First Contact Simple, Direct and Confidential

Tips for Biden and Obamas

Based upon the past 4 years of experience … here are some tips for Biden and Obamas of how to make the first contact.

  • Simple. Keep it as simple as possible. Don’t plan any grand suprises … the more “surprise planning” the more it wastes time. This is no Oprah or Ellen Show … we are losing 3,000 American lives per day … critical work needs to be done. It’s a 911 scenario. Please quit any kind of surprise planning … as it is … this has been a total drag since the past 4 years. We are facing a horrible situation out there … quick action is a must … please keep things simple.
  • Direct. Quit using indirect language … if you are serious in making a contact then only one of your contact needs to tell me … who is going to call and at what time, at least one day in advance. So that, I can be available to attend the call. I have half a dozen things running in my mind that I have to monitor on a daily basis … Establishment malice, war attempts, the Covid scenario, re-counts in different states, structuring Biden’s Presidency, moving out Trump, local malice, malice in product and food items locally, my own clients, personal work … there are many ongoing things that I monitor everyday. These “indirect signs” are not working … everyone is making their own inferences in this indirect language. Everybody making their own signs and their own inferences almost every week. Let’s make things proper and direct.
  • Confidential. Let it be confidential … don’t let everybody in the residence know that you are going to make a contact on so and so day. Your contacts here should keep information to themselves. Almost everyone here sits and spies on what I do and everyone has their own interests. 

There are two problematic elements in the residence and these are their objectives:

  • Iranians. The Iranians want the funding to flow through them. Each of them apparently want a house and a car … lol. If the funding flows through another contact … it means that they will lose their opportunity to get a free house and a car. Lol. So, the moment they get to know that … someone is going to call me to start the work … they immediately start creating false sex setups to stop this from happening. The people that live around here are mostly from the low class … refugees, hookers, labor workers … if you promise them a house and a car … they will say whatever you want them to say. They coordinate with any God damn sex setup that Iranians design … it might be sex with men, women, children … even with cats, dogs and trees. Because they want their commissions … which could be a house and a car.
  • Trump Contacts. Iranians only want commissions … but Trump’s objective has always been to find any excuse to inject the 100% of the amount into his own accounts and operations. Technically, he is 10 times worse than Iranians. If Dems are going to contact me … then Trump team entertains all of these false sex setups and allegations … because it gives him the opportunity to take the entire amount for himself. He has done this several times already. 

Trying to contact cycle
This is how the “trying to contact cycle” has been functioning since the past 2 years.

  1. Democrats try to contact … and everybody in the residence know about this forthcoming contact in a day or two … including Iranians and Trump contacts.
  2. Hatch up some sex setups … Iranian contacts hatch up some sex setups right before the contact is going to be made … just a day or two before.
  3. Trump investigates. Trump team doesn’t disagree with any of these false allegations … he sits and investigates. Apparently, I am a Democrat … therefore any allegation against me must be fully investigated.
  4. Cycle continues. Instead of making the contact … the next days are spent in the investigation of whether the false sex setups created by themselves are true or not.

This is the ongoing bullshit since two years.

Remove Iranian and Trump contacts
This is one of the reasons … we told you … first remove Iranian and Trump contacts from my residence. These guys are no good fellows … who are fixated on themselves. We have no enmity with Iran … we have no friendship with Iran … we don’t want any relation with the Iranian Government. Just remove any Iranian contacts from the residence.

Secondly, we will not be working with Trump. A genocide of a million people is not acceptable … Trump cannot buy his way in the work. I don’t care if he can put $1 billion or $10 billion in the work … he is not welcome. Trump should step out of the way and remove his contacts from my residence … and never place any of his contacts around me.

Both of these elements will only put negativity in the work at every step. Biden and Obamas are kindly requested to stop coordinating with them with anything pertaining to us. Don’t listen to them … don’t involve them … don’t take their advice … don’t take their opinion … they are not required at all. Everything will be designed ahead without them.

In fact, kindly activate Russia and Germany to secure us and our work from any residual malice from both of them. As long as they are involved, they will keep dumping their garbage and not allow anything to move forward.

Enjoying bullshit
They are sitting there … collectively planning false sex setups … stalling the work since years … spending time investigating their own false setups … and enjoying all of this. Because Iranians still have the hope for their free house and car … and Trump team still gets to derail coordination with Democrats. Both of them are enjoying this because their objectives are being met.

Please get rid of both of them … and keep things very secure, simple, direct and confidential. Everybody here doesn’t need to know … please keep it strictly private. Convey direct information in proper English … of who will call and at what time. I will be there for you.

Please end all of this … “ow, we gave a sign … that the call is coming … and he wasn’t there. We showed this and we showed that … it was a clear sign. He didn’t come … he doesn’t want to talk … he doesn’t care … may be, he wants to work with Trump”. All of this is bullshit and a waste of time. There is no working with Trump at all hereon. We are only going to work with Biden, Obamas and Democrats hereon … for the next foreseeable Presidencies, that is.

Please don’t involve wrong people … don’t entertain their bullshit … and let’s not waste time with bullshit. We have many many important things to do.

Indirect Language to Avoid

These are some indirect language and signs used till date … which should be avoided.

  • Showing me the phone … and expecting me to believe the call is coming.
  • Showing me the phone and nodding
  • Showing me the phone and saying today … or tomorrow … or this week
  • Talking among yourselves and saying … the call is coming today … going tomorrow … within two days.
  • Telling me that there is an important event … today, tomorrow or this week.
  • Showing me the phone and signaling why I am going out of the house.
  • Making people stand along on my walking path and making them show the phone.

Is this how the President of the United States sets up his meetings and appointments? Is this how someone who represents the President sets up his meetings? Just showing the phone nodding and smiling? This is what’s supposed to work?

The direct language should be like this

These are some examples of proper direct language.

  • Hi … I represent President Obama or the First Lady Michelle Obama … they are going to call you at so and so time on so and so day … please be available. Or
  • Hi … I represent President Biden … he is going to call you at so and so time on so and so day … please be available.
  • Hi … a representative of President Obama or the First Lady Michelle Obama or President Biden will be calling you. Even this is okay.

This is how it works. Hope it helps.