Me, me, me, me and me

“Overturn the decision … expose the crime … give me the Presidency”.

This has been the problem of the Trump Presidency since the first year itself and this is why SM Groups are removing you from the White House. You are always focused only on yourself … what you want … your security, your success, your lawsuits, your impeachment, your demonization … it was always … me, me, me, me and me. You have not done anything for anyone … not a single system changed and not a single reform created. That’s why nobody likes you.

I try to use some of your actions in stopping wars to create protection shells for you … to get you some help. You have just two months left … and if you are going to remain the same self-obsessed person … then we can do absolutely nothing for you. I will step back and let SM groups make the decisions.

Trillions were drained from the country … you did nothing … a thousand Americans are dying per day … you did nothing … now we are hitting 200K cases per day and even then you are … me, me, me and me. Your Presidency is over … these are the last days. I am trying to change how you are going to be remembered for life. But if you want to be remembered the way everyone see you today … then my role for you is pretty much over.

You did a good job in the pandemic but you have left many tracks of Establishment malice … work on them … save your people before you go … don’t leave your people in death, disease and chaos while you go. If you do leave them like this … then you will always be the guy who was obsessed by himself and left his people in death, disease and chaos … and didn’t do shit for anyone.

At least in these last days … try to look at the bigger picture … and try to think for your people and country.

If you are trying to use me to get re-elected then you are wasting your time. This decision is not in my control now. I can only work on options that will come after that. That’s where there is some room to make changes. SM decided in Biden’s favor … now, we can work on steps and scenarios that will unfold after this. Of how Biden is going to move in and how you are going to move out … of how you are going to be remembered and treated post-presidency. Don’t expect a change of the Presidency decision from me … its being completely managed by SM.