“Anything can happen”

“Anything can happen” … do you know why I was saying this before the elections? Because in this election, I was not campaigning for any candidate. I just put the pros and cons of each candidate on the table and told SM Groups to make the choice based upon “facts and logic”.

You were thinking that you would win because of your crowd size, publicity and campaign … but like we told you before … all of these routine procedures of campaigns, lawsuits, ads and polls … all of this is a routine and subsidiary track. The main track of picking the US President is based upon facts and logic as to which candidate is most suitable to tackle the Establishment crisis in the country and who would coordinate and create coalitions to take America forward. This is how the US President is selected and that particular candidate is given the victories.

Nobody expected Biden to win … because his campaign was weak and rallies were weak. But when you combine Biden with coalitions then he becomes a very powerful force to lead America in this crisis. That’s why we said … anything can happen.

I was just sitting back and watching which candidate SM Groups will choose to take America forward. Now, if you tell me … “hey, we will get you your finance … you need to start fighting for Trump … the mail-in ballots were illegal … the voting was malicious … and Trump should be given the victory”. Then my dear lady, technically, this is not possible … because who is going to be President … this has already been put in SM court. They will decide and not me. The time and possibility to campaign for a particular candidate is over.

That’s why I am telling you … whether you work with me or not … I cannot control whether you will remain President or not. Because all SM Groups are functioning via “facts and logic”. Yes … it may help … supporting me and working with me may help … but I personally cannot guarantee any outcome of the election.

I could help you with security … I did that. Heh … many Groups are actually saying that Trump didn’t have much of a role to play in Russian troops being deployed between Armenia and Azerbaijan. However, I tried to give you some credit for whatever effort you made.

I will openly tell you what is possible and what is not. What is possible as of now is that … if you support the project and somehow if Pro-Trump groups give you victory in the recounts … then you can become the Founding Father of a Modern America. And if you lose in the recounts … then at least, you will be known as one of the key founders of our work that revolutionized America … you still get credit for all accomplishments that we get thereon. This is what’s real and this is what’s possible.