false expectations. Forget whatever happened since the past two years … it was nothing but childish behavior. We are dealing with the governments of several countries and we need to be the grown ups in the room. Let’s ignore all of that and look at the bigger picture. When sanctions removal is not possible through our project … then why waste time together? Honestly speaking, there is no benefit that you can get from us. And we don’t even want your money. When we can’t give you want you want … and we don’t want what you can give … then its time to move on.

Just in case, if there is another crisis … where help is needed from Iran … then we will let you know.

Moving on peacefully and amicably
These are some of the moves that need to be made to make sure that we are moving on peacefully and amicably.

  • Awareness. Firstly, I think the Democrats, Obamas, Biden and the Iranian Government should know that we don’t want funding from Iran anymore.
  • Removal of spies and agents. And then, we need the removal of Iranian spies and Government agents from my residence … especially, the ones that are involved in negative activities of putting chemicals in my room, creating false sex setups and working on ways of owning and controlling the project.
  • Misleading other donors. At the previous residence, these wonderful agents also used to mislead and provide false information to other donors that would come to the residence. Apparently, as per them … “the project should be financed only by Iran and nobody else” … because they were interested in getting commissions for themselves via this route … thus they would sit and provide all negative and false information to get rid of other donors.
  • Put a stop to negativity and malice. The easiest way of putting a stop to this negativity and malice is extracting these negative agents from my environment and not giving them access to my environment again.

The Iranian Government and their agents should understand two main things now:

  • No removal of sanctions via our project. We cannot benefit Iran in any way at all. The option of removing sanctions on Iran via our project is not possible anymore.
  • No point in friction or negativity. There is no point in friction and negativity. We were actually on the same side. If you had helped then within one week negotiations could begin with the Biden Administration … but since that did not happen … even now, we are on the same side. Our project is still against Israel and the Jewish Establishment in America and Europe. Mutual conflict is what this malicious Jewish Establishment would want. Why should we fight with each other as per the requirements of this Jewish Establishment? This is exactly what they would want … to keep us busy fighting with each other so that nothing moves forward.

It’s a must to part ways peacefully and amicably. No one benefits from this friction and malice … not Iran, not Democrats, not me and nobody whatsoever. We need to leave the childish behavior aside and move on.