Biden should overrule and surpass Trump for leadership and wins

No political role for Trump ahead

As per Pro-Dem SM Groups there is no political role ahead for Trump. There will be no election overturn … no 2024 victory for Trump … no opposition role for Trump … and absolutely no role in politics whatsoever for Trump. They are working on this track because … the only thing that Trump brings to the table is … his money mania to pocket some dollars at every possible turn … his pissing pussy courage that takes no action against a criminal Establishment … and his complete self-obsession where everything is about blowing his horn or saving his ass. Nobody wants this nonsense anymore in the American political system.

He has been a complete failure for the purpose that he was chosen for. There are hundreds of good Republicans out there … who would be actually interested in doing some real good for the people … roles will be created for good and clean Republicans who are not self-obsessed genocidal maniacs. Trump will probably choose something else that better suits his attributes … public service doesn’t seem to be his cup of coffee.

No deal making with criminals
Again … as per Pro-Dem groups … Trump has held America hostage for 4 years and got hundreds of thousands of Americans killed by his 6 months of delay in the vaccines. There is absolutely no need to engage with a criminal … there is no need to make any deals or create any kind of cooperation with such a criminal. Generally, for such criminals only two options are given … out of jail or in the jail. If he wants to remain out of jail then he needs to do as he is told … otherwise, Trump can get a 100 lifetimes in jail for genocide.

The only reason why Trump is not yet in jail … it is because of the mercy and understanding of some Democrats. Otherwise any time, Trump and all of his associates involved in holding off and delaying the vaccines can be tossed in jail. This is a major blunder … of massive levels of crime … that Trump has created against himself. He probably still doesn’t realize the seriousness of this.

2 Phases to manage ahead

Biden and Democrats will be leading America … in creating a “Trump free” America … where there won’t be Trump anymore in American politics. There are two major phases ahead in getting this done … the Transition and Biden’s First Presidential Term. Here is how you need to operate in both the phases.

Security – Secure Us
First things first … security … we don’t know how many days you will be taking to start working with us. Until then and even thereafter … here is how you should create the security shells.

  • President Biden. You are almost already President. Trump has lost and he is losing all of the lawsuits … everybody knows that its just days before you take the office. You need to connect with local leaders of the countries where we work … Armenia, Russia, Turkey, GCC and so on … to create legal security shells for us … for our work and our residence permits and so on.
  • President Putin. Putin has been simply great since the beginning of the work. He has a lot of influence in countries like Armenia and Turkey. Putin will surpass Trump in order to secure us. Always remember … Putin is a must in the game … coordinate with him … he will be of great help.
  • Chancellor Angela Merkel. Another fantastic leader that will surpass Trump is Chancellor Angela Merkel … she is a phenomenal leader. Germany also has good influence in Armenia, all over Europe and Turkey. She will help in security shells for all of these countries.
  • United Kingdom. Its better not to involve Meghan Markel and Harry as of now. UK has always provided us with good security as they know that we are dealing with the Devil, Israel. They have witnessed all of the shit that Israel does during WWI and WWII. But as of now, Markel and Harry are having an issue with the Royal Family and UK generally follows US leadership where we have Trump … so, all of this can create confusion of our security shell. Its best to leave UK from security shells as of now … they will auto follow once Biden moves into office. I guess, they are already leaning towards Biden.
  • Pressurize Trump. Apart from all of the above security shells … you can easily pressurize Trump himself. You don’t need to listen to all of the crap that he says … you have a fantastic hammer over him … of a 100 lifetimes in jail. You can easily keep Trump disciplined all by yourself. But never trust him … he maintains dual teams … with a backend team that goes screwing around. The above security shells will handle this backend team.
  • Iranian Government. We also need to tactically remove the Iranian government from the game and also manage any security issues that they may create or are creating. Russia can easily manage Iran.

International Coalitions

The majority of SM groups are not designing any political role for Trump at all. Don’t sit there relying on Trump for international coalitions and team building. Trump needs to step out of the way and Biden should directly make his own coalitions and teams at the international level. This includes teaming up with GCC countries, Europe, Russia, Turkey, Armenia, Malaysia and other countries that will be a part of the work.

There is absolutely no need for you to rely on Trump for anything whatsoever. Directly make the deals … directly make contacts and teams … start direct coordination. Trump has a very few days left in the White House … and everyone will welcome your coordination and cooperation.

This is how you should function during the transition and continue on this track thereon.

First Term of the Biden Presidency

Trump is probably going to have a lot of legal issues to deal with. Till date, we were activating all SM groups to protect Trump … because if we lost Trump then we would get Mike Pence and nobody knew what he would do. Trump was literally holding America hostage because of this glitch. Now, SM support has been removed from Trump … he is getting a long line of legal defeats and failures. Its something like … America has been saved from the hostage taker by pulling Biden in the White House … and now they will deal with the hostage taker. Only God knows what all they have planned for Trump and his associates.

Even during the First Term … there is no need to go through Trump for anything at all. There are several good and clean Republicans who actually care for the American people … we will create roles for them and work with them. Creating a role for Trump only means allowing all of his nonsense all over again … once you pull him in politics … the only thing that he will crave for is … taking away your Presidency and win 2024.

You need Star Power – Warren and Bill de Blasio
Somehow 2020 was pulled in your favor … but now, you have to be 10 times better than Trump. You need “star power”. You are hiring all weaklings … you need good fighters … make room for Warren and Bill de Blasio. I held off Warren from the Presidency … but I strongly recommend her in your Administration. Don’t take her multi-trillion dollar spending programs … but she is a good person with extra-ordinary courage … she fights very well … given the right policies.

And the second fighter you need is Bill de Blasio … he is actually better than Warren … practical, courageous and he will love to crush the Establishment. You need to pull both of them in your team. I would suggest education or media for Warren … as we will be creating a media revolution in America. She will be great in implementing changes against the current media owned by the Establishment. And I would suggest housing and transportation for Bill de Blasio … as there is a huge infrastructure revolution planned ahead in America. Both of them can be revolutionary heroes under the Biden Presidency.

Don’t worry they will not take over your Presidency. We are planning several Democrat Presidents ahead. Both Warren and Bill de Blasio will help you against Trump and more importantly against the Establishment … after your two terms … the next President will also be a Democrat President … God willing.

Start consolidating your team … locally and internationally
To hell with Trump … leave him aside. Stop all deals, negotiations and planning with him. All Pro-Dem groups don’t want to work with a mass murderer … his political life is over as per them. Start working directly … both at the international and local levels. Overrule and surpass Trump … that’s how you will create the right leadership under your Presidency and get the right wins.

It might be for anything … Trump is not required in the game. For everything make direct moves yourself … security, international coordination, local teams, working with Republicans, creating reforms … quit waiting for Trump … quit relying or trusting Trump … do everything yourself directly. You will get much better victories this way.