Iranians should realize that they are helping Trump

Yes, what the Iranians here don’t realize is that … by being against us and by creating false information about us … you are actually helping Trump. You are helping Trump … who has ripped up the Nuclear Deal, put the highest amount of sanctions on Iran and killed Soleimani.

You guys are planning on getting a house and car for each one of you. How many of you got a house and car till date? Forget about getting a house and car … did any of you benefit even by one dollar? No, nothing … total zero. On the other hand, if you see … Trump has been raising billions using the concept of our project. And when you create these false sex setups … you are actually helping Trump. Trump is himself using these false setups to inject the full amount into his own accounts and operations. You guys are making zero dollars … but you are helping Trump make billions.

No house and car
I am sorry to inform you that … there will be no house and car for any Iranians here in Armenia. Because we are not taking any funding from the Iranian Government … no cash flow from the Iranian Government means that … none of you will get any commissions or house or a car. This is already finalized. We are not taking any sponsorship support from Iran.

Helping Trump against Democrats
Trump is a Republican and Obamas are Democrats. What you don’t realize is that … every time you guys created false information … you have stopped us from working with Obamas and Democrats. When we don’t work with Democrats … then it helps Trump because Trump belongs to the opposition party. Locally, you guys are thinking about your own free house and car … but you don’t realize that … all of this false information and obstacles that you are putting in the way … it helps Trump. By being against us … you are directly helping Trump.

As of now, we will be working only with Biden and Democrats. Which means that … we will not be supporting Trump anymore. This means that … we will support Democrats in the next election as well. We will be holding down Trump … and giving the victories to Democrats. If you keep obstructing us … then Trump can become President again in 2024. Do you want 4 more years of Trump?

You should understand that … in a way, we are on the same side. We are on the side of Obamas and Democrats … while Trump is the opposition. Everything that you do against us … it helps Trump … it will only help Trump become President again. Just because we have 2-3 crazy Iranians … who are obsessed with commissions and they are fooling other people with a “free house and car” … do you want Trump again in the White House? He will put more sanctions on you and kill more Iranian military leaders.

Being against us doesn’t help you in any way. In fact, it will help Trump do more crazy things against your country. Right now, all of this ridiculous opposition that you have created … it has only helped Trump:

  • To take billions and inject them into his own accounts and operations
  • To put more and more sanctions on Iran
  • And in the future, it is going to help him become President again

You guys got zero dollars in benefit, no house, no car, increased sanctions and Soleimani got killed. There was zero benefit for Iranians or for Iran in all of this.

That’s why … the best thing that we are suggesting is … withdraw from this work. Don’t get involved in this work. We will plan something better for you later on. Just sitting there and fighting with me for no reason is not going to help you in any way. We will work on something good later on.