What’s the point of being in politics?

The witch’s Government falls again on Christmas Eve! Lol … this is so freaking awesome … happened for the second time. Somebody, please wish Netanyahu … Merry Christmas!!!


Coming to the main topic ... this page is for Trump.


What’s the point of being in politics?

Two things you should evaluate properly to decide on your future:

  • You are about to commit treason
  • Why stay in politics at all?

Trump is about to commit treason
This is what you should know … Biden and Democrats have the Law, the Constitution, the Supreme Court, the Electoral College and the will of the people on their side. Whether you like it or not … want it or not … Joe Biden will be the US President on Jan 20th. Now, if you try to avert this in any way … by force or by military or via any Presidential authority … then your moron advisers are pushing you to commit treason. Yes, it will be treason.

Taking over the country … taking action against the elected President … trying a military coup … all of this falls under the category of “treason”. The punishment for treason will be either death or life in prison. Yes, not only you will get arrested … but you will be tried for treason.

Given the horrible record that you have of the past 4 years of a long list of Establishment favors, becoming the hand of the Devil, creating the highest debt and trade deficits, record breaking loot, holding off vaccines, getting 300K Americans killed and a million people around the world killed … you will not get any support from any SM group whatsoever if you get arrested for treason.

The worst that was imaginable has been done under the Trump Presidency … except for a nuclear war against Russia. The only thing that is pending is committing treason. If you commit treason then there will be no way to save you at all.

Right now, we are in a situation … where we can negotiate with Dems … we can create options for you where there is no jail for any Trump. But when you try to take over the country by force … by military or Presidential powers … against the Law and the Constitution … then the only choices that you will have are … the death penalty or life in prison. And that’s not a choice that you will be making … it will be at the mercy of Democrats and the Judges.

Any radical move right now … to hold on to the Presidency is nothing but bullshit advice. You need to kick these moron advisers in the nuts. They are not the ones who will be tried for treason … but you will be tried for treason.

Just relax … take it easy … step out of the White House … we will help. I will configure a few good things for you.

Why stay in politics at all?
The second major issue that you should think about is … why stay in politics at all? What’s there in it for you? You entered politics for the cash … you already made a killing. What’s the point when you cannot use that money? What’s the point of getting re-elected … spending another 4 years of humiliation, jail traps, war traps and be on the verge of destruction … when you cannot use the money that you are making?

The most important thing that you should know is that … everyone knows that you were $400 million in debt when you entered the White House. You took no salary … which means that there should be no financial change for you at all … you should continue to remain $400 million in debt. Now, with the hundreds of billions that you have made … if you go on a spending spree … any one will question … it might be the income tax officials or CIA or FBI or any intelligence agency … where did Trump get these billions of dollars from?

If you get caught spending even $5-10 billion from your hundreds of billions of loot … then what’s the point of remaining in politics and extracting more loot? What’s the point of looting hundreds of billions more … when you can’t use any of it? The moment you touch it, move it or use it … you get caught.

That’s why … the wise thing to do right now is … realize that politics has been nothing but total bullshit for you … except for the loot. The loot is the only good thing that has happened for you. Just step out … Democrats will be the ones in power. They will control the intelligence, Justice Department and who gets investigated or not … strike the deal with them. Political influence is a must if you want to use those billions. If you don’t get political cooperation then you can get screwed. It might be now or even after your second term. You will be in the same scenario. Even if you get a second term anyhow … even then you will have to work with the next Democrat President for political cooperation to use the loot.

That’s why we are saying … quit challenging Biden … now and even during his first term.

  • Firstly, split the “total loot” … not just the initial $100 Billion … split the total loot into 3
  • Secondly, work in the background to help Democrats get Republican votes, when Dems come up with good and positive things

You don’t need to remain in the frontend in politics … but you can work from the background. This is something that Dems and SM Groups will welcome.

Honestly … even if you show $1 Billion in yearly profits in Trump businesses … then it will take 100 years for the first $100 Billion to be used. You already have funding that will last for a 100 years. Don’t get all cranky with radical ideas of holding on to power. You already know that American politics is a vicious place … you are getting an easy and clean exit. Take it.

I will speak with Dems and configure something for you.