Banning Trump Team and Iranian Contacts

You have been maintaining two teams since your first year itself. Good Team and a Bad Team … your Good Team would take the info from me, try to coordinate and do positive things. And your Bad Team would support and amplify all of the bullshit that goes around me. So now, I have to limit the bullshit that comes from your Bad Team.

We informed you about this several times … we also told Trump to intervene on this several times … it is because of this Bad Team and their bullshit that you have lost the Presidency. If you look at it in a way … it is for your own good that you end this unnecessary bullshit. At least, in these last two months maybe we can try to fix your image a little bit. Its not only for my own security but also for your good that we need to end this bullshit.

I don’t see any reason why people who create non-stop negativity, hate and malice to live 24/7 in my residence. If you want to coordinate … then everything is published online and you have access to my files. If you want to donate … then you still have visitors rights … the donor team can visit me, donate and go … or call me and meet up. There is no reason for any Trump Team contact to remain 24/7 in my residence … especially when they are involved in negative activities.

Either ways, in all scenarios … we will be working with Obamas. Doesn’t matter who wins or who will be President … in all scenarios, we will be working with Obamas. In my residence, I need contacts approved only by Obamas and nobody else. We have already enough and we can manage things between ourselves. I have excellent coordination and understanding with Obamas.

I am not going for this line of action because of one or two incidents. I am observing this bullshit from Team Trump since 4 years and from Iranians since 2 years. You guys are putting your contacts here to observe and track me … but what you don’t realize is that … even we are observing and tracking you. And both of these teams … Team Trump and Iranians have been a source of non-stop bullshit … filled with lies, hate, negativity and every type of criminal procedure possible.

This restriction is not only for Team Trump … but it is also for the Iranian Government. Enough of your tracking and investigating … now, stay out of my residence. If you want to donate then make a formal call or meeting … then we will take it forward from there.

Till date, we got only two types of donors.

  • Cheap and Cheesy. Cheap and cheesy donors who would make up some lies and walk away without making any donation. They would look at the first excuse possible to run away from here.
  • Bullshit Donors. Guys who would sit 24/7 staring at me day and night … and instead of doing anything positive … they would sit here and dump all kinds of bullshit in my life. Instead of me doing my work … I am busy managing donor bullshit.

And these bullshit donor contacts happen to be mainly from Team Trump and Iranians. I am so fed up with both of you … that I am at a point where I am saying … “to hell with your help and donations … get the hell out of my residence”. I have important work to do … the last thing that I need is lies and bullshit from donors who are supposed to help.

If you are genuinely interested in helping and making a proper donation … then call and make a proper appointment. Don’t use the excuse of “donations and support” to plant assholes in my life and surroundings.

The best way to screen and remove non-stop negativity and hate is my eliminating the key sources … which are Team Trump and Iranian contacts. Thank you very much for all of the help that you guys have given … which is nothing but total bullshit … both of your teams are “banned” from planting contacts around me.