Tying up with one Devil to get rid of another Devil

I am rejecting Trump and Iran … and Biden is repeatedly telling me to “stop fighting … come together and let’s get it done.” This is not fighting … this is restructuring … lol … I will give you the info that you need … but secure me.

Tying up with Iran to get rid of the Establishment from America … is like tying up with one Devil to get rid of another Devil … which means that … you have to manage two Devils at a time. It doesn’t make anything easy … it only makes everything more complicated. I will give you some basic info so that you understand what Iran is.

A negative and criminal mentality
If you see the current behaviors of Iranian Government workers then this is what they have been doing. “He banged this girl and that girl … this man and that man … it seems that I banged everybody … right from men, women, adults, children … perhaps even cats, dogs and trees. And they would sit there using any video from my computer or movie or site … to justify all of the lies that they have made up.”

Do you know what this is? This is very routine Iranian Government behavior that everyday Iranians are subjected to. They will make up some bullshit lies and allegations to throw the guy in prison. They don’t need any truth or any actual crime … they make up some bullshit and do what they want to do. This is exactly what they are doing sitting here in Armenia next to me.

It’s a “negative and criminal” mentality. Use of threats, lies, fake information, made up charges, trying to beat up someone, tossing in jail, deportation … and even paying others to lie and make up stuff. What is this … all of these are criminal activities of the government.

Acute scenario – remove sanctions, support project
What you are basically thinking is … “hey, I am going to be President now. I will remove sanctions from Iran and they will support your project. Why are you against Iran when they are just one step away from supporting your project?” You are right when you think that … but this is the proposal that we gave … when Trump was not coordinating and Iran had made a Nuclear Deal with Democrats. It was an acute scenario where we had to take help from Iran temporarily.

Trump losing the election is a blessing from God … that we don’t have to rely on this Devil anymore. Now, Biden will have direct access to half a dozen GCC allies that will gladly support the project without any issues at all. We need you to hold off on any coordination with Iran for this project.

Iran is a Communist country that hates America
Let me give you some background information to understand why Iran functions as it does. The “Islamic Republic of Iran” … it is neither Islamic nor is it a Republic … it is a Communist country that hates America. To understand this … you have to see the roots of the “Shia Islam” that they follow. These guys are heretics … the entire branch of Shia Islam was created by a Satanic Jew and not by a Muslim.

This Satanic Jew embedded all of Satanic beliefs and practices in flowery Arabic and Persian language … and created a new branch of Islam called Shia Islam. Why do you think Saudis and Iran are stark enemies though both of them are Ultra-Orthodox religious? Because this Shia Islam has a truck load of bullshit and literally blasphemous practices embedded in it. They have a one day marriage … they speak ill of the Prophet’s family members … they have blood rituals … they do a truck load of bullshit that is starkly opposite to the mainstream of Islam. Thus the rivalry and dislike.

Iranian Mullahs – Kim Jong Un with a Turban
This Jewish tweaking is not restricted only to religious beliefs … just like Communism was created by a Jew … similarly the entire political system was designed by a Jew and the same principles of Communism are incorporated in Iran. There is no press freedom … you protest, you are shot dead or tossed in jail … you have too much money? Either hand it over or get tossed in jail … community-based spying … everyone spies on each other … 90-95% of the people hate their government and even the Islam that is implemented in Iran. The people are literally moving to Atheism out of hate of their Islamic Government. The Iranian people are rejecting God and Islam out of their hate for their Government.

This is the horrible situation in which 80 million Iranians are living everyday. Nobody has any rights in Iran other than the Government. It’s a stark implementation of a Communist styled dictatorship. These Iranian Mullahs are nothing but Kim Jong Un with a turban.

Direct firsthand information from Iranians
These are not my views … this is direct firsthand information from Iranians themselves. The government might be shitty … but the people are not. The Iranians that were sent to me … some of them were very honest and upfront. They would openly tell me … “we are mafia … want to work with mafia? Do as they say … otherwise, they beat you up, toss you in jail or even shoot you dead. Give me your passport … let’s go to Pakistan. We don’t like Turkey … we want the base to be in Pakistan.” Lol. Direct info from Iranians themselves.

These guys … who are coming here … banging half a dozen women … paying them to lie … creating false sex setups, fake evidence, threats of abuse, jail, deportation … who are these people? They are the workers of the “Islamic” Republic of Iran. Is this how religious and pious people behave? All activities filled with sex, lies and hate? You sent contacts from GCC countries also … did they do the same? I don’t care how many women you are banging … its your life … but where is this negative and criminal mentality is coming from? It’s a hateful, criminal and Communist government. That’s why we have these behaviors and activities from Iranians that are sent here.

