Basic American Politics for Iran

Here is some very basic information on American politics for the Government of Iran. This will help you get a perspective of who is who … and what will happen under each President. America basically has two political parties.

  • Republican. This is President Trump.
  • Democrat. This is Obama and Biden.

Trump's activities since 4 years

These have been Trump’s activities since the past 4 years … with respect to the Jewish Establishment, Israel, Iran and Active Democracy.

  • Jewish Establishment
    • Support and protect the Jewish Establishment in America
    • Do a long list of favors for the Establishment
    • Take no action on the Establishment
  • Israel
    • Support Israel in every sphere
    • Allow Israel to bomb Iranian targets in Syria
    • Allow Israel to bomb any of its neighbors
    • Allow Israel to take as much Palestinian land as they want
    • Gave away Jerusalem
    • Creating peace deals with Israel and other GCC countries
  • Iran
    • Cancel Iran Nuclear Deal
    • Sanction Iran
    • Kill Iranian Military Leaders
  • Active Democracy
    • Turn Democrats against us using any and every excuse
    • Use every opportunity to steal our funding and inject in his own accounts and operations
    • Pull political strings to stop our work

Door for negotiations will open with Democrats
Biden will be President very soon … and the door for negotiations will open with Democrats. I don’t know about the details of the Nuclear Program, Missiles Program, Human rights issues in Iran or the situation of Democracy in Iran … whatever that might be. But Democrats will be 10 times better than Trump. They will listen to you … they will open Diplomatic routes and things will start changing for Iran.

Obama, Biden, Active Democracy, Democrats, Iran … we are all on the side. And this is our approach to different entities.

  • Israel
    • None of us have any interest in Israel
    • We won't allow Israel to bomb any country
    • We won't allow Israel to annex more Palestinian land
    • We will allow GCC countries to rip up the peace deals with Israel
  • Iran
    • We will not start a war with Iran
    • There will be no regime change in Iran
    • Diplomatic and peaceful routes will open
  • Jewish Establishment
    • Crush and dismantle the Jewish Establishment in America, Europe and all around the world
    • In every sphere

We are totally the opposite of what Trump has been doing.

When you go against us … you help Trump
When you waste time creating false sex setups, false information and delay our coordination with Democrats then … you help Trump. When you stall our work then …

  • We can't help Democrats
  • We can't change policies with Israel
  • We can't dismantle the Establishment
  • Trump has already been making billions because of your false setups
  • Trump can also get re-elected if we don't come into action and help Biden

Trust me, nobody wants a second term for Trump … nobody. Maybe only under the worst-case scenario where Biden creates complete chaos and disaster in America via wars, massive spending and financial catastrophes … otherwise, nobody wants Trump back in the White House.

Funding from Iran not needed
As far as the issue of funding goes … like we said … the funding from Iran is not needed. Why do you care who funds our project? Chillax … take it easy … save your billions. Let Saudis invest or Europe or GCC … save your money. Others will invest … we will do the work … negotiations will begin with Iran and you take benefit from that. With no investment, you get all benefits … things cannot get any better in life. With our approach … you get no war, no regime change and an open door for Diplomacy that only helps your country and people. This is the best thing that can happen for Iran.

Stop creating false setups and false information … there are one or two crazy Iranians here … try to control them. As far as international politics is concerned … we are on the same side. The world is in a very critical situation … it’s a must for us to help Biden and Democrats. We have lots of work to do.