Recounts and lawsuits not the best way to go

Thank you for encouraging your Dad to accept the election results. Dems didn’t exactly steal votes from you … you underestimated the influence of the anti-Trump campaign. In the midterms you lost the House … and by the end of the first term … you lost the Presidency and almost even the Senate. Democrats are not doing anything great out there. These are the results of the anti-Trump campaign of the Establishment and your own self-destruct activities.

We showed you all of this several times. We told you many times to rise and dismantle this God damn anti-Trump campaign … this is one of your biggest disadvantage … you did not take action. And then you drove away 30% of the voting force by being against the minorities … this is another major blunder. And to add to all of that, you turned against us and paid Dems not to work with us … which turned a huge segment of SM groups against you. Through the entire process, you did not use the mail-in ballots … Dems encouraged tens of millions of people to vote via mail.

You basically had the Establishment against you … SM groups against you … the minorities against you … it was like the majority of the Nation against you. Biden had only two dozen honking cars in his rallies … but he won … because nobody hated him … not the Establishment, not SM groups, not the minorities … nobody hates Biden. We told you this also … you are not facing Hillary … that’s Biden along with the Obama Coalition … everybody loves Obamas … Obamas secure us … that’s a lot of weightage in winning the Presidency.

You are thinking that you are a better candidate than Biden … which you are … but you are not looking at the bigger factors involved. You are looking only at the 20,000 people who come to your rallies … but you are not looking at the hundreds of millions of people who were receiving the anti-Trump agenda … or the tens of millions of minorities that you were pissing off. Your approach and campaign did not take the bigger factors in play.

In all fairness, Democrats have their own baggage of Climate Change and trillions of mass spending. I am just a strategist … planner, designer … I create ways of taking the country forward. But the actual ground level implementation is done by SM groups … it might be Pro-Dem or Pro-Trump. They had to choose which candidate to move forward with … they had to choose whose baggage they had to manage. I don’t manage anything at the ground level … I only show ways of doing things … they are the ones who actually implement everything and manage the candidate’s baggage. And they chose Biden.

You got a lot of victories during the Presidency even when there was opposition of hundreds of politicians and thousands of media outlets … it was mainly because of the ground level support of tens of millions of SM groups. They are the ones who delivered those victories … by supporting you, helping you and knocking out your opposition. But now … when this massive network has moved in favor of Biden and Democrats … and they want the country to be taken forward by Democrat leadership … it means that this massive network will not support you anymore. It can mean several failures ahead.

I worry a little bit what they will do next. If you keep going on as you went on while you were President … you might get surprises. I loved working with all of you … you guys have done a beautiful job … I loved the fact that you have stopped all wars … I love the peace that you have created in several parts of the world … I simply love your work in the pandemic. I want a decent exit for you … a decent and respectable exit.

Challenging the election decision by recounts and lawsuits is like … going for a swim in a shark tank where millions of sharks want to rip you apart. Pro-Trump groups will again ask me to help you with your exit … to hold back other groups. This is something that I fear.

This is not the best way to spend your last two months in office. Understand what happened and why it happened … you are still the President … make the best moves possible to make the fullest use of this time that you have. So that, at least in these two months you will win a lot of love and respect for yourself.