Tying up with the Devil
You would be literally tying up with one Devil to get rid of another Devil. Already I am putting up with their bullshit since two years. Just in case, we actually go for a longterm relationship with Iran … then we have to manage two Devils at a time. That’s why I always said … “if you are taking funding from Iran … then don’t take anything more than $5 million”. Why do you think I was saying that again and again? So that, once I get funding from another source … I would just refund their money and say … “thank you very much for your help … now, please get off my back.”

I am literally thanking God that we did not have to rely on this Devil.

Reasons why not to work with Iran
Here are the broad perspectives why we should not work with Iran.

  • A Communist country that chants “death to America”. Send someone to Friday prayers in Tehran and see what happens there. Every Friday, they chant “death to America, death to Britain and death to Israel” … as routine slogans. The Friday prayer is not a prayer … it is a political show. Why on Earth should we tie up with a hateful Communist country that chants death to America? Why?
  • Soul of the Presidency. Our work is like the Soul of the US Presidency … working with me gets the guy the Presidency. We are creating the structures and systems for a future America. Why on Earth do we want a Communist country with whom we have no business or cultural relations to be connected to this critical work? Anytime these hateful people can use me as a blackmailing chip.
  • Save the Iranian people. Whoever will be working with us … the will go down in history as phenomenal leaders and countries associated will be remembered for generations to come. Giving Iran the green pass by associating with them … is only legitimizing the aggressive and oppressive rule that 80 million Iranians live under. We have to save these people and not legitimize this oppressive rule. If we go with war … then millions die … if they protest … they are shot dead or tossed in jail. The only way is via sanctions and foreign pressure. Via foreign pressure we can change the rules and systems in Iran.
  • Easy access to positive countries. If we get rid of one Devil … then we can get half a dozen positive, cooperative and supportive GCC allies to work with us. All of these are extremely positive and cooperative countries with no issues of nuclear bombs, missiles, hate for America, Communism, oppression and criminal bullshit. It is extremely easy to work with GCC countries instead.

Need to restructure a few things

I am not fighting … we just need to restructure a few things. This structure will create far better results in the future. Here is how we will be dealing with Trump, Iran and GCC.

A win-win solution for Iran
Iran will not be a part of the work … but we will create a win-win solution for them. We have protected Iran from war since the past 12 years … we will continue to protect Iran from war. There will be no war and no regime change. But instead, we will work with the current government and sanctions will be removed when they start following International Law and a standard form of Democracy with full rights for the people in every sphere of life.

This way Iran will be safe from any kind of war or regime change … and the people will also get a good Democratic government. It’s a long-term program but it is the most peaceful and will create ever lasting results. A winning example in this line is South Africa.

Trump’s role in the next two months
Concerns were raised on the issue of Trump also … so, this is what we need Trump to do in the next 2 months.

  • Stop trying to be a part of the work. Firstly, stop trying to be a part of the work. We have helped you with dozens of scenarios throughout your Presidency … from banging to bombing … stealing to looting … and from investigations to impeachment. We could find a way forward in all scenarios because you did not kill 100,000 American citizens in any of these scenarios. The moment you create genocide then you cannot be a part of the work.
  • Step out of the way. The second thing that you need to do is … step out of the way. Stop obstructing Biden … Biden needs access to everything. He can easily connect with GCC leaders … we need to help him hit the ground running in January.
  • Stop blocking Democrats. You need to stop blocking Democrats from working with us. Stop putting yourself in between … the world cannot be about one person. Biden has to manage many crises ahead … he needs to have the right team and the right policies. It’s a must for him to know what to do. Your obstruction is affecting the entire country.

This is what Trump needs to do to help his country and his people.

GCC Fantastic Allies
You will love to work with GCC countries … they are great allies. At a push of a button they will donate 10 times more than needed. They actually already did … and our lovely President stole all of the funds and injected them into his own accounts and operations … not once but several times. He was using our project as a means to scam billions into his own accounts while doing nothing against the Establishment. But still, there is no issue … these are very rich countries and great allies … they will donate again. Some tips on maintaining great relations with GCC countries.

  • Iran Nuclear Deal. Take it easy on the Iran Nuclear Deal. Approaching Iran means isolating GCC countries. There is nothing to gain from this shitty deal. Use the win-win strategy to manage the Iranian government.
  • Rip up Israel’s Peace Deals. All GCC countries hate these peace deals with Israel. This is Trump’s blunder carried out by Kushner … in order to please Israel and Netanyahu to get support for his re-election. Allow GCC countries to rip up these deals … turn a blind eye to it when they do it … they will love you for that.

Its not that … the above two are a requirement to get their support for the work … but these two things disturb them. If you follow the right strategies with Iran and Israel … then GCC countries will be very close allies.