Removing Trump from the White House?

The “woman in Michigan” literally flipped the State in favor of Biden. Lol.

So, removing Trump from the White House? See … I am not involved in deciding between Trump or Biden. In this election, I have left the decision making in the hands of SM groups … you decide who should lead America. The only thing that I need is … someone reliable who can work in coalitions to knock down these ridiculous Establishment crises and take America forward with stability, progress and success.

I have done the analysis part for you to some extent … showing where the pros and cons are for each candidate. I also brought in Michelle Obama to create coalitions to help both candidates. I have tried to make everything as easy as possible … for you, for Trump and for Biden.

Biden needs just one State to get the White House … Nevada or Pennsylvania … or I don’t know, maybe he will get both. But it is incredibly important to get involved in the Biden Administration right from the beginning itself. Warren didn’t take us seriously … she did whatever she could … and the “system” took her on a path of massive financial catastrophes. She did not even realize it … before she could realize it … she lost her candidacy. If we allow Biden to play in the same rigged system … this time Biden will not lose his Presidency within one term … but America will be impacted by tens of trillions in crisis.

If you observe … Trump’s one term has cost America $10 trillion. Its already $8 trillion now … with the next stimulus package … it will be a total of $10 trillion in additional debt in a single term under Trump. And this happened … when we already averted mass spending policies on climate change, healthcare and this and that. No where we spent by the trillions … except in defense and the pandemic.

Biden is coming with his own programs of $10 trillion of additional new spending … imagine the mind-boggling debt that it is going to create. We will be left in massive financial catastrophes. Even Biden’s Presidency will be a one term Presidency and we will end up losing everyone in the game. Who will we raise again to manage Biden’s $50 trillion debt crisis at the end of his Presidency?

Right now, the most beautiful person who is bold, talented and has incredible networking skills is … Michelle Obama. She is the one we are bringing in the game to save America from this crisis … to lead America out of this crisis into a new era. I have no objection to a Biden Presidency … I prefer Trump because he has shown excellent management and implementation skills. Biden may be weak … but nobody hates Biden … he is a likable person … he is Uncle Joe … I can work with Biden. But it is incredibly important that Uncle Joe forms the right teams and runs the right policies.

Because this time … if we stick to wrong policies … then it will not be like Warren where only one candidate lost an opportunity … but the entire country of 330 million people will suffer in a massive debt crisis. And only God knows what else the damn Establishment will add to this crisis. We have already seen what one person from the White House can do … now, coalitions are a must. No more all responsibility and leadership on one shoulder … we have to keep a powerful dozen Establishment independent leaders at top key positions … and function via coalitions against this Establishment. This is how we are going to win this.