Why is WHO holding back information on Avifavir?

Avifavir ... useful info


Why is this not being used in America? Already being used in Japan and Russia since a long time. Being used Russia since June 2020. Japan was already using this even before ... Russia followed Japan.

Japan has only 26 deaths per million people ... that's freaking good. While America and Europe have more than 1000 deaths per million people.

By the way ... each dose costs about $100. If it saves lives then its worth it. Remdesivir costs about $500 for each dose. Its 5 times less than Remdesivir.

Vaccinations are being given to people who don't have Covid. Avifavir is for people who already have Covid with moderate levels of infection. It is showing 80% recovery rate. The damn WHO doesn't give shit information on this.

Only 5% of total Covid infections are moderate or severe. If we can cure 80% of this section … then we save 80% of the lives that we are losing.

Avifavir is an "approved drug" for the treatment of Covid.

Vaccinations are good ... but it is mainly for people who don't have Covid. We should also prioritize the treatment of people who have Covid. That's where we need to save lives. That's where the risk of life is ... when the people already have Covid and they are moving into moderate and severe levels.

Over 50 countries are buying this:

Over 50 countries submit purchase requests for anti-COVID-19 Avifavir


If you don't want to buy Russian ... then buy from Japan ... it is called Favipiravir in Japan. It is originally from Japan.